Haven't given my fashionistas some fine foot wear to drool over in a while, so lets do this! 5 inches and Up is what my girls do and if you wanna go that high these are definitely an option!

Lets add some color to your fall wardrobe with these pink and blue booties! These are a statement piece, all of the boys and all of the girls will envy you. Not only are they fashion forward but they are inexpensive! You can purchase these shoes at The Six Inch for just $95.00! Look good & be frugal!

Sports: 5 Sexy NFL Players Shirtless

The NFL has some of the finest men in sports. Big, Built and Sexy is what they have to offer on and off the field. They come in all shapes & colors, here are my top 5!

Devin Thomas (Giants)

Chad Ochocinco (Patriots)

Tim Tebow (Broncos)

Reggie Bush (Dolphins)

Shawne Merriman (Bills)

Ok thats was all... just wanted to give you guys some NFL eye candy!


Guess What: Scott Disick is packing!

Gawker pointed something out, We now see what Kourtney Kardashian sees in baby daddy Scott Disick - a big ol' penis!

You must wonder what a girl like her see in a guy like him besides style cause he's a total douche! But this picture leaves it very clear that the man is packed on packed on packed!


Google now tells you which celebs are Gay!

Finally getting hip to the fact that it is the world's sexual barometer, Google has introduced its own sort of gaydar, which will tell you which celebrities are gay and which are straight. But how reliable is it?
Well, first of all, it seems to only index celebrities who have talked about their orientation at length, either to come out of the closet or fight back the gay rumors. So, for instance, if you search for "Is Elton John gay," before you get any articles you get a little icon that says "Best guess for Elton John sexual orientation is gay." The same thing happens for Jodie Foster, Ricky Martin, Rosie O'Donnell, and Neil Patrick Harris.

What happens when you use this new tool for those people who combat the gay rumors? Well, it says Hugh Jackman, Oprah Winfrey, Bradley Cooper, and Katy Perry are all listed as straight. Well, good for them! What about reportedly bisexual Lady Gaga? It doesn't say. Apparently Google doesn't think bisexuals exist either. Oh, but it says that Angelina Jolie is bisexual and same with Anna Paquin. Maybe they just don't believe Gaga!

That's the weird thing about this new feature is it doesn't rank everyone. There's no answer for Lady Gaga or baseball player Mike Piazza, who famously held a press conference to come out as straight. These are people whose sexual identity are all over the web, but for some reason Google's algorithm doesn't track it. Most D-listers don't rank either, like Carson Kressley and country singer Chely Wright. Guess no one needs to ask about them anyway.

The same goes for the closet cases. Ask about John Travolta, Queen Latifah, or Kevin Spacey and you don't get a direct answer from Google, but some fine article that will settle the score for you. So, is Google helping these people stay in the closet on purpose or do they just need to tune their gaydar a little bit. As for one closet case, it has no answer about Anderson Cooper, but it appears that we're providing an answer of our own.



Lady GaGa to Marry The Night.

The popular pop star we've come to know and love as Lady GaGa just revealed her 5th single from her latest album Born This Way.

The song chosen was "Marry the Night" one of the albums catchiest tunes was inspired by the singers love for New York City. A video is set to be in the works and will be released soon.

Im sure her little monsters will make this song another #1.

Guess What: Nicki Minaj to headline tour in 2012!

The highly successful rap diva Nicki Minaj revealed to Perez Hilton via Twitter that she will be headlining her own tour very soon!

Young Money's first lady has had a hugely successful year: debut album Pink Friday went platinum, multiple chart topping singles, #1 music videos, plenty of awards, opened for Britney Spears on the Femme Fatale tour and it just wont stop!

@PerezHilton: When are you going on your solo headlining tour? We barbz are hungry!
@Nicki Minaj: Lmao. Top of the year babez!

I'm sure this will come once her sophomore album is released!



Rumor Has It: Andre Leon Talley leaving ANTM. UPDATED

Rumor Has It the Vogue editor Andre Leon Talley who is currently a judge on Americas Next Top Model, will be replaced after the 17th cycle which is currently airing ends.

The divalicious judge is surely a tough one to replace you'd think right? Guess again, the rumor is that publicist extraordinaire Kelly Cutrone will be taking his place! Kelly, Tyra, Andre and the CW have yet to comment.

