BadBitch Certified: Lola Monroe

This next bad bitch needs NO batteries - Lola Monroe. The curvy female came onto the scene as a model to later reveal her self as a female rapper. Appearing in countless video's & magazine's was just a start before she starred in videos of her own.

She has released 2 mixtapes so far & recently dropped a single "Over time" ft Trina. For being a boss & not just a body - Lola gets BADBITCH CERTIFIED!

Success - All I Want is You rmx

RnB Singer, Success recently dropped her remix track to "All I want is You" by miguel. The soulful singer maes this song a powerful statement.

You can download the song here: http://www.mediafire.com/?uz3j3xzilaczfd9


The next shoes are for all my animal print loving divas! Sam Edelman made these pumps specifically for YOU - the cheetah print has some hot metalic stud embellishment on the platform that makes the rather cliche print edgy!

So these shoe's are a lil bit pricy but im sure they are all worth it! For $133.95 (sale price) you can buy these babies at: Karmaloop & you're ready for the concrete jungle!


Breezy wants to be Close to Rihanna

Last week Chris Brown entered court for his routine meeting with the judge about the Rihanna case. Well in this meeting, Breezy requested his restraining order w/ her be lifted in time for the Grammys.

Chris' lawyer explained that they were both up for grammys so the 10yrd for special event distance wouldnt be quite comfortable on a night like that. I'm no proxemics specialist BUT anything less than 10yrd leaves Rihanna a sitting duck for Chris to attack her lol.

Rihanna's lawyer said he'd discuss the matter with her before taking action.


Rihanna has agreed to soften the terms of their restriction! Breezy is now allowed to be around her, & even call her as long as its not harrassment. I guess she has forgiven but i hope she ha snto forgotten.


Nicki Minaj - Moment 4 Life


Lil Kim's Mixtape

Lil Kim reveals the name & release date for her anticipated mixtape, "Black Friday the Mixtape" will drop Feb. 14th.


21st Century Girl pics

Images surfaced of Willow Smith on set of her latest video "21st Century Girl"; her 2nd single.

She looks SUPER CUTE, & mama & papa Smith were both on set watching their baby work. I see big things for this young lady.

Thanks to Spalsh News


WSHH gets shut DOWN

The very well known website World Star HipHop faced Internet eviction today when the site was shut down at random.

WSHH has gotten its fame for having uncut music videos, raw footage & behind the scenes exclusives but have had legal troubles in the past for copyright infringement. One of their most notorious hater's being rapper 50 cent took to his twitter moments ago to claim he had the site seized due to their long legal battle's. Rep's from the site deny he rapper had anything to do with it.



Since i posted some rather expensive shoes last time, thought id bring it down a few nothces! But any TRUE fashionista know's that less expensive doesnt have to mean its less haute - as the case with these dusty pink shoes i found!

The color isnt the only fascinating thing, they have some slight intricate detailing that gives this average pump some style! At just $31.00 any girl can look her best! These shoe's are avail for purchase here : LuLu"s.com


BadBitch Certified: Lore'l

As you can see, im obsessed with female MC's & this next chick is def a badbitch!

Introducing Lore'l of RedCafe's ShakeDown - homegirl recently released a mixtape titled "Welcome to the Movie." She's been getting much deserved buzz & airplay all over NYC. You can hear her latest track "Tap it" below.

Lore'l is not only a hot lyricist, she's also a very sexy girl. Matching her bold lyrics with her bold hair colors, this makes her a BADBITCH CERTIFIED.

X-Men First Class

Out in theatres June 3, 2011! Im so excited.


Rumor Has It...

Rumor Has It... Britney Spears will be recording a track ft Gucci Mane!

Britney just released a single "Hold it Against Me" that went #1 in 16 countries! No details about an album but this rumor hit the web stating that Brit & Guch will be releasing a track called "Hit!"

This would be an interesting collabo hmm BURR!

Essence - Unorthodox

Khloe Who?

