WTF News: Katy Perry & Russell Brand call it Quits.

I'm sad to report that Katy Perry and Russell Brand have decided to divorce. After 14 months of marriage, Russ filed for divorce today in LA. He then released this statement:

"Sadly, Katy and I are ending our marriage. I’ll always adore her and I know we’ll remain friends."

We wish them the best and will miss their dynamic energy together on the red carpets.

Drake has found his new Love interest.

Rapper Drake had his team come out and make an official statement about his current relationship status. Of course we all care, this man's love life is full'o strippers and badbitches!

Well, the statement stated: "Yes, Drake & Dollicia are dating. They’re both in L.A. right now spending the Holidays together.”

Apparently he is now dating Video Girl Dollicia Bryan, yet another badbitch. Wonder when they're gonna get one of his ex's on Love & Hip Hop.


New Video: "Whiplash" by Lisa D'Amato ft Loco Ninja


Drake jumps on stage during fans Karaoke performance.

While in West Hollywood, international student from Kuwait named Dee hit up a Karaoke bar with friends. She announced she was going to do "What's My Name?" by Rihanna ft Drake. When she got on stage, she asks "Does anybody know how to do Drake's part?" - when out of the crowd comes Drake himself who happen to be eating at the spot!

Now that's what I call a celebrity!

WTF News: Kim Kardashian to adopt Haitian orphan.

Kim Kardashian recently took a trip to Haiti which was highly criticized by people like Oprah stating that she was trying to cure the state of her reputation.

It is now being reported that the recently divorced realtiy tv star wants to adopt an orphan from Haiti. A personal friend of Kim told inTouch Mag:

 "She wants to adopt a Haitian baby, and she wants to do it as soon as possible. She's telling friends she wants to adopt because of the awful living conditions she saw in Haiti."

Couldn't Kim wait 'til 2012 for these antics? If she does carry this out, I hope it's actually for the good of a child and not her reputation.


Somaya Reece meets Beyonce.

Love & Hip Hop star cast Somaya Reece hasn't been getting much airtime on the show this second season. The latina recently gave an interview where she mentioned allegedly meeting Beyonce and this is what Bey said to her:

“I recently met Beyonce while we were shopping for shoes and she said “Congratulations Somaya on your career and what you’ve accomplished I’m proud.” Remember I told Olivia about Beyonce? Beyonce has everything she wants in life and did not have to even acknowledge my presence.”

...who beleives her? Not I. You will not lead me to beleive you and Beyonce go shoe shopping together let alone at the same place.

Here is the full interview: Somaya on MDLS


Does Erica Mena have anger issues?

Last night we saw a new episode of VH1's hit reality show, Love & HipHop. This season, they introduced some new girls to the mix. Amongst these women we got Erica Mena last night. Erica is most known as a video girl and babymoms to Raul's from Terror Squad's child.

In the episode, Erica expressed her anger with cast mate Kimbella who she "hadn't" met til later in the show. Once they did meet, Erica proceeded to verbally attack Kimbella and then physically! Comes to no surprise girl's who go on TV to fight do it on their own time.

We found this video of the crazed video girl beating up her babydaddy outside of a Miami club outside!

Do you think this girl has a problem? Let's watch and see what other trouble she gets into.


Drake gets an Aaliyah tattoo.

The Young Money rapper, Drake who has been on a roll this year with the release of his sophomore album and hit singles apparently got a picture of Aaliyah tatted on him!

He has expressed his love for the late singer in the past but no one thought he admired her this much. The above picture appeared on a site that posts Celeb pictures. Wonder if this was before or after all the fame.

Lil Kim reveals latest promo pic.

Lil' Kim sent her fans in a frenzy last night with a Christmas gift of her own. The Brooklyn native rapper uploaded the above picture to her personal Twitter account.

In the Mike Antonio taken photograph, she's dressed in all black with a gat on the lap in a fuzzy unitard, black shades and what appears to be a pair of Louboutin shoes. On the bottom of the page it says her name, 2012 and "coming soon." - Guess this is a promo pic for her upcoming EP.

Did the rap diva get her mojo back - least in the fashion department?

New Video: "Another Round" Fat Joe ft Chris Brown.

Fat Joe feat. Chris Brown "Another Round" from Riveting Entertainment on Vimeo.

Guess What: T.I. got his wife Tiny for Christmas.