UPDATE: PR goddess Kelly Cutrone confirmed the rumor via her twitter page!



Spotted: Rihanna filming "We Found Love" video.

Rihanna was spotted in a bandanna bikini and flannel long shirt in Ireland filming her latest video "We Found Love."

Right off the success of her LOUD album, RiRi wasted no time to release her 6th studio album. "We Found Love" is the 1st single from the singers next album due for release in Nov. 26.

Is it me, or does this look like "Only Girl in the World?" How do you guys like the song?


Nicki Minaj speaks about her next album

Young Money's first lady Nicki Minaj was one of the many performers at the I Heart Radio Music Festival this past weekend in Las Vegas.

After a fun and energetic performance, the harajuku barbie caught up with Billboard.com which asked her about her hit single "Super Bass" and her sophomore album - by the way, that was a pink chicken wing on the raptress neck!

Guess What: Jay-Z opening Brooklyn Nets

One of Hip-Hops biggest mogul, Jay-Z revealed some great Brooklyn news today!

The Forbes list topping artist revealed that he will open the new Brooklyn Nets arena next Fall with a series of concerts! Ok lets break this down - as part owner of the New Jersey Nets NBA team, he was included in a recent press release of the team which made the huge move announcement.

In the press conference Jay stated:

"We have decided that the official name for the Nets will be the Brooklyn Nets. I’m gonna open the building with a couple of concerts—one or two or eight"

The dates for all of this are yet to be announced. Soon after, Jay-Z did an interview with Good Day New York where he spoke about fatherhood, Brooklyn Nets & more:

Jay Z: NBA Nets Renamed 'Brooklyn Nets': MyFoxNY.com


J.Cole covers Rolling Out mag.

J.Cole isn't just one talented rapper, he's also one sexy man! As seen on the latest cover of Rolling Out magainze, J.Cole shows off his guns in a simple wife-beater shirt.

In the magazine J.Cole speaks about how he got to become a rapper, how he got started, he events talks about meeting Jay-Z:

On meeting Jay-Z for the first time:
I was working at a newspaper in Queens making $8 per hour at a part-time job so that I could still do music at night. I heard that Jay-Z was recording the American Gangster album. That same night, I made two beats and I thought it would be perfect for Jay-Z. I went to the studio where Jay-Z was recording and I waited outside for three hours. His Phantom finally pulled up. I was super timid and shy. I had the CD in my hand and I tried to hand it to Jay-Z. He looked at it and said, ‘What is this? I don’t want that. Give it to one of those other guys.’ It was crushing. That was another moment. But I snapped back to reality. I knew after that, I had to go harder. That type of rejection fuels me. I believe that greatness is fueled by rejection.

Drake reveals his "Take Care" album cover.

Toronto's own Drizzy Drake took to his blog to reveal the album cover to his upcoming sophomore album "Take Care"

With the photo, he added this message:

Feels like it's been so long. Is life moving so fast in this generation that when we desire something it begins to move in slow motion? Are we just used to getting what we want right away? Or do we require one another to feel right about all that is going on around us? Maybe our anticipation is justified by the fact that we genuinely cannot wait to share a moment again? Either way, your life and mine are scheduled to meet on October 24...I wouldn't miss it for the world.

See you soon.


The photo is quite mysterious. And if you ask me, it wont be long before illuminati rumors come about - looks like Drake has a new owl obsession. The album is becoming quite anticipated just as his first was. Global Grind decided to make parody tracklist:

Take Care Tracklist:
1. “Over My Dead Body”
2. “Shot for Me”
3. “Headlines”
4. “Crew Love” feat. The Weekend
5. “Take Care” feat. Rihanna
6. “Marvin’s Room” / “Buried Alive Interlude”
7. “Under Ground Kings”
8. “We’ll Be Fine”
9. “Make Me Proud” feat. Nicki Minaj
10. “Lord Knows” feat. Rick Ross
11. “Cameras” / “Good Ones Go Interlude”
12. “Doing It Wrong”
13. “The Real Her” feat. Lil Wayne & André 3000
14. “HYFR (Hell Ya Fu**in’ Right)” feat. Lil Wayne
15. “Look What You’ve Done”
16. “Practice”
17. “The Ride”
18. “Hate Sleeping Alone”
19. “Untitled” feat. Lil Wayne

Guess What: Nicki Minaj will be for Halloween!

