Paula Patton Once Ashamed of Robin Thicke?

Robin Thicke and Paula Patton have got to be one of the sexiest couples! There isn't anything like a good looking interracial couple. Paula however, didn't think this way once upon a time.

In a recent interview, Robin Thicke revealed that while in High School, Paula refused to have Robin as her prom date because he was white! Paula at the time was the president of the Black Union club in her school which added to the fear of bringing around a white boyfriend.

Now a days, the couple are glued together at red carpets and other events. Out of curiosity, is interracial dating still an issue? Is it still a tough thing to step out with a partner of a different race?

Stevie J & Joseline get Married!

Go figure Love & Hip-Hop: ATL stars Stevie J & on/off screen client/girlfriend Joseline Hernandez would announce their marriage on Hip-Hop Weekly; which in case you did not know is owned by LAHHATL cast mate and close friend Benzino.

We recently saw the hit VH1 show come to a season finale where we were left with the cliff hanger of the reverse proposal Stevie did for Joseline after she had proposed to him. Though what we saw was them end off in a fight, guess all is well!

This is definitely going to be highly entertaining to watch unravel in the next season!

Raven Symone Comes Out!

Former child star and Cheetah Girl Raven Symone recently comes out of the closet! While she didn't completely say "Hey World, I am a Lesbian!" she might as well have the actress took to twitter to tweet:

@MissRavenSymone“I can finally get married! Yay government! So proud of you.”

With all the recent activities in state laws allowing same sexed couples to marry it was obvious what she was referring to. It has also been noticed that she has been dating Americas Next Top Model contestant AzMarie Livingston; maybe this means wedding bells in their future?

We wish Raven all the best and hope that coming out as a lesbian only helps her in the future to live happily.


Foxy Brown want Free Hair!

A Brooklyn Hairstylist is taking a stand against female rapper Foxy Brown. The stylist claims that after doing a $900 weave job, the rapper refused to pay!

She has since gone public on various social networks slamming the rapper for her unprofessionalism by posting videos and text messages of the drama.

In first hand video, you can hear the hairstylist telling Foxy to "Give me my Money!" in what seems to be a supermarket:

The hairstylist also went on to posts pictures of text messages exchanged between the two:

We really dont see any reason for the rapper to be acting this cocky. Lest we not forget the rapper DID indeed get arrested in 2007 for some drama at a beauty shop.


Solange sings in Laundromat.

Solange hit up a Brooklyn Laundromat to perform! The singer took the soap stage as part of Faders "Uncapped" series.

The singer performed a few tracks from her True LP, as well as a cover of Nivea’s “Laundromat.”


New Video: "Get Like Me" Nelly ft Nicki Minaj and Pharell

Worth The Ratings? Teresa and Joe Giudice face Jailtime and Show Cancellation.

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice and husband Joe may face up to 50+ years for money fraud! The two who have been extremely popular on their show for their family drama have had their money issues shown in earlier seasons come back up.

The couple recently entered Newark Federal Court to plea "Not Guilty" to the tax fraud charges. If they are indeed found guilty, the two may be in for a lot of jail time.

SIDEBAR: Mobwives star Big Ang has commented on the Giudices situation to TMZ saying she believes in their innocence.

Worst than jail time though, sources are buzzing that this may lead to the cancellation of their show on Bravo. They re reporting that this is not the kind of drama that they are looking to film. Not to mention, Teresa has been pitching her own spin-off for a while now with no success.

We really wish them the best and hope this all gets resolved.

Natalie Nunn Nude Pics surface, and she is NOT Happy!

Bad Girls Club alumni Natalie Nunn had some very sexual and nude pics leak recently on the web. The pictures showed a ver bent over Natalie naked showing her whole ass and bag!

TMZ is now reporting that Natalie does affirm that the pics are legit but that they were private. The reality star claims they were leaked by a disgruntled ex-assistant. Rumors on the web say they were leaked by Meghan of Bad Girls Club Mexico.

No legal action has been taken yet but we'll keep an eye on this.


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