T.I. and Tiny, One of Hip-Hop's current IT couples right now have been showing their love and family on their new reality show "Family Hustle" on VH1.

Tiny took to her twitter yesterday to show off the gifts her hubby got her. She tweeted:

@Tiny: My husband is the greatest! Here’s my big Xmas gift with more goodies inside.

She then tweeted a picture of the all white Jeep he got her and a second picture of all the gifts inside!

Isn't that sweet? This time last year T.I. was still in prison.

Tameka Raymond talks about Usher Gay rumors.

Some time ago, Tameka Raymond tweeted somethings about down low men and homosexuality that led plenty of people to believe that she may have been talking about her ex, Usher.

The net was sounding off as soon she made the comments. Well, she recently dropped by the Tom Joyner Show to talk about the gay rumors linked to her ex and the comments she made.

Listen to the audio here: KISSRichmond


New Video: "You Da One" by Rihanna

Jeury San performs live on TV

'Tha Block Party' is a new interactive web network creating an entirely different way to watch cutting edge programming. The televised program airs locally in NYC every Monday at 11p.m. on the Manhattan Neighborhood Network (www.mnn.org).

They invited Jeury San on the show to perform some of his hit songs: "Maria Sharapova", "This Very Moment", & "Love & Other Drugs" from his album 'Emotions Untitled' .


Worth the Ratings? 'The Voice' returns!

The music competition 'The Voice' returns! Judges CeeLo Green, Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera, & Blake Shelton will be spinning around in their seats for another round of contestants beginning February 5th, 2012 right after the Super Bowl.

The show has even gotten a new media correspondent, Christina Millian!


New Video: "The Motto" by Drake ft Lil Wayne

Drake ~ The Motto Featuring Lil Wayne & Tyga (Official Video) from OctobersVeryOwn on Vimeo.

Vote for Your Favorite Celeb Interview of 2011!

Ofcourse, we tend to spoil our readers with tons of celebrity interviews! Last year we did a Top 5 based on which ones were read the most. But this year, we are allowing YOU to vote! For the people, by the people.

Favorite Celebrity Interview

  • Jackie Christie
  • Atiba Newsome
  • Charli Baltimore
  • Glacierz
  • Kanary Diamonds
  • Yobi
  • Lisa D'Amato


In 2011, we had some great interviews with some of entertainments best people! Click their names to read their interviews.

VH1's Basketball Wive LA star Jackie Christie sat down with us. The wife to former NBA player Doug Christie sat down to discuss a few things with us. The reality star took the time to mention the show, her marriage, what she has going on with her career, and a lot more.

Fashion was in the house as well and represented by wardrobe stylist Atiba Newsome. The fashion stylist who starred in the 'House of Glam' tv show gave us some inside scoops on fashion, a second season of the show, and more. He also spoke to us a lil' about sex and who are his favorite clients to work with.


We had our first annual Female Rap Month in October. The decision to dedicate a month to the ladies of hip-hop was one of our greatest ideas. We had the chance to sit down with three stand out female mc's: Brooklyns own Glacierz, LA's Kanary Diamonds, & Philly's Grammy nominated Charli Baltimore. All of the ladies sat down with us and discussed current projects, movie roles, love, and tons more!

K A N A R Y  D I A M O N D S

Yobi stepped on the scene this year with a hit single 'Set in Stone' & it was only fair we found out who she was for you guys. She sat down with us to discuss the single which features Styles P & Jadakiss. The singer/songwriter also discussed her future career plans, more music & more.

Our prayers were answered when Tyra Banks decided to bring back some of our favorite top model contestants for an All Star cast! Whats an Americas Next Top Model All Stars cast without our good friend Lisa D'Amato? The model/musician came by to talk to us a little bit about the show, her cast mates, her feelings towards Tyra Banks & more!

Worth the Ratings? Real Housewife joins GLEE

This past week, GLEE stars Lea Michelle & Chris Colfer visited Bravo's "Watch What Happens" show & revealed some news.

During their chat, they confirmed that "Real Housewives of ATL" cast member NeNe Leakes is joining the cast! The only detail they gave on her role is that she is playing the new swim coach. Guess we'll be seeing Ms. leakes in some swimwear & maybe singing like every other housewife.



New Video: "Mr. Wrong" by Mary J. Blige


Guess What: Jhene Aiko signs a Record Deal.