The always fun and cooky Nicki Minaj called into the Ryan Seacrest show this week. When asked about who or what she will be dressed up as for Halloween, the rap diva said this:

“Maybe I should dress up as a girl dressing up as Nicki Minaj. Maybe I just don’t get it quite right that day. I don’t know...No! You know who I’m gonna dress up as? I’m gonna dress up as Lil Wayne.”

Wonder what Weezy look she will be going for - jeggings? She has been there done that! This makes me curious as to what Lady GaGa and Ke$ha plan on dressing up as for the candy dilled holiday.

Fergie reveals her wax figure in Vegas!

Sporting a short sexy new do, Black Eye Peas member Fergie visited the Madame Tussauds wax museum in Las Vegas to unveil her own!

The figure has on a mettalic futuristic outfit similar to those the singer wears during her performances.

What do you guys think? Does it look like her?


Guess What: Rihanna will be releasing her next single soon!

This red haired bombshell just keeps on going! Im starting to beleive Rihanna is the energizer bunny in disguise. After the recent success of her 5th studio album LOUD, the artist is already prepping for her 6th!

Ok so she hasnt found love yet... But Def Jam confirmed that the title for the first single off the next album is "We Found Love" I wonder what she has in store for us!


Rumor Has It: An ATL Housewife leaves the show!

Rumor has it Bravo's the Real Housewives of Atlanta is losing one of their ladies when the season returns.

Kim Zolciak supposedly wont be returning because she got her own spin off! I kind of saw this coming, it was either her or Nene Leakes!

Kim's show will follow her as a new mommy, newly engaged & still a Atlanta housewife.

Will you still watch? Will you miss her & her wigs?


Jackie Christies Mom loses her battle to cancer.

It is sad for us to report that our friend Jackie Christie, star of VH1s Basketball Wives LA mother lost her fight to cancer.

The TV star, wife to Doug Christie revealed the news on an interview with the Tom Joyner show. Our prayers go out to Jackie and her family.

You can hear the exclusive interview here: KISSDetroit.com


Liife&Such: Jackie Christie

We all can agree that there is nothing better in this world than   a strong independent woman. This next celebrity is just that – she is an   author to three books, model, actress, fashion designer & the head of Jean Rah Fya Records. She is also one of the stars of VH1’s hit show Basketball Wives LAJackie Christie!

Q: You are quite the entrepreneur, how do you manage it all?
A: Balance and keeping my faith in the forefront i have a solid support system as well in my husband and family and I'm not afraid of hard work.

Q: You got your start as a model; do you still actively book jobs?
A: Yes occasionally i do but with all my businesses and the show I'm really busy right now.

Q: What kind of modeling jobs you mainly did? Print, Runway?
A: I did both but i LOVED runway.

 I know that you are also quite the fashionista.
Q: Are you into designer wear & accessories? Who’s your favorite?
A: Yes i am i do handbags as well and my faves are gucci LV fendi prada donna karen bebe guess stella mc cartney lamb and house of derion  

You are also a fashion designer –
Q: What’s the name of your brand(s)?
A: Jackie Christie  :-)

Q: Do you do Men wear as well or just women’s?
A: Yes i do men's wear now as well currently doing a new line as we speak:-) & it will be HOT!

Q: How did you get into fashion?
A: I have loved Fashion since i was 3 years old and i knew very young i wanted to model and then go on to design i live and breath fashion:-)

Q: What is one piece ALL women should have in their closets?
A: one of my coats they compliment every women:-) and will accent or anchor and out fit.

Q: Whats one piece YOU cannot live without?
A: A black pair of knee high boots!