Khloe Kardashian has a spread in the latest YRB magazine & she's looking badder than we've ever seen her before! Hunny is giving me Lady GaGa to the 10th power! You better work!



This next shoe is deinitely for the BOLD & DARING! These Iris Van Herpen X United Nude are the epitome of a Monster shoe! They come in Black & White. The shoe has been seen on ladies like Kim Kardashian & LaLa Vasquez-Anthony.

Although the price is as high as it's heel, at $1,295.95 this shoe is any fashionista's dream! You can purchase the shoe here: SoleStruck!

Raz B & Ricky get Beat Up!

Guess there's always a price to pay when you fuck with people & now Raz B & Ricky Romance know!

You all know Raz B got into a Twitter issue with Captain WTF Chris Brown & got many parties involved. Well, Raz & Ricky recently went to a ATL event & got beat up. Video:

Things should NEVER get to this point!

Lil Wayne covers Rolling Stone

Lil Wayne is on the cover of the latest Rolling Stone magazine on stands Jan 21st!

Rumor Has It...

Hmm... Willow Smith had everyone whipping their hair! Well she's gonna have us doing lots more, Rumor Has It. . . Willow's album is to drop sometime in March!

I wonder how good she'll do!


Who the hell she think she is?

This love triangle has gotten a tad bit more interesting... Amber Rose has come about stating that she is currently dating "Black & Yellow" rapper Wiz Khalifa - but not without the nobody Natalie Nunn.

Before many knew who the pitsburg rapper was, pictures surfaced of Nunn & Wiz together, & now she's telling Amber "Your new shit is my sloppy seconds!" - i doubt we'll get a response from Ms Rose.


Jacki-O comes for Kim!

Another one of HipHop's veteran female rapper's came for Lil Kim's head - ms Jacki-O is 1 mad bitch! Early last week Lil Kim released her track "Clap Clap" (listen here: Lil Kim ft IRS - Clap Clap) She enters the track calling her self "Kimmy Blanco" that was NoNo numero 1! Any one who's a fan of Jacki knows her alter ego is named "Blanco." So Jacki-O made a small lil track called "Bang Bang" for ms Kim, Listen!

Romans Revenge 2.0

As expected, Lil Wayne had to get on Nicki Minaj's "Romans Revenge" track, taking it up a notch!

Listen to it below!

thanks to TheSocietyOnline.biz

Jadore on Liquid Lace Radio!

You can now not only get your daily dose of fabulosity on www.JadoresLiife.com, you can also catch blog creator - Jadore as one of the personalities on Liquid Lace Radio!

You can tune into the rachet madness hosted by Cynamin Jones on; www.BlogTalkRadio.com/liquidlaceradio


BadBitch Certified: Aubrey O'Day

Anyone who know's Jadore, know's i love me some "Auberella!"

Former member of BadBoy PLatinum selling group, Danity Kane - Aubrey O'Day is stepping onto the scene as a solo artist & full on bad girl! We came to love her as the rebellious blonde who did Playboy & Diddy fired, but she's making a name of her own now.

She has an upcoming reality show on the Oxygen network called "All About Aubrey" where we get to follow her in a whole new musical journey. We also get to see the making of her new music, which by the looks & sounds of it is going to be Pop-genius!

We knew her as a badgirl, but now she's been BADBITCH CERTIFIED!


2 BadBitches, 1 Hot kiss!

Amber Rose & Rosa Acosta are no stranger's to JadoresLiife.com, they have both been BadBitch Certified (Links: BBC:Rosa Acosta & BBC:Amber Rose)

Well do you knwo what happens when 1 hot latina meets a hot bald blonde? They make out of course! The 2 were spotted locking lips yesterday after dinner at Eva Longoria's failing restaurant "Beso" which ironically means "Kiss" in spanish.

What can i say, badbitches love to play ; ]

Foxy (finally) Releases Massacre

Foxy Brown finally releases the highly anticipated Lil Kim diss "Massacre."