Jhene Aiko recieved nothing but love earlier this year for the release of her mixtape 'Sailing Soul(s)' - the web was set a blaze as the singer/songwriter gave us songs like 'My Mine', 'Hoe', & more.

She posted a photo on her Twitter of her and No I.D. - Def Jam's new A&R. & tweeted "Supriiiiiiiise …… Signed by Dion ! Merry Christmas!” We wish her the best!

The singer is very adamant on expressing her individuality and never compromising that als she did in this post she put on her tumblr:

“just so we’re clear…..I am not your next pop star.
Never wanted to be.
Never want to be.
I am not an entertainer .
I am an inspirer.
I don’t sing songs to entertain and distract.
I write songs to inspire,
to heal,
to bring awareness to…..
myself ……
and if I’m lucky,
to others.
I don’t want to be a tv or movie star.
The closest thing in acting I’ve ever wanted to do is stage plays of the non musical sort
I am not your next “triple threat”
I am not your next Beyonce,
I am not your next Aaliyah…..
I am not Cassie’s competition
nor am i Rihannah’s.
I don’t want to make the world dance,
I want to help the world think,
be freed
and be true to it’s essence.
I am not your next radio friendly…..
I don’t know what your idea of making it is,
but today I surprised my daughter with her very own room.
I successfully put a roof over me and my soon to be 3 year olds head……
I made that happen.
I made it .

I do not want to be your next pop star
I am not your next pop star
I have a pudgy little nose that I never plan on “fixing” ,
a cup full of butt
tiny tits from breast feeding a child for the full year that nature suggested
( in which, btw…
I never plan on filling back up with any other material other than breast milk)
I am not your next perfectly plump,
slim nosed,
5 foot 7
cover girl.
I am 5 foot 2
And I am not your next popstar.
I am not dedicated to being #1,
the highest paid,
or the most sexually sought after….
I am dedicated to providing for my daughter,
my family
and the world to the best of my ability.
I am dedicated to being happy,
being comfortable,
and being myself.
I don’t need to be rich…..
Never have been,
never wanted to be
and probably never will be
because a person who is truly rich in spirit,
sees no purpose in the excess of anything….
I’d rather give a million people one dollar
than to boast that I myself,
am a millionaire.
I will sing about who I am ,
what I do,
and what I think.
Sometimes it will be similar to your favorite popstar…..
sometimes it will be similar to your favorite politician,
sometimes it will be similar to a respected philosopher
or an unknown astronomer…..
But do not call me these things.
I am just a me ,
as you are
just a you.
PSA to anyone expecting me to be the next of any thing…..
I am the very first ,
and the very last

I am NOT
your next pop star.
- l.a ,

—jhene aiko

Robin Thicke covers Jay-Z & Kanye West.

Friday night Robin Thicke performed in LA songs off of his latest album "Love After War"

The sultry singer then gave the crowd a treat when he covered "Niggas in Paris." Did he do the chart topping hip hop song justice?

Tina and Mathew Knowles divorce Complete.

The parents of Beyonce and Solange Knowles have been in the media for a while now for their alleged split. Reports surfaced about a year ago but Mathew nor Tina attended their court date.

However, the divorce is said now to be Complete. A lovechild of Mathew came about soon after the initial reports, though this was not heavily covered by the media. The two have yet to make a comment.



New Video: "Fireball" by Willow Smith ft Nicki Minaj

Rumor Has It: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West hookup.

Seems as though Yeezy & Kim K have an unsaid admiration for each other's ethics. Kimmy went to show her admiration for the rapper by attending his LA Watch The Throne show at the Staples Center. The two were supposedly seen coupled up afterwards at an after party & then left together too.

Some time back they were spotted out when Kim was trying her luck at music. Yeezy also made an appearance on her spin-off show during the opening of the NYC DASH store. According to the rappers now famous ex girlfriend, Amber Rose, Kanye did indeed hookup with Kim after their break up.


Game On: Stephen Jackson answers thata about Basketball Wives

Basketball Wives LA has recently ended their first season. Cast member Imani Showalter who we followed on the show in her struggle with love, her ex is now talking about her & the show.

Stephen Jackson, NBA player/rapper appeared on the Joy Daily Show for an interview about the show. He mentions Imani, the show, the women acting like asses & more.

