Nicki Minaj on Dancing with the Stars!

Young Moneys first lady Nicki Minaj is set to perform next week on Dancing With The Stars. I have hopes that she will be performing "Superbass" but they say she'll be doing "Moment 4 Life" - no comment on whether Drake will join her.


Karl Lagerfeld LOVEs Chocolate!

Fashion can get weird, & its creators can get weirder. Designer extraordinaire Karl Lagerfeld recently revealed his obsession for his boyfriend. How? Easy, by having a full sculpture made of him, out of chocolate.

Cure? Creepy? You be the judge.

Lil Kim & Natalie Nunn swap spit!

Lil Kim & self proclaimed Bad Girl Natalie Nunn partied it up this past week in Miami. The 2 D-List celeb's who are known for publicity stunts had one more trick up their sleeves, a kiss.

The overly operated on Lil Kim & the big chinned Natalie Nunn definitely are looking for a headline or 2. #pathetic.

Amber Rose has NO show!

Amber Rose has been in the media limelight for a quite some time now. Her conference that she gave a few months ago stating that she will be filming a new reality show for VH1.

Well now VH1 reps are saying NO to Amber. They are actually saying, she's a liar! They say to have NO clue about this brand new show she claims to be filming. This is quite sad if you ask me. & I'm sure her popularity will decrease now.

Steph Jones shows us the goods!

Singer/Songwriter Steph Jones is one major hottie! He's southern, he's red & he has a big d!ck!

Recently these nude photos hit the web, although we are not clear about who was the person taking them, I'm sure i speak for us all when i say: Thank You!


SuperBass SneekPeek

106 & Park screened a sneek peek of Nicki Minajs next video. & the Barbie is now performing choreography! This should be GOOD!


Lindsay Gets Jail time.

Lindsay Lohan gets put back in the slammer. She was sentenced to 120 days & 480 hours of community service. After robbing a jewlery store back in Feb, judge Stephanie gave her the sentenced today. Her bail has been set to $75,000.


Rumor Has It...

Rihanna & Usher were reportedly getting cozy during Coachella festivities. The 2 were seen partying with celebrity friends during the performances & were allegedly getting pretty close during an Armani/944 magazine party.

I think they would look SUPER cute together, no?


These Georgina Goodman shoe's are simply FABULOUS! You have everything a girl could ever ask for in 1 shoe; lizard skin, patent leather & a 5" inch heel! The nude color paired with the grey print & the stone for a platform is divine! These shoe's will run you about $850.00 but totally worth it! You can purchase these shoes on Evelyn Lozada from BasketBall Wives shoe store: Dulce.com


Lil' B responds "Im NOT Gay"

So news circulated the web heavy about Lil B's announcement during his Coachella performance to name his album "Im Gay." & ofcourse this was gonna cause noise! He since then have been asked about his sexuality & he had this to say:
Its a touchy subject. I respect the hell out of gays and the gay community. I'm not a gay man. i don't agree with sex with another man or fucking another man or giving blowjobs to another guy. That's not my thing. Id rather fuck a girl, fuck her in her ass, fuck her in the mouth or something. people get scared when they hear the gay word, but when you truly know yourself, you gonna be good. Say for instance you're watching a porno, right. And you're jacking off and shit, and some gay shit pops up. And you're like "Oh Shit!" Either you're going to look at that shit, or you're not gonna look at it and you're not gonna give a fuck about it. Like some gay shit can pop up on me, and i font give a fuck about it. I'm like "oh that's gay shit. Get that off & back to the bitches." But some mother fuckers are in denial. Some dudes are really in denial. They're like "hats that? Ohhh!" and they hate themselves for it. They're like "whats wrong with me?" you feel me? (no) And these motherfuckers around us. That's not saying shit. So its like I'm a faggot because I'm so not a faggot. I can say I'm a faggot. I can say I'm the gayest bitch on earth. And I'm so not gay. Its obvious. I know from my deepest core that I'm very far from gay. So i can say I'm the bitch queen that fucks cows.
Ok. PAUSE... He had some very valid points but spoke of them in such poor manner. So youre "secure" with yourself cool but then you actually threw the gay comm under the bus. "Im The Bitch Queen that fucks cows." are you implying that gay's fuck cows? I dont. Good try Lil B, now shut up & show us your dick. *files nails* Thanks to DJ Bobbytrends


Keri Hilson "Lose Control" sneek peek

Keri Hilson has been releasing plenty of hot singles & videos to accompany them. Her next single seems to be "Lose Control" ft Nelly. By the look's of it this looks like itll be a great video.