Kardashian for Sear's.

The Kardashian girls will be launching a new clothing line for Sears! The clothing line named "Kardashian" will be available in Sears all over in August!


Lil Kim's Clap Clap

So after much anticipation here is Lil Kim's song" Clap Clap" ft her new squad IRS.

I will admit i like this Kim but it still holds no weight.

Rumor Has It...

Rumor Has It... Lady GaGa is set to perform at this years Grammy awards! While this is only a rumor, a fan asked Laurie Ann Gibson via twitter & she simply replied "yes." This does however make alot of sense, her single "Born This Way" is released 2 days before the awards are scheduled to air.

If anyone saw last years Grammy's you KNOW she can put on a show! Let's hope we get official word soon!


Rihanna's a Rebel!

Rihanna get's sexy for her latest ad campaign for her fragrance Reb'l Fleur! I cant wait to catch a wiff of this scent!


I been a huge Kidsister fan for a while & tonight she dropped a mixtape! The mixtape is titled "KISSKISSKISS."

I suggest you ALL downlod it here: http://www.foolsgoldrecs.com/kidsister/

All About Aubrey!

Aubrey O'Day known from MTV's hit show "Making The Band" & Diddy's platinum selling group "Danity Kane" is know coming to Oxygen!

The curvacious beauty got a new show that follow's her journey After DK & into her solo career. Being a huge fan of her's im def going to be tuning in & supporting Ms. Oday. & by the sound's of her new music, she's on her way to the top of the charts!



Ok, so im a fan of a high platformed heel, so when i came across these pumps i was in Heaven!

You know what else made me love these? The price @ only $20.88 these shoes are a steal! They also come in an assortment of colors for every outfit. You can find these shoe's over @ MakeMeChic.com

Road 2 Success: song cover

RnB singer Success has been hard at work in & out the studio working on her mixtape. In the meantime, she's kept you guys awake w/ some videos posted on her Youtube.com/SuccessSings!

Check her out singing a cover of Christina Aguilera's "I Turn To You."

Nicki Minaj Covers V Magazine

Nicki Minaj covers yet ANOTHER magazine. The platinum selling female rapptress is on the Spring cover of V Magazine!

She look's super pretty! Her album remains in the top 5 in the country, so suitable she's in V for Victorious ; ]

Born This Way

As promised by Lady GaGa she released exclusive information relating her Single & Album on NYE (sorry for being late)

The Single "Born This Way" will drop Feb 11 & the album will drop May 5.

BadBitch Certified: Rosa Acosta

This model came onto the scene & made a splash with her sexy body - Rosa Acosta is the next girl we BadBitch Certified.

Ok so im clearly biased because she's from my native land Dominican Republic, but its undeniable that this girl is goregous. She's been featured in a slew of magazines & ad's for companies like Supreme.

Did i mention she has fake boobs & is proud of it? Yeah, all that & more is why we BADBITCH CERTIFIED her!


Nicki & Rihanna on set for "Fly"

Rihanna tweeted this photo today of her & Nicki Minaj on set of their latest video "Fly" off of Nicki's platinum selling debut album "Pink Friday"

She recently told E! that the video is super hero themed! Cannot wait to see this!


Ceresia - Stiletto's

Liife&Such: Lisa Damato

My good friend Lisa, we meet again! So happy I get to interview you again!

For those who have been living under a rock &/or are clueless, since we last spoke you had released an album “La Puchinetta,” You have also appeared on VH1’s hit show “Celeb Rehab” which we spoke a lil about before & you are soon to drop your second studio album “Faded Fluorescent” ! So we have lots to chat about!

Let’s start w/ your TV presence –

Q: If people didn’t know you from ANTM, they def came to love you on Celeb Rehab, How was that experience? & explain to my readers what exactly were you there to be treated for?