Here are a few excerpts:

On how he feels about the show
Well, I have two kids by a woman that’s on the show and I really don’t have a problem with it. If she can benefit from it and not put my kids to look bad in any light then I don’t have a problem with it. It’s not affecting me at all. They can on there and say what they want; it’s not going to affect me. At the end of the day, we weren’t really married so she’s not really a housewife.

On Imani not dating since they broke up
That’s weird ain’t it? I’m married; it’s been a long time. I don’t won’t no props for that. Move on with your life. I’m married and I’m fine; don’t worry about me and do your thing. I don’t want you.

On if the title of the show is misleading
It should be “Women That Slept With Guys In The NBA.” What’s the girl’s name? Deadra? Deja? [Draya] should be the star if that’s the case because half of them wasn’t married. I thought if you look up the definition of ‘housewife’ it says you’re married, you don’t work and you live at home.

Do you watch the show?
Nah, I don’t watch it. I’ve talked to her [Imani] about it couple times but I could care less as long as my kids are okay.

On his kids being on the show
They were on the show one time; they were drawing and it wasn’t nothing. I wouldn’t get offended anyway because my kids are young and anything they do is not intentional. They don’t know what they’re doing. I love my kids and it’s nothing my kids can do to hurt me and it’s really nothing she can do to hurt me.

On why he feels the show became successful
Reality TV sells. Drama sells. Controversy sells. If they’re going to give you $40,000 to go on TV and make an ass out of yourself, people are going to watch it.

So you think they’re making an ass of themselves?
What do you think? The only one making money is Shaunie. I give her her props because she’s pimping them all. She hasn’t looked bad in one show and I commend her for that. I commend all those women for getting money, being hungry and grinding. I’ll never deny any woman from getting her money.

On if he thinks Shaunie is exploiting the women on the show
You can’t say that she’s exploiting them; she’s making money! It’s a business. You can’t blame her for the way they look on the show because at the end of the day, they’re all grown women. So any situation they are in, they put themselves in; they signed those contracts to go on the show, so you can’t blame Shaunie for none of that. All those women on that show are over 25, over 30, and some of them over 40 and they’re lying. At the end of the day, they know what they’re doing and the blame is solely on them.


Jeffrey Campbell makes shoes for every girl. Those who are extoic, those who are plain, & even those who like some curves. These Pink suede Rockette shoes are a sight to see.

The rounded wedge leaves your foot suspended over the wedged platform to give some amazing visuals. They can take you from a professional meeting to a night club in no time. These beauties are sell for $130.89. You can get these shoes on Eilatan.com

Guess What: YMCM signs Mystikal.

Young Money Cash Money records have been giving contracts away in the past couple of weeks! We told you about Busta Rhymes signing - they have now added Mystikal to their roster.

This is what YMCM CEO Birdman had to say about the recent signing:

“It is an honor to get the opportunity to work with Mystikal, as we have a long history together, He is a great artist and his talent, combined with our hard work and strong team, is going to result in some of the best music of his career. We are expecting great work from Mystikal. Slim and I already have him in the studio working on his first album for Cash Money.”

The last time you may have heard Mystikal was in 2000 with his hit song "Shake ya Ass" - well he just released his first single under YMCM entitled "The Original" featuring Lil Wayne & Baby.

Mystikal will be dropping his first album under YMCM in the spring and said this about this new deal:

“I am ready to go. I am going to put my red Superman drawers, cape and boots on and go! This is a huge moment for me and I am truly excited to be with Cash Money Records.”



New Video: "T.H.E. (the hardest ever)" by Will.I.Am ft J.Lo

Jones Magazine presents the Sachika Twins Bday Party.

There are 2 things the Sachika Twins are known for: 1. Amazing fashion. 2. Great parties. Today the twins celebrated yet another birthday and year full of success and blessings.

To help them do so, Jones Magazine presented the exclusive invite only party catered to some of the hottest part goers, NYC socialites, professionals, reality stars, DJs, Stylists, Artists and more. DJ Whoo Kid provided the music for the night which kept the entire lounge dancing on the dance floor... and the couches, and the tables all night long.