Now let’s talk about your marriage, you are the wife of Doug Christie. It seems as though you have a very happy marriage & are still very much in love –
Q: How long have you 2 been together for?
A: Doug and i have been together for 19 years we have been married for 16 years:-)

Q: You said, if you’re always planning a wedding you won’t have time to plan a divorce. Do you really plan a wedding every year?
A: Yes we are soul mates and we have left no option for divorce we are committed to our marriage and we love getting married to each other every year it's our sexy fun and romantic tradition we will always do:-)

Q: What has been the best wedding you guys have had?
A: This past one because my mom and family was able to share it with us after all, (they did not think my mom would make it due to her cancer)
and because of  Matt Barnes and Gloria Barnes and the ladies from the show being able to be there with us:-)

Q: What would you say is the most difficult part of marrying a professional athlete?
A: That's hard to say because i have been blessed but i will say this a women's life will quickly become an open book so she will need to develop tough skin:-)

Q: What is the key to your marriage? & what advice do you give newlyweds?
A: I would say our secret is  Love, Respect, Communication, Sacrifice , and intimacy we have fun! and our advise to other couples is first   pick up our book we wrote together titled:
No Ordinary Love  A True story of marriage and Basketball. there is a ton of good tips and answers in it as well as we would say to respect yourself first and foremost communicate every day with your partner and keep the intimacy strong and that doesn't mean just the physical part but also the kind considerate part like cooking for each other and washing each others clothes whispering in each others ear going to the movies so many sweet lil things couples do together will keep the fires burning in there marriage or relationship.

Ultimately, being with a pro-athlete got you a star role on VH1’s Basketball Wives LA. Let’s talk about your involvement in the show   –
Q: How did you get casted on the show?
A: I was contacted by the show producers and asked and i liked the concept as well as thought i would be a good fit for the show.

Q: Did you watch previous seasons of Basketball Wives?
A: Yes and i enjoyed watching it.

Q: Have you met the other ladies; Evelyn, Shaunie, Royce, Suzie, Meeka, Tami, & Jennifer?
A: Yes all of them they are Lovely.

Q: What do you feel makes the West coast cast different from the East? Or is it the same thing different states?
A:  Well i feel like LA (west coast ) is the center of entertainment as well as it moves a lot faster than Miami to me as well i also   feel the personalities of the bbwla show are different too.

Q: How do you feel about your cast mates – who do you, get along with the most? & the least?
A: Well going into it i did have a few small reservations LOL but at this point in the season I'm liking each one in a different way:) it's all good;-)

Q: Do you feel as though you have been portrayed accurately on the show?
A: Yes I'm very pleased so far with my portrayal on BBWLA  

Q: Is there anything that hasn’t been shown so far on the show that you would’ve liked aired?
A: no not really they were great covering a lot about us all so i will have to wait to after the season to see:-) lol

Q: Is there any talks for a second season?
A: not yet we are still really early in the 1st season but ratings are doing well so that's a plus:-)

Q: Would you return for a second season?
A: Honestly i really enjoyed working with Shed Media and VH1 on this both are awesome companies so i would definitely like to keep a good thing going:-)

 Jackie, you are a brilliant, hardworking and beautiful woman. I want to thank you for allowing me to interview you for www.JadoresLiife.com. I look forward to meeting you again, let me know when you’re back in NYC so we can link up =] before you go, let my readers know where they can get to know more about you:

Website:   www.jackiechristie.com   
Facebook: www.facebook.com/jackiechristie     
Twitter:     twitter.com/@jackiechristie


Robin Thicke reveals 5th album title.

The sexy & soulful singer Robin Thicke has been on a small hiatus since his 2009 album "Sex Therapy" which featured the vesy successful single Shakin' It For Daddy ft Nicki Minaj.

Well, the singer has come out from hiding & revealed the name to his 5th studio album: Love After War! I'm sure a single will soon come.

Liife&Such: YOBi

If there is one thing I love is a talented artist who can write & sing – this next girl can sing! She is currently setting the airwaves blazing with her single “Set in Stone” ft. Jadakiss & Styles P. If you didn’t know who YOBi was before, you will now.
Hey doll, thank you so much for talking with JadoresLiife.com, we’re huge fans of your voice!

Q: How long have you been singing & songwriting for?
A: I have been singing since I was 11 years old but actually writing since I was 8

Q: Who are some of your musical influences?
A: Musical influences definitely start off with Whitney Houston first and foremost, Anita Baker, Mary J. Blige, Aaliyah, and Beyoncé

I absolutely love your voice! I think it definitely has some Christina Aguilera aspects –

Q: Have you heard this comparison before?
A: lol...yes a few people have made that comparison. I take it as a huge compliment because I respect her craft

Q: Are you strictly RnB, or can we expect some Pop & other sounds?
A: I am a lover of all music...so definitely expect me to switch it up in the near future on a few records

Let’s talk about that hot new single of yours “Set in Stone” which you can request to be played at your local radio stations. The message behind the lyrics is obviously about some lockdown love, supporting your significant other while they are in jail –

Q: Was this written out of personal experience?
A: "Set in Stone" is actually a record written from the experiences from around me. I have a lot of good friends that have gone through this type of situation whether it’s been jail, or the military or just a really bad break up. That inspired me to write a record about real, unconditional love.