A: Celeb Rehab was an amazing experience! I was there to see if I had an addiction or if I was leading into one. They said I had all the qualifications for 1(being that I drank on top model & blogs showed me drinking in clubs when I performed along w/ having childhood trauma)
but I begged to differ.
I had an open mind and we went from there. I only want to be a happy & healthy person & I'm always up to learn. It turned out to be one of the best things I could have ever done. I came from a very unhealthy family life with tons of abuse so getting therapy for the 1st time was incredible!!!! If I were to be in the direction of starting an addiction, therapy was something that definitely was a huge help & was 90 percent of what I needed...I think....& to learn about what all substances do to the human body was mind boggling.
It was a life changing experience that i was gifted to have. Everyone should have the privilege to have therapy! Whether you think you have problems or not! I feel like a ton of weight has been lifted off my shoulders which was the majority of any future concern. Being a Young teen that constantly put herself in chaotic environments like night clubs & parties were a big part of voiding out what was going on inside of me. Its clique because its true! My life is different now thanks to Dr.Drew. I go out once in a while to dance with my girls cuz it is still something I love but its just done differently and once in a while :]

Q: Did Dr. Drew & his team really help at all? Was there any valuable lesson that you took away form that?

A: Dr. Drew and his team were incredible!! I think the real eye opener was reflecting on everything in the past in different perspectives & understanding who I truly am & what my characteristics are. How I tick if you will..... Subconsciously we do things and ask for things that are actually toxic & self sabotaging. It was truly a very interesting experience & I got to understand myself much deeper & then truly do whats best for me.

Q: Anybody on that show whom you still keep in touch with?

A: I keep in touch w/ Mackenzie, Heidi, & Jen, and just recently had a visit with Mike Starr who has been sober for almost a year now. They all seem to be doing great! I have mad respect for all of them for sharing their stories which are truly inspiring & touching.

Q: Any more TV for you in 2011?

A: yes!!! Think big people. Think big! I don't wanna talk about it but rather be about it but Good stuff, tho. :]

Now let’s talk about my favorite subject, MUSIC –

Your first album is still one of my favorite & most played albums on iTunes & I’m sure it is for many more,

Q: How was it releasing the album? Are you happy with the response the public gave you?

A:La Puchinetta was a hugely successful album because it really put me out there & showed ppl that I'm not just a model from ANTM. Ppl like to keep you labeled in boxes & it was very difficult to gain respect in another genre of the entertainment industry. Some ppl have tattooed my lyrics to their bodies & still constantly repeat my lyrics & sing them when I perform even. Its been a crazy ride but one that I wouldn't take back for the world. My only regret about La Puchinetta was that I wished I could have released it a year earlier....but politics, egos, & the game didn't allow it. Sometimes you got to let go of the things you can't control. C'est la vie!

You are now in the midst of releasing your second album “Faded Fluorescent” this upcoming year,

Q: How soon after the first release did you start writing/working on this new album?

A: its funny cuz i had no intention on doing another album right away, but my man was like "Now what?!" hahah
I had been talking to a few labels again & was lucky enough to record w/ the Cataracs & thought...well....fuck it! Lets do this bitch! I kinda just wanted to do singles but my true supporters kept asking me about another album. I also felt very inspired to share the place I'm in in my head. I'm the happiest & healthiest ever & it comes from such a bittersweet place in my heart because I truly know I deserve to be happy.....we should all know that.

Q: Is there an exact release date?

A: I'm trying to fine tune every song so that it is perfect not to mention dealing with other peoples schedules, so it has been a bit of a struggle. Ive already changed the date for a month later, but I think I'm gonna do February.
I want it to be perfect.

Q: Are there any cool collaboration featured on the album?

A: yes! I have a super scandalous song called 'Dancing w/ Corruption' featuring Kali who is killing it w/ clint sparks.
I've got a song called 'Soldier' featuring Irawniq from Flying without Wings.
They both rocked it hard!