Meeka Claxton (former Basketball Wives cast)

DJ Whoo Kid

Jessica Caban (actress & model)

Top left: Shana Cheri (beauty expert) & Jadore (publicist & blogger)
Bottom Left: Shana Cheri (beauty expert) & Jeury San (singer/rapper)
Right: Jadore (publicist & blogger) holding Jones mag

Jeury San (singer/rapper) holding Jones mag

Top Left: To-Tam (Sachika designer/ceo) & Jadore (publicist & blogger)
Center Left: Jeury San (singer/rapper), Jadore (publicist & blogger), & Eunice (artist & model)
Bottom Left: Marissa & To-Tam (Sachika designer/ceo)
Right: Partying Crowd

Jeury San (singer/rapper), Jadore (publicist & blogger), Eunice (artist & model)

Jeury San (singer/rapper) holding Jones Mag

Top: Jeury San (singer/rapper). Jadore (publicist & blogger), & Eunice (artist & model)
Bottom Left: Marissa & Jadore (publicist & blogger)
Bottom Right: To-Tam (Sachika designer/ceo) & Jadore (Publicist & blogger)

pictures: cozycot


Tasha Smith covers BE mag.

Yesterday, BE Magazine revealed their latest cover for their Winter 2011 issue; which features the lovely Tasha Smith!

The newly wedded actress opened up about her movie roles and married life:

On how she differs from her fast-talking sassy characters
"I'm really a homebody, my friends always joke with me BEcause they think I'm the one that's gonna shut down the party, but I'm usually the one at home in BEd by 10."
On what married life is like
"My mornings start off with me waking up, giving my husband a kiss, & making us some tea..."

You can catch Tasha  in Tyler Perry's TBS show "For Better or For Worse." And recently released a unisex fragrance, called US, with her new husband Keith Douglas.


Lil Kim to embark on College Tour, Release Movie & more.

The highly controversial Queen Bee, Lil Kim talked to cameras after a club appearance about her upcoming projects.

She talks about going on a College Tour. The rapper also mentioned that her book delay is due to a greenlight for a mini-movie.

Expect her to reveal her major record deal news at the top of 2012.

50 Cent signs new female rapper to G-Unit.

Hip-Hop mogul 50 Cent has been quite busy in recent times. The Queens rapper took the time out to make the above video talking about his upcoming project 'The Big 10' but mainly to tell the world that he has signed a new Female to the label.

“I got a new female artist I signed to G-Unit Records. Her name is Paris, She’s from South Jamaica, Queens. Actually she’s been around for a while.” Stated the rapper - Paris, who has been around for a while, dropped her mixtape 'Bad By Myself' last year.

Check out this video from her mixtape:


Nicki Minaj gets a Birthday kiss from Madonna.

Today, Nicki Minaj turns 29 years old, Happy Birthday Barbs.

Last night, while her legion of fans wished her a very happy birthday, the rapper tweeted about receiving a birthday kiss from none other than Madonna herself! This is what the Young Money rapper tweeted:

@NickiMinaj: OH MY f’ingggg Gahhhh!!!!! MADONNA jus kissed me!!!!! On the lips!!!!!!! It felt sooooo good. Soooo soft!!!! *passes out* aaahhhhh!!!!!!!!!

@Nicki Minaj: it felt soooooooooo good!!!!!!! Sooooo soft! Like what?!?!?! bwahahahhahahahahahaha!!!!

@Nicki Minaj: I was shocked but kissed back!!!ahhh!

Nicki also mentioned that the kiss was caught on film, cant wait to see that smooch!

Bangladesh talks about Nicki Minaj stealing a beat.

Super producer Bangladesh sat down with the UrbanDaily to talk about some of his music.

During the interview, he was asked about the "Did it On'em" beat featured on Nicki Minaj's platinum selling 'Pink Friday' album. The producer mentions rappers that wanted the beat before Nicki Minaj snatched it from Wayne. That darn Nicki Minaj lol



New Music: "Emotions Untitled" by Jeury San

Download: 'Emotions Untitled' by Jeury San

New Video: "Marry the Night" by Lady GaGa

Lady GaGa, best known for her wacky fashion and unpredictable videos, released this prelude to her video "Marry the Night" - the 5th single off of her highly successful album "Born this Way."

In the prelude entitled "The Prelude Pathétique" GaGa is seen being strolled in a wheelchair into a room where a nurse and piano awaits.


GaGa recently released the full video to her latest single "Marry the Night" - the mini-movie follows her through a turbulent and slightly disturbing life to all end with leaving her heart on the dancefloor.


What is the Fall/Winter time without a good bootie or 2 in your closet? It was only fair i presented to you the Alan Quilici cut out wedge bootie.

These shoes are 2Die4 with their unique design and edgy look. These retail at $1,050 on OpeningCeremony.com - a bit expensive but 'tis the season to be ballin'

Rihanna needs to Rest!