Q: Is there a man right now your love is set in stone for? & be honest; don’t give me the PR advised answer lol
A: lmao!! Ummmm, I think every girl has that one guy who to her will always be "THAT" guy. But right now I am single. I'm a true fan of love and always open to it. It's all about timing. The right guy...the right time.

For a first single you got some good people on it!

Q: How did Jadakiss & Styles P get involved?
A: This is actually my second single...my first was "Painful War" ft. Maino.  Jada and Styles got involved with this project at a perfect time. It’s such a record about being that ride or die girl that who better than d-block to add that gritty hip hop flavor to the record. We reached out to them and they hopped on it. It was a perfect combination.

Q: Can we expect a music video for this joint?
A: Yessssss!! Definitely look out for a video for this record in the coming month. We're actually beginning to work that out right now.

Q: Are you signed to a major label?
A: Right now I am independent

Q: Can we expect an album or mix tape soon?
A: Most definitely! The mix tape will be dropping the top of next year and an album later down the line but do expect the mix tape to drop Jan 2012

Q: Any clue on a third single?
A: Yup!! Actually working on that right now. Again it’s about the right record and time and I love to take my time with my craft so that it’s done right. But a third single is currently in the works

Q: Any artists you would like to collaborate with?
A: I would love to collab with Eminem, Fabolous, Kanye West, I’m a huge rock fan so I would love to collab with Nickelback, 3oh!3, Linkin Park

This industry is serious business, 1 day you’re in the next day you out. The game has changed in these new times –
Q: What are you trying to do with your career? Where do you see yourself in 2 years?
A: I believe that if you love what you do, you will never have to work a day in your life. I just love what I do so in two years I want to have established my brand worldwide and make music for the masses and bring back that vintage sound of rnb.

Q: How you feel about music piracy? As an artist, have you seen yourself affected by this?
A: I feel like of course you want people to purchase your music but in this day in time there are outlets for illegal downloading. It’s unfortunate but it’s also something that is almost impossible to control. I just hope that I have loyal fans that will support me enough and buy the records. I can honestly say I haven't been affected by it too much.

Females are limited right now, many huge stars that are veterans – Rihanna, Beyoncé, GaGa, etc.

Q: Are you inspired by any female in the game?
A: I am truly inspired by Beyoncé and Gaga...they are so different as far as style goes but one thing about them is that they are two undeniable talents. Beyoncé is the OG of this pop/rnb game and Gaga is our modern day Madonna. One word...amazing.

Q: What advice can you give to any young female trying to make it as a singer?
A: As cliché as it sounds, but to just keep at your dream. Your biggest obstacle is yourself. The minute you start to doubt yourself, everyone else will. Set the bar for yourself and exceed that.

Let’s talk style – I think fashion and attire go hand in hand with who an artist is, & I happen to know that you are also into fashion!

Q: How would you describe your style?
A: My style is real chic. I love leather, glittery things lol What can appear "gaudy" to someone else, I'm taking it and rocking it out as my own creation. Your personal style should define who you are. Be a trend setter! ;o)

Q: Heels or Sneakers? Who’s your favorite designer?
A: I'm a heels girl!! I only rock sneakers to the gym lol but my fave designers are definitely Jimmy Choo, BCBG, Ferragamo, Malandrino, and Michael Kors

I want to thank you, YOBi andyour team for this interview. We love your voice & hope to hear a lot more from you! Before you go, tell me readers where they can get more info on you:

Website: check my YouTube out, www.youtube.com/yobimusic

Facebook: my artist page www.facebook.com/yobimusic

Twitter: @ThisisYOBi


Rumor Has It: Teairra Mari joing Love & HipHop.

Rumor Has It: Drunk driver Singer Teairra Mari has joined the cast of VH1's hit show "Love & HipHop."

