Guess What: Jhene Aiko signs a Record Deal.

Jhene Aiko recieved nothing but love earlier this year for the release of her mixtape 'Sailing Soul(s)' - the web was set a blaze as the singer/songwriter gave us songs like 'My Mine', 'Hoe', & more.

She posted a photo on her Twitter of her and No I.D. - Def Jam's new A&R. & tweeted "Supriiiiiiiise …… Signed by Dion ! Merry Christmas!” We wish her the best!

The singer is very adamant on expressing her individuality and never compromising that als she did in this post she put on her tumblr:

“just so we’re clear…..I am not your next pop star.
Never wanted to be.
Never want to be.
I am not an entertainer .
I am an inspirer.
I don’t sing songs to entertain and distract.
I write songs to inspire,
to heal,
to bring awareness to…..
myself ……
and if I’m lucky,
to others.
I don’t want to be a tv or movie star.
The closest thing in acting I’ve ever wanted to do is stage plays of the non musical sort
I am not your next “triple threat”
I am not your next Beyonce,
I am not your next Aaliyah…..
I am not Cassie’s competition
nor am i Rihannah’s.
I don’t want to make the world dance,
I want to help the world think,
be freed
and be true to it’s essence.
I am not your next radio friendly…..
I don’t know what your idea of making it is,
but today I surprised my daughter with her very own room.
I successfully put a roof over me and my soon to be 3 year olds head……
I made that happen.
I made it .

I do not want to be your next pop star
I am not your next pop star
I have a pudgy little nose that I never plan on “fixing” ,
a cup full of butt
tiny tits from breast feeding a child for the full year that nature suggested
( in which, btw…
I never plan on filling back up with any other material other than breast milk)
I am not your next perfectly plump,
slim nosed,
5 foot 7
cover girl.
I am 5 foot 2
And I am not your next popstar.
I am not dedicated to being #1,
the highest paid,
or the most sexually sought after….
I am dedicated to providing for my daughter,
my family
and the world to the best of my ability.
I am dedicated to being happy,
being comfortable,
and being myself.
I don’t need to be rich…..
Never have been,
never wanted to be
and probably never will be
because a person who is truly rich in spirit,
sees no purpose in the excess of anything….
I’d rather give a million people one dollar
than to boast that I myself,
am a millionaire.
I will sing about who I am ,
what I do,
and what I think.
Sometimes it will be similar to your favorite popstar…..
sometimes it will be similar to your favorite politician,
sometimes it will be similar to a respected philosopher
or an unknown astronomer…..
But do not call me these things.
I am just a me ,
as you are
just a you.
PSA to anyone expecting me to be the next of any thing…..
I am the very first ,
and the very last

I am NOT
your next pop star.
- l.a ,

—jhene aiko


Nickolas said...

she deserves it!
shes the truth!

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