Lil B reveals Album Title

Lil B is being looked at as the underdog of the year, he was recently invited to perform at Coachella.

Well, while on stage he had a lil surprise for his fans. He revealed the title of his upcoming album, & itll be called "I'm Gay."

Rumor Has It..

Rumor Has It... 50 cent has been meeting with DJ Pauly D in NYC. Hmm & that Pauly D has a new brand of headphones coming out just like 50. Could this mean DJ Pauly D is going to join G-Unit?

Lady GaGa Born This Way cover

Lady GaGa reveals the album cover for her upcoming album "Born This Way" & incase you missed it, her latest single "Judas"is available on iTunes NOW!


Liquid Lace Radio: Liquid Lace Radio: In The Closet

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The Liquid Lace Radio cru wanted to talk about a very touchy subject in the industry, homosexuality. With the recent scandal involving well known Hot 97 dj Mr. Cee, the cru had no choice but to put it all out there. & they were NOT alone, they had openly gay rapper Sugur Shane call in & talk about his career, other rapper's & who's face he'd sit on!

Bad Bitch Tea Time: Ok so let me give you the gossip from Fabulous to Classless.

1. Fashionista Kimora Lee Simmons recently gave an interview on Popeater.com where she was asked about weight loss & her methods to doing it. Lets just say the model turned designer let the cat out of the bag, she stated, & i quote I have shed the fat by not eating, but I don’t like to tell the kids that so they think they shouldn’t eat. end quote. Sounds Anorexic to me, she later released a statement on her blog stating that she isnt Anorexic, & that unlike most "super star" mom's - she did not lose the baby weight from her last pregnancy in a week.

Moving on, into the less fabulous but not too trashy news.

2. Singer/Actress Teyana Taylor seem's to be becoming alot like her close- violent friend Chris Brown, infact she was just in a fist fight because of him! Seem's as though the 2 were in a studio sometime last week when a alleged couch girl aka studio hoe made a foul coment about Chris Brown. Teyana LOST her fucking mind & attacked the woman. No charges or jailtime has been issued, wanna know why? Shorty left the studio! The singer who is starring in a Tyler Perry movie soon should seriously turn herself in, You dont wanna be liek yoru friend!

Last & certainly the trashiest news i've got

3. Relevant to tody's topic, Mr.Cee's lil tranny joint has decided to speak up, oh brother. He obviously took a page from the Kat Stacks book "when ya fuck'em, speak up." The tranny whose ridiculous name i will NOT mention cause i dont wanna give'em no shine, she claims that the media got the story all twisted, that nothing happened in the car, that she isnt a tranny & is actually a Internet Celebrity... ok im sick of this story already. That was your Bad Bitch Tea Time, Sip on that bitches


10%off Yeroc

You know i take care of you guys! As talked about on tonights Liquid Lace Radio show- Jadore is promoting a new promotion he has going on with Yeroc shades!

You can now receive a 10% discount on the shades - just visit www.JungleThief.com, choose the eyewear that you would like by Yeroc & when you're done shopping just enter promotional code: JADORE10

Olivia - December

the Love & HipHop reality star has been gaining quite the buzz - Olivia just released a new song & a video! The song is called "December" & its sure to be a hit! You can purchase the song on iTunes & watch the video below:

Bow Wow gets Sitcom

Few months ago, all we heard about Bow Wow was his twitter rant's suggesting suicide. So what is he up to now'a days? Filming a show ofcourse!

The rapper teamed up with Ice Cube to produce his own sitcom. Not much has been said, but its good to see him working.


Femme Fatale vol. 1

Hot 97's J.Medina presents Femme Fatale the mixtape vol. 1 Hosted by DJ Cocoa Chanelle. Features female mc's like Lore'l, Essence & MORE!