The once BadBitch Certified singer has apparently filmed episodes according to her agents who tweeted:

"CONGRATS to WTA client TEAIRRA MARI on her episodes of “Love and Hip Hop.” Hoping for a “Sparkling” summer."

This leads me to wonder, is she dating a rapper now? Or is her role kind oflike Olivias; promoting her musical career? Guess we'll have to tune in!


Guess What: Ciara will be signing to a label!

It has surely been a public roller coaster ride in recent times for the career of the Princess of Crunk; Ciara. No doubt about the talent this girl possesses as a dancer and a singer.

But there seems to be good news on the horizon for CiCi - Sony Music Epic Records label chairman L.A. Reid has been revamping the label and its roster. Amongst the new artists will be Ciara and hip-hop group Outkast!

This sounds good! Cant wait to hear new stuff from both of these acts!



Mary J. Blige covers Ebony.

A beautiful looking Mary J. Blige covers the October issue of Ebony magazine. The soulful singer looks really good in the cheetah dress & dramatic earrings.

In the issue Mary talk about what she felt about Amy Winehouse's passing:

“I got up and read the message about her death and just lay back down again. I kept getting up and laying back down for some reason. I’d always wanted to work with Amy, so I just couldn’t believe it, really.”

It's been really refreshing to see hip hop & rnb embrace the late Amy Winehouse. She will forever be remembered, she will forever be great.



NYFW S/S 2012: Sachika

It wouldn't be Fashion week without the infamous & fabulous label Sachika showcasing! Once again the Sachika Twins; To-Tam & To-Nya put on a spectacular show for the press to go crazy over!

The show was kicked off by an amazing dance routine by a group of dancers in tribal wear. The men & women danced wonderfully to the beat of drums. Soon after the dance, the lights dimmed, the front row got quiet & the show began.

Every piece that walked down the runway was an incredible piece! I say these were the must have fashions for the Spirng/Summer! Bold colors, sexy silhouettes, some long cuts, some short cuts, & even sequins!

The variety of looks, designs, & styling make this collection functional. You'll have an amazing garment to wear no matter the occasion. I think the twins did an amazing job at combining everything that was chic & fashionable from their past 2 collections. They incorporated light, airy & comfortable fabrics & designs similar to the pieces they presented at their NYFW S/S 2011 show - as well as the glamour & boldness their NYFW F/W 2011 pieces possesed. The event was capped off by an amazing acoustic performance by pop sensation Wynter Gordon. I encourage everyone to keep track of all the Sachika collections over at: SACHIKA.com.


The Style 360 event presented by Stoli was'nt just full of great womens wear designed by Sachika, it also had tons of celebrity guests! Amongst the celebs spotted at the event was: Miss Jay (Americas Next Top Model), Nene Leakes (Real Housewives of Atlanta), the Harris Twins, Anjelina (Jersey Shore), Derek J (Hair Battle Spectacular), Tracy (Jerseylicious), stylist Joe Exclusive, Gloria Govan, Laura Govan & Jackie Christie (Basketball Wives LA), Matt Barnes (LA Lakers) & many more!

Derek J from Hair Battle Spectacular

Nene Leakes (Real Housewives of Atlanta) & Jadore

Eunice & Jadore

Jhane (singer/songwriter), Jadore & Ebony Lewis (Director)

Jadore & Joel (model)

Wynter Gordon & Jadore

Matt Barnes from the LA Lakers.

NYFW S/S 2012: TollaCole

Tonight I had the honor of attending the New York Fashion Week presentation for Tolla Cole organized by Osei PR.

This event was definitely one of a kind & unique in its set up. This was no ordinary show. Upon entering the venue, you are greeted by beautiful artwork on the walls along with a tree with leaves made of money as the rooms center piece.

The walls were adorned by the artwork as well as with the models who wore the vibrant & whimsical creations of TollaCole. Instead of the tradition catwalk, you got a chance to get up close to the models & the pieces. I think this allowed you to appreciate the craftsmanship alot more than a garment that walks up/down a catwalk & stops for 3 seconds at the end of the runway.

The garments were bright yellows, greens, blues & pinks. Every piece unique in its design - light & airy fabrics, bold colored feathers & beading paired with beautiful jewelry and shoes provided by Payless. To learn more about this designer & their line, visit: TOLLACOLE.com

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