A Letter to Our Readers:

Hello Everyone,

It took a lot of soul searching t even get t this point. I, Jadore, first and foremost would like to thank everyone who has been an avid reader of the blog. Hell, I'd like to thank anyone and every one who has ever clicked our link, read a post, or shared a story that we brought to you.

With over 1 Million reads logged from the time I started this back in 2010 'til now, I can say I am forever indebted to this platform for all the success and positive and wonderful connections it has lead me to.

While the blog was dormant, My life in the industry continued and you all have witnessed this as well through my various social networking profiles. Real life has gotten the best of me before and it did it once again. I recently graduated college, got engaged to the man of my dreams, and continue to move forth taking all the things this has taught me.

This wasn't meant to sound sad lol, so I'll say this now: JadoresLiife.com will be back up and running very soon! I will return to blogging on a daily basis bringing you all the best of the best. You sometimes stray from the things that make you, but Im still Jenny from the Blog! See what i did there? lol I will be working towards revamping the site and its look, whilst posting daily.

I hope to still have the love and support of all my followers and readers who have helped the blog be the success it was. And a very special thank you to the Celebrities that support. This may be a cliche thank you but there has been a few celebs and fellow known bloggers that have helped me spread the word on the blog and have returned to give me exclusives and interviews and for that i am very thankful.

Heres to a new beginning here at JadoresLiife.com!


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