Lady GaGa - Born This Way


Rumor Has It...

The porn reality show starlet Kim Kardashian is very well known for her small screen acting & has had small parts in major film's but nothing like this.

Rumor Has It... she has been in several meetings w/ the producer's of a Gotti biopic movie thats set to star John Travolta as John Gotti. Allegedly she will be portraying John Gotti Jr.s wife; Kim Gotti.

I think this role suit's her.


Rihanna ditches Trump?

So ofcourse it was a matter of days before all the dirt dripped onto the web from AllStar weekend.

Recently badbitch certified, Rihanna got slammed by mr. Donald Trump himself. No she wasn't fired, she quit! She was scheduled to perform at a charity event of his to which she cancelled hours before the show. How much was she getting paid for the perfoance? $500k! Oh no worries, Jennifer Hudson cashed in & filled in her spot last minute.

Now, why did she cancel? Her excuse: Bronchitis. Truth: Allstar! Instead she took stage at the NBA AllStar game this past weekend! Shady, isnt she? lol & This is what mr Trump said to the Palm Beach Post about the incident:

I thought that it was insulting to everyone, but for Rihanna to go to the All-Star game and perform after she told us she was sick, that is just a lack of respect. Nothing was missed. Jennifer’s a beautiful girl. She came on her day off even though she performs almost every night. She is an unbelievable talent, and her voice is better.

BadBitch Certified: Rihanna

Being one of the Only Girl's in the world being talked about so much, Rihanna has been in the limelight for quite sometime.

I believe she has grown so much in so little time. Being faced with tons of media issues, its only fair she got her fair share of praise. She recently released her latest studio album "Loud" which has allowed her to top charts & break records world wide. & if she isn't #1 on the Billboards then RiRi is #1 for her style, not to mention her recently blood red hair.

Boys? Oh no worries, its always raining men for her! Ever since her bad breakup from Chris Brown, she has definitely been serial dating. From baseball players like Matt Kemp, to hot drummers like Travis Barker.

If it isn't for her music then its for her controversial ways. Either way, she's always being talked about, that makes her BADBITCH CERTIFIED!

Lil Kim - Black Friday

I know, im a lil late... needless to say i could care less but here it is:

Lil Kim dropped her video for her Nicki Minaj diss track & it was nothing short of: CREEPY! The video dropped days before her mixtape release & paypal fiasco.

If you ask me, Kimmy is now being a tad bit weird. Rolling through NYC in a rental Lambo & then hired a Nicki Minaj "look-a-like" which looks NOTHING like her. It's just becoming a lil bit obsessive compulsive. Get your act together Kimberly Jones.

Kanye West - All of the Lights


NYFW: Sachika

These girls never fail to impress & awe people with their creativity & beautiful designs. Last season the ladies put on a great show filled with wonderful Spring/Summer pieces. They definitely turned it up a few notches with today's show.

Entitled "The Awakwening of a Swan" the show paid homage to the modern hardworking woman whose simply looking for love. The looks became more extravagant as the show went on; demonstrating the transformation of the "swan." They opened the show with a fabulous ballet routine & then presented the pieces. Not to mention the kickass Kanye West soundtrack that played as the models became swan's right before our eyes.

They closed the show w/ a breathtaking piece that was virtually half gown half swan. & then stepped out pint sized latina superstar, Kat DeLuna & performed her latest single "Dancing Tonight."

I give this show 5 stars - just like the last presentation, these girls did an amazing job at bringing a beautiful concept to life.

Below is the UStream of the show aswell as pictures of some of the garments & attendees.

Kat DeLuna

Jeniffer (VH1's Basketball Wives)

Aubrey O'Day (Oxygen's All About Aubrey)

David Banner

June Ambrose


Diddy ft Chris Brown - Yesterday

"Yesterday" Diddy/Dirty Money Feat. Chris Brown from joseph labisi on Vimeo.

I know many of you are asking "isnt this a Dirty Money song?" While this WAS on the Dirty Money album, seems like "Dirty Money" only consist's of Dawn & Kalenna, hence "Diddy Dirty Money."

So since their vocal's aren't on this track, they aren't in the video either.


Once again ladies, i have yet another HOT shoe for my lady friends.

I like heels bigger than the average American penis (which is 5" incase you were not aware) so i had to show up & show out with these Suede bubblegum colored booties! With 6"s on the heels & 2 on the platform you are SURE to be a sexy skyscraper when rockin' these. Although their price are as high as the heel, i dont think the shoe's are a bad buy at $970.00 - plus there is no price for looking as bad as you possibly can.