Pop star Rihanna has got to be one of the busiest and hardest working females in music right now. The Caribbean beauty has had all of her time consumed by the release of her latest album and her 101 date LOUD tour.

We recently reported about her conversation with Beyonce where she advised RiRi take a year off. Tweets and other rumors and hints point to Rihanna truly being exhausted.

In a recent performance in London for Capital FM 2011 jingle ball, the singer seemed lazy, short breathed and un-energetic; doesn't sound like herself at all huh? Do you think Rihanna needs to take some time off? Check out the rest of her lackluster performances.


Nicki Minaj goe's Plastic.

The self proclaimed barbie is now a real one! Mattel has created a one of a kind Nicki Minaj barbie doll. The doll which wears the outfit from Nicki's debut album cover "Pink Friday", will be sold to the highest bidder.

The doll was created for charity purposes. The auction has begun at $1,000 and you can place your bid from now til December 19th here: CharityBuzz.com

Guess What: Soulja Boy is being Evicted!

"Crank Dat" rapper Soulja Boy is infamous for speaking about the jewels that he has, the cars that he drives, the hoes he sponsors and the houses he lives in. The young rapper seems to not be doing what he's supposed to with his money.

Its being reported that he is being evicted from his Atlanta home! He has not paid his rent of $4,725 a month and is being asked to pay by December 5th or get out! Fame should come with a pre-requisite of a few finance courses to say the least - hope this kid gets his act together.


New Video: "What I Be On" by Trey Songz ft Fabolous

Trey Songz is literally swimming in woman on the Fabolous assisted “What I be On.” The single is featured on Trigga’s Inevitable EP which dropped earlier this month. “Marvin dun’ f****d up, cause she coming to my room” raps Fab in the Colin Bell directed visuals.


2012 Grammy's

Here some of the nominees for the 2012 Grammy awards. The winners will be announced on Feb 12th when the ceremony airs.

Adele “Rolling In The Deep”
Bon Iver “Holocene”
Bruno Mars “Grenade”
Mumford & Sons “The Cave”
Katy Perry “Firework”

Kanye West “All Of The Lights”
Mumford & Sons “The Cave”
Bruno Mars “Grenaded”
Bon Iver “Holocene”
Adele “Rolling In The Deep”

The Band Perry
Bon Iver
J. Cole
Nicki Minaj

Adele 21
Foo Fighters Wasting Life
Lady Gaga Born This Way
Bruno Mars Doo-Wops & Hooligans
Rihanna Loud

Adele “Someone Like You”
Lady Gaga “Yoü And I”
Bruno Mars “Grenade”
Katy Perry “Firework”
Pink “F***in’ Perfect”

Tony Bennett & Amy Winehouse “Body And Soul”
The Black Keys “Dearest”
Coldplay “Paradise”
Foster The People “Pumped Up Kicks”
Maroon 5 & Christina Aguilera “Moves Like Jagger”

View the full list of categories and nominees here.


Guess What: a Kardashian is pregnant!

Yes that's right, Kourtney Kardashian is expecting baby number two from baby daddy Scott Disick. The eldest of the Kardashian clan revealed the news to US Magazine. Unlike Beyonce, Kourt revealed how far along she is - 9 weeks.

Does this mean she might be getting married soon too? & when is Khloe having 1?

New Video: "I'm a Bad Girl" by Angie

As many of the women who come from a reality tv background of the Bad Girls Club, this one is no different.

Angie, a cast member of Bad Girls Club season 7 is desperately holding onto her 15 minutes seconds of fame. How? By releasing a music video, duh! The New Yorker show's off her body in this trashy video about... her body. Anybody else thought Natalie Nunn would be first to release a very bad and trashy video?

Rumor Has It: Rihanna to take a year off after LOUD tour.

Rumor has it singer Rihanna will be taking a year off from music after her LOUD tour ends. Why/ It's being reported that Rihanna recently called Beyonce to ask for some advice, popstar to popstar. The mother to be told Rihanna that maybe she should take a year off to rest and regain her strengths.

After the cancellation of some of RiRi's performances, people speculated that the singer is exhausted and over worked. She even tweeted "I'm so light-headed! WTF!!!!!" recently. Maybe a year off wouldn't be too bad - but she just released another album. Yea, Rihanna go enjoy your life for a few.


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