Q: Any song on this album that you are particularly fond of? Or had lots of fun creating?

A: I really love 'Soldier' produced by Colin Hartel because those words really stem deep with me. It is a hundred percent truth to me.
I love 'Whiplash' produced by the Cataracs & co-written by L.P. cuz its funny & witty & sassy.
I love 'Back to the Wind' produced by Aqua because it tells a story of a time when I was truly at a cross roads and ohh "Dancing w/Corruption" is just that taboo song that is a jaw dropper or panty dropper. Hahaa

Q: Is there a story behind the album title – “Faded Fluorescent?”

A: Faded Fluorescent to me stands for a confidence that no one can strip away from you. Its like a been there done that! and look & feel even better because you have survived thru the weather if you will...
Not to mention faded fluorescent colors are DOPE!!! Better then the newly bright & crispy. :]

So some random questions –

Q; I asked you this last year, but ill ask it again this year. Any memorable moments in 2010?

A: my man proposed to me!
My life has been lived clearer then ever thru my smarter eyes....
My 1st studio album came out! That was pretty cool!

Q: Any New Years resolution’s?

A: yes. I want to strive in my career endeavors & stay true to myself.

Q: What are your plans for NYE?! Please tell me NYC *crosses fingers* lol

A: so far I think I wanna keep it simple. Every year it is so insane and I know that 2012 is gonna be a huge banger, so I wanna lay low this year. And, (fyi) that might be the 1st year ever on NYE that I wasn't paving the party path.

Q: Also, you recently opened “Up in Smoke”, how’s that business venture going?

A: Our Up In Smoke Shop is such a fun business venture. It is thriving! We are constantly adding new merch, learning more about the industry & constantly recreating our floor plan so we can expand in the near future.
Its like my little baby that I get to watch grow! Some ppl don't really like that I opened a smoke shop but I really wanted to save some money for my future for once & being that it is a thriving business that survives even during recessions I had to do what was smart for me. You have to pick your battles in life & I'm not going to let others control what I do. I'm happy & healthy & doing the best ever so:
"Honk if you hookah!" :P

Q: Favorite album of 2010?

A: The artists that really shined for me in 2010 were Lady Gaga! She is undeniably inspiring, creative, and an envelop pusher. Love her! I love Firework by Katy Perry & very proud of Adam Lambert this year. love T.I, Eminem, B.O.B, Black Eyed Peas and Far East Movement, The Cataracs & Dev, and Bobbi Brackins.... They have really moved me in 2010!

Once again, thank you very much for your time; it’s always a pleasure talking to you! & I do hope to see you this New Year, whether on my trip to the West in June or if you come to the East anytime before then!

Yes! You will be seeing my on the East tip soon enough because I will be performing there! Thank you for the interview & thanks to you and all the others that support me!
I'm just a dreamer that blazes her own path so Can use all the support I can get. Much love for 2011!
Lets all flyyyyyy!
~Lisa D.
P.S My new EP/ Album is out in February 2011!!! Check it out!
Songs produced by:
Colin Hartel
& The Cataracs
Updates always at:

It's Britney Bitch!

This is a new single cover that came up on the web of Britney Spears upcoming song!


Kim debut's single!

Kim Kardashian tweeted the above picture & quoted Biggie saying:

"I know u c me on the video...TRUE! I know you'll hear me on the radio..."

This girl has def been getting lot's of buzz due to the rumored music she's been working on. Finally after weeks of speculation, Kim debuted her single at club TAO in Vegas saying:

“Alright guys, I didn’t mean to, but I did a song with The-Dream and it’s really fun… I hope you guys like it. Everybody have a drink and dance to my first single!”

Here's the video & LQ (low quality) video of the night & song.

Lil Kim's Back at it.

Guess Lil Kim thought, what better way to bring in 2011 then dissing the girl's who's somewhat revived my career. This lady needs to hang it up (flatscreen.) Kim please stop worrying about Nicki so much.

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