This shoe is def going to certify you a BadBitch & can be purchased over at: The Six Inch

Hedi & Aunt Deb?!

The Hill's starlet Hiedi Montag has been news worthy in the past few days. & now its not for another surgery, it's actually about her Pop music career. (crickets)

Well, Ms. Montag & hubby Spencer Pratt have confirmed that Deb Antney will be managing her music career. We know Deb as the former manager of Nicki Minaj & the mother of Wocka Flocka.

Look, i love Deb but i dont think she has the right formula to make Heidi the next Brintey.


BadBitch Certified: Kim Zolciak

This momma to be has always been a MILF. Kim Zolciak stepped into the spotlight as a cast member of Bravo's hit show "Real Housewives of Atlanta."

Since her rise to claim, Kim has openned a wig company & even had a few hits on the Billboards. When Kim isnt getting choked by her cast mate NeNe, she's definitely out getting herself out there, so much that she was linked to female DJ Tracy Young & is now carrying the child of footballer Kroy Biermann.

This housewife isnt deperate but she is Real - & she is making MONEY! & any lady who can make her own riches deserves to be BADBITCH CERTIFIED!

Tila Tequila's Sex Tape.

Tila Tequila recently released a leabian sex tape. It was supposed to come out on Valentines day by Vivid Ent. BUT i guess they sped up the process & you can look for the video online & purchase it for $29.99

Rihanna Barks!

You would think this post is about Rihanna barking on blogger Sandra Rose last night. But no, this is a bit of a rumor.

Rihanna is now being linked to former drummer, Travis Barker. I think they'd make a hot couple, she's also set to be the leading lady in his upcoming music video. We'll see!


Leona's new...

Leona Lewis is back in the game! Sporting a new sexy look. She definitely cut bangs, dyed it all dark & got a nose job! From bland to glam, the singer also stepped up her wardrobe rocking a sexy highwasted skirt & lip top! Do you love it or what?!

Ciara gets Dropped.

The princess of krunk; Ciara is being dropped by her label Jive. This came to the light when news of her upcoming single being cancelled were released.

Jive was also fueled to drop her because of an interview she gave a while back where she stated that album sales dont matter to her, cause she knows the money is in touring & other stuff. Ofcourse this is a problem for Jive because they dont get $ from tours only album sales.

But with her being dropped theres a rumor out that she's going to be signed to Interscope. So much luck to her.


Ashlee & Wentz call it quits.

News surfaced today that Ashlee Simpson has filed for divorce from her husband, Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz. The 2 had a daughter not too long ago & no word from either parties have been released.

Rumor Has It...

Rumor Has It... Heidi Montag wants to join the cast of Real Housewives Beverly Hills. She & hubby Spencer said "We would move to the Hill's in a heartbeat!" Seem's like they dont wanna leave the place they became famous in.



Although these booties are an almost TOO obvious knock-off's of the Christian Louboutin Nitoinimoi Bandage Ankle Boots, if you're looking for a way to pull off a pair of Loubie's without paying that kind of money, they are your best best!

They have a suede exterior w/ buckled straps all along the outside which gives these shoes a kick ass edge. These shoes are only $19.95 at : GoJane - now THATS a bargain! Especially considering that the original Louboutin's cost a whopping $1,195.00.

PS in no way do i condone the replication OR excessive buying of fake goods, but sometimes a girl's need a break ; ]


Milian gets a good cut.

The once happily married couple Christina Milian & The Dream finally come to divorce agreement - & it looks like Milian didnt get a bad deal:

Visitation and parenting time with the couple’s daughter will be negotiated by both parties, but the view and goal is to have Mr. Nash able to spend as much of the time as he wants with the child, up to 50 percent, as the parties can best work out

Milian will receive $10,000 a month in child support which includes a $6,500 a month payment and up to $3,500 a month for day care, nanny and private school

Milian will receive $3,500 a month in alimony for two years or upon remarriage or proof of a meretricious relationship with the opposite sex lasting at least 60 days

Milian will receive 10 percent of the Justin Bieber single, Baby

Milian will receive free and clear a Mercedes G55

Milian and Nash will keep their own possessions, jewelry, the gifts that the other one gave them, their personal effects and each will retain title to their businesses that they currently own and operate.

I think this is a good deal, he better be happy she didnt Kelis his ass!

thanks to Radar


Rihanna - S&M


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