Keri "The Way You Love Me"

Thats the video for Keri Hilson's "The Way You Love Me" ft Rick Ross, most importantly its the directorial debut of Laurie-Ann Gibsons production co; BoomKack Films!

I see lots of Great GaGa videos being filmed by them in the near future!

Rihanna on GQ.

The only girl in the world, Rihanna; will be gracing the over of GQ's magazine's January edition. RiRi looks smokin' HOT!

Alicia Key's Signs Off!

Newly wedded & new mother Alicia Keys is signing off of all major social networks on Tuesday for the sake of her Keep A Child Alive foundation.

The singer will remain off of all social networks such as Twitter & FaceBook 'til they raise $1million for Worlds AIDS Day. A few other celebrities have hopped on board this sign off train & that includes Lady GaGa, Justin Bieber, Usher & MORE!


Lil Kim Nicki Diss

The self proclaimed Queen Bee; Lil Kim released a snippet of her Nicki Minaj diss titled "Black Friday" last night!

The snippet had the online world in a frenzy & they didnt have to wait long for the full song. Hot 97's own DJ Absolut debuted the track this morning.

She started the track with a Nicki Minaj snippet of her Angie Martinez interview followed by her saying "Shut The Fuck Up!" & going as far as using this line:

"Im going to turn Pink Friday into Friday the 13th!"

Kim is obviously upset about something but ill let you come up with your own opinion!

Nicki Minaj's HOT97 Concert.

Who ass this fat? Not Kimmy's! Last night Hot 97 threw Nicki Minaj a Pink Friday Thank You concert featuring Fabolous!

Ofcourse my team was on press at Hammerstein Ballroom where the concert went DOWN [basement!] Nicki brung out all the homies for this one; including Rihanna, Drake, Kanye West & MORE!

The Harajuku Barbie as you all know just released her debut album "Pink Friday" which even got her an endorsement by MAC for a lipstick, which is available right now for a limited time at www.MyPinkFriday.com

Thank you to my team CGrim Photography for taking these fabulous photos!


Liife&Such: Darnell Robinson

Best known to the public for your extravagant Super Sweet 16 which aired on MTV; which generated over 10 million views. You are now getting lots’o buzz for your contributions to music –

Q: Let my readers know who you are?
A: Darnell Robinson, Mr. Sweet sixteen. Artist, Producer, Song Writer.

Of course I have to talk about that Sweet 16 episode –

Q: How was it filming your 15th birthday & celebrating with all those people?
A: It was a great experience filming my sweet fifteen. I got to work with artist such as Juelz Santana, Fat Man Scoop, Remy ma and Jim Jones.

Q: You had the only girl in the world as your date, what made you want Rihanna to accompany you?
A: It was amazing to have Rihanna accompany me as my date. At the time of my party she came out with her first single “Pon De Replay” So she was growing as an artist and she was the perfect fit to be my princess for my coming to America theme for my party.

Q: Since that birthday bash, have your other parties gotten any more extravagant?
A: No. I have not had a party since my sweet 15 but am sure to be ready for my sweet 21.

Q: Can we expect any more big television appearances?
A: Yes, I was featured in Aaron Reid’s my Super Sweet 21 which will be aired sometime this year. I also made a guest appearance on the Real Housewives of Atlanta and the pre soul train awards.

Let’s get down to your MUSIC –

Q: How did you get your start?
A: My family is music royalty, The sugar hill gang. Being around a family of music guru I picked up on business and also how to be a star artist and how to maneuver in the music industry.

Q: I hear you’ve produced for quite a few big names, fill us in:
A: Yes I produced Drip for Yung Joc and Lil Wayne. I have also produced for artist such as lil twist, Short Dawg, J bar of SODMG etc.

Q: Are you going to be doing anything musically other than producing? Maybe an album of your own?
A: I’m in the process of recording my solo project.

Q: What are your current projects looking like – Any D.R. hits we should listen out for?
A: Yes, The name of my single is called “Go wild” featuring Issa of Jive Records.

Q: Who inspires you?
A: My parents, Jay Z, Kanye West, Will I am, Polow da Don and Myself.

Q: Anyone in the industry you’d like to collaborate with?
A: Will I am and Polow da Don.

Q: Do you have any time for social life being as busy as you are?
A: No. I have a schedule that has be booked.

Q: You being the young talented man that you are & having worked with so many big names, do you think Hip-hop is dead?
A: Not at all because I’m in it.

Social networking is huge so you know I got to ask –

Q: What are your feelings about it? Do you like being able to touch base with your fans?
A: I love that I can touch base with all my fans through my twitter, facebook and MySpace and soon to be releasing my official website where my friends can actually video chat with me.

