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Music has reached a point where the industry is dying for people to inject it with new life. Who best than a rapper and vocalist – Jeury San. Thank you for sitting down with us!

We know about you, all about you actually –

Q: Let our readers know who is Jeury San?
A: #JerryStartsWithU. An Artist seeking the truest form of expression through any medium of music or genre.  The platform can change but the message will always be there.  An Avid Creator who doesn't stop thinking Day & Night.  I'm Young & Lost Due to the rubric society has placed on the rules in order to find who you are - I tend to break them.  I am a Passionate Musician. I want to do music MY way.  If I want to rap then I rap. If I want to sing I’m going to sing. If I want to get on a song and rock out and recruit me a band than that’s what I will do.  Anything that breaks the boundary of music or unites it all together.  That's who Jeury San is and wants to be known for.

Q: How long have you been doing music for?
A: Since I was four......Ever. Lol! I could probably trace it back all the way to 12 years old. With my flannel shirts and my curls looking at my old wrestling toys.

 There’s this new era of rappers who can sing too. Frank Ocean, Chris Brown, Drake, to name a few –
Q: What made you want to do both?
A: I honestly feel as an artist that you can't express yourself 100 percent at all times even if you’re a professional at whatever it is you do.  There comes a point where you have to change.  Sometimes I feel like I can convey my message towards the listeners a lot easier and with a lot more behind it when I sing.  Something’s I want to say things I just can't seem to put that in a hard Rhyme scheme lol. It also goes both ways and I find myself only being able to aggressively rap your ears off until you say I’m the nicest lyricist of my time.  With that being said it really depends on what kind of mood I am in. I think it sounds good too lol.

Q: Do you like Rapping better than Singing?
A: I actually do not like rapping lol.  I don't listen to rap on my free time or let alone my songs when I’m done. I really don't lol.  I like singing a lot more.  It's more fun and challenging. I mean who can't rap?? I rap just to show you that you could never do it the way I do.  It's getting to the point where the beats are more important to the listeners because there are a lot of rappers talking about nothing in a non-creative “I’ve heard this a million times before” kind of way. Like when I see new rappers holding "40's" in front of their block talking about nothing it just completely turns me off to the music.  We are powerful society and we have to make sure our culture lives on forever.  If we let mediocrity slap us in the face without us reacting to it we're just as bad as them. Don't support Bullshit

Many don’t know but you released your debut album “Emotions Untitled” this past year in Sept –
Q: Tell us about the project – how did it come to be? Who did you work with on it?
A: Man I love That Album! It embodies so much that I can't even come to explain everything. It's a Movie Literally. From Beginning to End. I take you on the biggest emotional roller coaster you could ever go on.  Expression is key and I know I’m not the only person in the world who feels the way I do. I worked With In house Producers Kevin Murphy & Afer Music mostly.  There was a lot of people/producers/instrumentalist involved with the Project and maybe too many to name. But I thank every single person who was involved in the making of emotions untitled. I'm glad they were able to connect with the vision I had for the album.

Q: The title is a very peculiar one, how did you name it? Does it hold any significance to you?
A: It just came to me one day.  I finally figured out that it's not that easy to express yourself unless you’re put in an environment where you're completely comfortable. Even then I don’t believe people know exactly how to call what they are feeling for the moment.  People are running and fueled through mixed emotions from the minute you wake up to the moment you fall asleep. Who's to say you have to feel a certain way all day or all week. We're human and it’s normal to want to be different, feel different, and talk different.  This is the message I want to show the whole world. This is why I do different genres all at the same time.  You might call it confusing but it’s actually not.  It's what you've wanted to do all your life but for some reason you couldn't break out of the norm.  Instead of me telling you how I felt I show you through each song and left it for the people to decipher my mood/emotion.  That's why there are no any two songs similar on the actual album. I don't know how people make a cd with the same feel throughout.  It seems hard for me because I don't feel the way and I always have to channel my feelings in my music before anything.  "What can You Express When you're Emotions Are Untitled? Nothing or Everything. You Choose- Jeury San"

We have to tell you, we LOVE a few tracks on the album. Including your latest single “Maria Sharapova”
Q: Do you have a favorite track on this album?
A:  Hands Down it has to be “Atlas ft. Levi Alam." I Produced & Wrote the whole record. Levi Alam sung on the chorus and re-did the initial keys I had on the song. We Scrapped My keys and his version took the song to another Level. I honestly love that song because every word, the whole chorus, and even the beat itself were exactly how I was feeling at the time.  That song means so much to me. Even the title, its Just sounds so epic. There's so much fight, anger, love, pain, struggle, determination ALL in that one song that I can't seem to have anyone not being able to relate to it. When you hear it you'll understand completely what I mean.

Q: We know you must be asked this a lot. Was the song “Maria Sharapova” inspired by the tennis player?
A: lol (ha). Yea it was inspired by the famous tennis player Maria Sharapova and the fact that she is one Bad Ass Chick. She's Beautiful.  The song was also a play on the love reference and how tennis games keep score. In Between everything you can also tell it was about woman who I use to deal with that at the time I thought I was in love with / or still do love.  Hmmmm! Who knows...Listen to the song and tell me what you think!

Q: Before actually becoming an artist yourself, who did you look to for inspiration in the industry?
A: Kanye West, Kid Cudi, Dr.Dre, Joe Budden, Lupe Fiasco, Chris Brown, Mr.Hudson, M83, Adaline, Coldplay, Etc.  These are Hip-Hop artists, singers, & rock bands that I all look up too.  Everyone one I named has phenomenal music and I know I am missing a TON of people but I would be hearing all day.

Q: Where do you see your musical career in 5 years? What goals do you have?
A: I see my Record label being on top of the music industry hands down.  I see Involvement in directing. My Mind works so much in a day that I know there will be a point where I will get bored with expressing myself through sound and I’m going to have to switch up and direct some type of masterpiece. My Goal is to actually write a novel, let it reach recognition as a best seller, and eventually turn it into a movie. I love writing and if I can find myself in a light where my book can reach the masses then I won't think twice at all. First and Foremost I want to release the greatest album my culture has ever heard in the next 5 years. Hands Down. I want that Title.

Q: It’s a New Year – what are you looking forward to? What can we look forward to from you?
A: I'm looking forward to becoming a household name in The States & Overseas in all different genres all at the same time. Ever heard that before? Probably Not. lol.  I want everyone to continue download Emotions Untitled and letting the world know there is creative & diverse music out here for the picking.  We are going to push some new videos off of my album and get those played on some of your favorite TV stations you grew up watching. Of course new material and sounds will always be part of the plans. You guys just have to stay tuned for it all. But last and not least being able Wake up and know that I’m doing what I love.

 We want to thank you again for your time; we know you’re busy promoting the single and everything! We truly wish you the best in 2012!
Jeury: Anytime, Love the site. Don't forget to get your free copy of "Emotions Untitled" my debut album here: www.cdbaby.com/jeurysan. Follow me on Twitter: www.twitter.com/jeurysan & LIKE my facebook page /jeurysan.


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