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Jadore: Can I talk about these performance videos you’ve been dropping on the web?! The indie value of the videos makes them so raw and we get to see you girls under the light of stardom. Whose idea was it to shoot the videos for “I’ll Be Waiting” & “Don’t know What to Say?” Which are my favorites by the way
Crystal: We all had the idea. L.J. looked up some spots in Atlanta where we could shoot out videos and we basically all agreed on it.
Erika:  It was a group idea to shoot the videos but the selection of the venue was all L.J.
L.J.: Us and our team came up with the rad idea to shoot live performance videos. We are super happy with them!

Jadore: Let’s allow my readers to get to know who is AMOR KISMET and what do you stand for. Who inspires you ladies musically?
Crystal: Selena Perez inspired us the most. We loved how she performed and how she had a live ban. That's really the main reason we got into live music.
Erika: TLC, Sade, Selena, Aaliyah, Shania Twain, and many more.
L.J.: Selena Quintanilla Perez, Michael Jackson, Sade, Aaliyah, and Bob Marley inspire all of us.

Jadore: And the name “Amor Kismet” - Where does it come from?
Crystal: Well, amor means love in Spanish and kismet means fate… Basically it was love's fate that our parents got together and made us because we are all musically inclined.
Erika: One day we all decided to come up with a name and we went to dictionary.com and found kismet and added amor to it. It means Love's Fate. It was love's fate for our parents to get together and make kids who are all musically inclined.
L.J.: We needed a name other than Perry Sisters! We went to dictionary.com and looked up some words. It was fate we picked Amor Kismet!

Jadore: And you’re sisters! Do you come from a musical family? Was music each and every one of your passions? And quick, each one of you, if you weren’t singing you’d be…
Crystal: Yes, my dad's mom used to play the piano and she used to sing to us. Also, my oldest sister Aesha Perry was in a music group as we were growing up. We really looked up to her. We would make songs with her and she would teach us harmonies and stuff. My mom would have us singing in church and learning church songs. I love singing but If I wasn't singing I would be a nurse because I love helping people.
Erika: Our grandmother on our dad's side was musically inclined but that's about it. Other than myself and my siblings I don't know of anyone else musically inclined in my family. If I wasn't singing I would be writing songs.
L.J.: I would say yes. Our siblings, mom, and grandmom made us sing all the time! If I wasn't singing I would be in a orchestra or a sustainable living expert. Or both!

Jadore: This is a tough industry you girls have decided to come into. Does it make it any easier to be doing this alongside your sisters?
Crystal: Yes. I think it's most easier because we can say how we feel towards each other without any hard feelings.
Erika: I believe that it does make it a lot easier. We make a lot of essential decisions together.
L.J.: Yes. I love having my sisters by my side. They are really talented. I wouldn't want to sing with anyone else.

Jadore: And as sisters, what is the creative process like? Do you all do your own ideas and come together with the other two or do you get it in together?
Crystal: Sometimes we do our songs and then split the verses. Then sometimes we write our own verses.
Erika: Our creative process varies. Sometimes we start out alone and come together. Other times we all start together and often we might just write a song ourselves and split it up.
L.J.: It depends! Sometimes we write together, other times we either start a song off and finish it together. Or we may finish a song individually but we allow each other to put whatever spin they want on it. 

Jadore: The look. You girls have it. You are all three as beautiful as you are talented. Which one of the three is more fashion inclined? DO you guys all style yourselves or is one of you running the show in terms of putting cohesive looks?

Crystal: We all have our own style. Sometimes we pick one outfit out and then just go from there.
Erika: I like to believe it is me! But I will say it is a joint operation. We style ourselves as a unit.
L.J.: I would have to say my sisters are more fashion forward. Not that I'm just clueless to what's "hot" I just don't really take it that serious. I would walk around in overalls if it were up to me! But they are definitely fashionistas.

Jadore: Musically, what is next for you girls? Are there any official plans for any serious album releases? Or are you just taking it as it comes?
Crystal: We are right in the studio working on some songs. I believe God is in control and everything will work out the way it should.
Erika: We have a pretty set release plan--stay tuned!
L.J.: Taking it day by day. We are concerned with making good relatable music that will help who it needs to!

Jadore: I want to again thank you for doing this with us! Know you have a supporter in us. We look forward to hearing more from you girls and hope you guys come back and fill us in on your success!
Amor Kismet: Thank you for the interview! We really appreciate the opportunity. You are awesome and we love the website! We wish you much success!


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Amor Kismet is my favorite girl group of all time!!!

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