& of course, blogs –

Q: Any that you’re a fan of? Besides www.JadoresLiife.com of course lol
A: Twitter, Facebook and MySpace

& Let my readers know where they can stay updated with all Darnell Robinson news & music:

Twitter: @DarnellRobinson
MySpace: Myspace.com/Juiceiscoming
Facebook: Facebook.com/DarnellRobinson2
YouTube: Youtube.com/Rackup1

Keyshia Cole x2

I Ain't Thru
Uploaded by yardie4lifever2. - More video blogs and vloggers.

Keyshia Cole just released 2 videos for her latest singles: I Aint Thru ft Nicki Minaj & Long Way Down.

The "I Aint Thru" video is super classy, love the wardrobe for both ladies! But i do agree every artist - specially one whose been gone for so long - faces being overshadowed by Nicki's lyrics.

& she looks absolutely in love with her hubby in "Long Way Down" happy to see her back on her grind!

Long Way Down
Uploaded by yardie4lifever2. - Discover more webcam videos and video blogs.


BadBitch Certified: Nicki Minaj!

What took me so long right? *giggle*

With her debut album "Pink Friday" only a day & some hours away, why not BadBitch Certify the hottest female MC right now; Nicki Minaj!

I got to listen to the entire album this past week & if theres anyone worthy for rapper of the year, its ms. Minaj! & the girl isn't just bad, she is talented! Has like 15 songs on billboard & one of the hottest videos out right now for her single "Right Thru Me"

I also just posted her documentary that is set to air on MTV titled "My Time Now" where she gives an exclusive look at the making of her album & all the stress that came with it!

So for being talented, fashionable, sexy & oh so crazy - Nicki Minaj is BADBITCH CERTIFIED!


Her time is Now!

Just a few days away from "PINK Friday", Nicki Minaj teamed up with MTV to release a documentary of her life pre-debutalbum.

The documentary is called "Nicki Minaj: My Time Now" & will air on MTV Sunday Nov. 28th @ 10pm!


Society Online - RazB

My friend Jazzy F Baby over at www.thesocietyonline.biz sent me over this exclusive interview w/ former B2K member RazB:

Jazzy F., Mz Berry and Alisha S. interviewed Raz B on Goin-In radio and things got intense. Raz B made comments of Chris Stokes being a faggot and living a cult lifestyle. He also stated that Marques Houston and Omarion are cowards and how the two of them as well as the other members of B2K has turned their back on him. I beleive its truly sad the plea for help this young man is making, he's going hard why doesnt anyone listen?

Liife&Such: RichGirl

Aside from the obvious beauty, you 4 women are the epitome of talented. You have one of THE hottest songs on the radio out right now featuring Fabolous & Ricky Ross; 2 of THE hottest rappers out right now.

Q. I know a little bit about you, but tell my readers who Richgirl is?
A: We [Richgirl] are fab girl group created by the master mind Rich Harrison (producer of Beyonce "Crazy in Love".. Amerie "1 thing", J.Lo "Get right")

Let’s start off with that fabulous name –

Q: What does "Richgirl" mean? Does its definition vary for each one of you ladies? & who exactly came up with it?
A:I [Brave] came up with the name. i wanted something that had meaning and value. Richgirl is a metaphor. Its means being rich because of your God given talents and inner beauty, because of your faith, knowing your worth as a woman regardless of circumstance.It has nothing to do with finances or money. I created a creed that exemplifies what it means and an excerpt from it is..." her beauty is thunder so its no wonder she silences a room when she speaks- she commands respect in every stride in her step cuz every step taken is towards her dream. Her richness is not found in materialistic things or high end brand names- cuz money does not maker her rich- its all about her faith and the chances she takes cuz with God circumstance never exists..."

Q: How long have you girls been performing as a group?
A: 4 years

Q: I see that you all came from different states; did any of you know each other before the group?
A: Brave: yes- i knew Audra from being in LA. 7 and Lyn knew each other because they worked on various songs together. so when we came together it clicked right away because we knew each other.

Q: The video is very sexy yet classy, was it fun shooting it?
A: Thank you! Working with them on the video was too much fun. I was actually scared to touch rick ross on my scene cuz i didn't want mess his "swag" up being all girly..lol... 7 and Lyn felt the same way too working with Fab.. ;) but after we asked, (sheesh i felt like a dork) it was comfortable and a party on set.

While we are talking about music, I have to ask –

Q: Any word on the next single?
A: We def has some "thAgs" in the chamber... ;) we're preparing right now for the next single...

Q: I want to know, what song ya had the most fun with on the album?
A: Brave: its always a blast working on Rich's songs cuz there always high in energy. One of my personal favs recording was a song we did with him called "Betta Not Do it"... it was just alot of fun being behind one mic with all 4 girls. we did it old school. lol

Q : I was also curious, who inspires you ladies?
A: Brave: I'm inspired by poets. Saul Williams, Maya Angelou Rappers: Slum Village & Biggie

Q: Anyone you ladies would liek to collab with?
A: Lady GaGa and Kanye

OK, so enough about music-

I know it must be lots’o fun being 4 young, beautiful women doing what they love together so tell me –

Q: Who’s Funniest in the group?
A: Brave: i have to give that one to Lyn. she's an incredible impersonator and got THEE most DUMBEST but insanely funny impersonation of what Trey Songz and Shakira's baby would sound like if they had one.... to DIIIE for!! Audra's the prankster..

