Rumor Has It: New Love & HipHop cast

With Chrissy, Jim Jones, & Emily B leaving "Love & Hip-Hop" you had to wonder, who in the world will fill those shoes? Well the rumors are spewing all over the web over the alleged new cast mates.

Who better to replace the main hiphop couple in the show then Tahiry Rose & Joe Budden! This would be GOOD, the two were together for 5 years & though they aren't together anymore it would make for interesting tv. & no reality tv show is complete without a little drama right? The shows producers are trying to get Somaya Reece to sign on for the season too! For those who dont know, Somaya was Joe's girl after Tahiry!

I think this makes perfect sense! Joe is about to be back in the charts with Slaughterhouse & it'd be nice to see what fuel Tahiry & Somaya can bring! Lets hope this is true!


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