Download it here: DatPiff.com/FemmeFatale

Rihanna & Britney Spears collaborate

Britney Spear's is surely getting around now'a days! Along with the revelation of Nicki Minaj joining her upcoming tour, Rihanna revealed some details on her twitter.

Rihanna stated that there will be a remix for her hit song "S&M" the remix is set t feature Britney Spears herself! This should be interesting!

UPDATED: Here is the audio of the collabo! enjoy

B. Scott interviews Aubrey O'Day

With the success of her new reality show, the recent signing of her solo record deal, Aubrey O'Day is a hot topic.

She recently sat down with celebrity blogger B.Scott & spoke about the age old issue: What Happened with Danity Kane?! Check out her answer above


Japan Releif

I had not acknowledged the tragedies happening in Japan on this blog til now cause i kind of just wanted it to not be true. I wanted this to go away & allow that great country & its people to live happily - but ignorance is never the key.

After the tragic sequence of events that devestated the country, the world has responded & have tried to help. Although many of organizations have done alot thus far, there is still more that can be done. I found some alternative way's into donating. We love shopping & these brands allow us to shop & give back all at the same time.

1. Lady GaGa: Japan Earthquake Releif Wristband.

The international superstar was amongst one of the first to take action! Lady GaGa designed this amazing wrist band which says "We Pray For Japan" in both english & japanese. With the sales of this wristband which all proceeds go towards the releif efforts, she has raised 1.5 Million thus far. The wrist band is only $5.00 & any thoughtful being would be honored to wear this. You can purchase this at: LadyGaGa.com/shop

2. Jeantrix Pray/Love For Japan.

This up & coming brand decided to join in & help the Redcross in the Japan Releif efforts. They teamed up with the organization & designed shirts that say "Pray For Japan" & "Love For Japan." All proceeds made off the sale of these shirts go directly to the Redcross. The shirt's sell at $25.00 each & can be purchased at: Jeantrix.com/store

3. Marc Clark Lend Japan a Hand.

Another designer that has linked up with the Redcross, is Marc Clark. The Bowtie & tshirt designer came up with a graphic tee made to sell for Japan releif funds. The shirts are currently only available for women & come in 2 different designs. The price of this shirt is $20.00 & can be purchased at: MarcClark.com/Japan

I urge everyone to do their part, any way they can. If you dont want to purchase any of the products suggested above, you can simply donate by visiting http://www.redcross.org/

Chris Brown - Spend It All! (NSFW)

CBE - Spend It All (18+) from Mechanical Dummy on Vimeo.

Chris Brown isnt only exercising his ability to stay relevant, he's now getting grown in his video's! With this new song & video ft Seven from RichGirl, he took it back old school and delivers a BET Uncut-esque video.

Lots'o booty poppin, whatchu think?

B-Ball players hold hands.

This video caused an online frenzy! After a game, these 2 players on the Toronto Raptors team decided to hold hands as they made their way into the locker room. The video which has circulated the web, got a rather extreme homophobic reaction.

Youtube & other sites decided to remove the ability to comment on this video due to the strong offensive nature of the comments. I just hope we as human beings can one day let this go & let all be free to love themselves & whoever they want.


Nicki Minaj covers Elle Mag

ALong with being ontop of every chart, Nicki Minaj has been the covergirl for many magazines in recent times. Elle is releasing their double cover Music edition, in this cover we see the beautiful raptress looking flawless as usual!



You know i love me a nice pair of heels & these are right up my alley! These shoes are called "Marsh'A'Mellow" & they are super cute! Going with a nice white colors, pink bottom & a touch of edge with all the studs. These shoes are every BadBitch's dreams! They are made by Kandee for £159.99. They are only avail for a limited time so get yours today at KandeeShoes.com

Rumor Has It...

Rumor Has it... 2 of today's most relevant pop diva's are in the talks of working together. Young Money's Nicki Minaj is rumored to join Britney Spear's upcoming tour! If this is to be true, the gay's are going in a frenzy & will probably make this one of the highest grossing tours!

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