Q: Are all of you good friends?
A: Brave; Yes- love my sisters

& I can see by your “Swagger Right” single cover that you all have a very different fashion sense –

Q: So are any of you into fashion, in any way?
A: Brave: Im IN LOVE with fashion. shoes and funky pieces- from thrift stores to high end and ALL in between. we all love us some accessories

Q: So when you aren’t in the studios or on stage, what do you girls do for fun?
A: SLEEP!!!! lol and eat out. its really a very costly past time- but i LOVE going to restaurants and trying new food.

I was so glad when I found ya’ll on Twitter –

Q: Lets talk social networks, do you girls enjoy it? Do you enjoy being able to interact with your fans?
A: We LOVE being able to connect with the fans. That's how they can understand who we are as a group and individually.

Q: & what about blogs – how do you feel about this being the new source of news? Any blogs you girls read; with the exception of www.JadoresLiife.com of course ;]
A: Brave: Honestly- with the exception of you guys of course ;) i don't read blogs. i respect that every one has an opinion but I've learned through this business to not subject myself to reading things that could potentially affect having a positive spirit. some blogs can just be plain mean- theres enough negativity and wrong doing in the world just by reading CNN

Their single "Swagger Right" feat Fabolous & Ricky Ross is available for purchase on iTunes! You can also check the girls out at:

Website: www.MyRichGirl.com
Twitter: @MyRichGirl
Members: @AudraSimmons

Behind the Scenes at "Stilettos"

She stepped into "Jadores Liife" a few months ago in BK Fashion Week, then was BadBitch Certified & now Ceresia has invited us for an exclusive behind the scenes look at her video shoot for her single "Stilettos" !

The Miami beauty has been taking the music scene by storm! Her single "Stilettos" which can now be purchased on iTunes is also the theme song to our good friends website: http://www.alisamarianow.com/

This past weekend she invited me to get an exclusive behind the scenes look at her video shoot. The girl killed it! Everything from the music to the concept & the fashion was great! My girl Alisa Maria was on set & Ceresia was styled by mr Ugo Mozie. I def suggest you all go get the single & ill definitely be posting the final video when its all done!


Kim K aint Shaking!

Kim Kardashian was the latest Hollywood starlet to be BADBITCH CERTIFIED. Along with that certification, we also were made aware of a supposed song released by the young socialite.

She took to twitter to say, That its not her singing the song. BUT it is evident that she is working on a music career, so i guess we just have to wait some more.


Weezy Free'd!

Lil Wayne was released from prison today! So glad he got out! Long Live Young Money!


Happy Birthday Diddy!

Big birthday shout out to the bossman Diddy!

BadBitch Certified: Kim Kardashian.

From a little amateur porn flick, to socialite & now reality star; we've seen lots of Kim Kardashian in recent times.

She's done so much in the past years, i don't know how she does it all! From films to television, perfume & clothing! As i reported a few weeks back, her & her sister Kourtney will be filming yet another reality show called Kim & Kourt: Take New York. A spin off of Kourts earlier E! show.

Just last night even, they did the grand opening of the DASH NYC store. & if we haven't seen enough of kim, now we gonna hear alot of her. Theres been rumors of her in & out the studio recording an album! These rumors were confirmed today sometime today after the DASH grand opening when her first song leaked titled "Shake". I tell ya this girl is a HUSTLER foreal!

Becoming instant superstar after a porn leak & now full throttle business woman - Kim Kardashian is NOT going to fade away anytime soon. For those reasons, we have BADBITCH CERTIFIED her!

Nicki Minaj has had enough!

Nicki Minaj just released her latest single "Romans Revenge" feat Eminem. Now, initially upon hearing the record you automatically assume "Oh, she's had it with Kim's ass now!" But Nicki explained to DJ Khaled that Roman is just tired of the bullshit. She states:

No, I’m talking about everyone who has been in interviews talking and I think it’s good for people to hear me respond to ….People have said so much about me, So I don’t ever single anyone out because no one is worth being singled out. No one is worth having their name mentioned out of my mouth and they never will get that.

I’ve been quiet for such a long time and I’ve been the nice guy. I’ve been the person that gave everyone their props. I’ve complimented everybody from day one. I think that as a rapper, you can’t be a rapper and not speak on things being said about you. I use my music to say what I have to say.

& i agree 100%. Nicki shouldnt have to say who this track is directed to cause we already know whos been talkign shit. Further more, i think this is going to be one of Nicki's biggest tracks to date. You can buy the single "Romans Revenge" feat Eminem now on iTunes!

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