Nicki Minaj x 2

Above is "Check It Out" ft Will.I.Am, 1 out of the 2 videos that Nicki Minaj premiered this week.

Her anime rendition isnt too much of a fan fave, but the video below to her recent single "Right Thru Me" has made a splash on the web. Her acting, verses & choice of leading man for the video made this an instant favorite! Check it out:

Amber Rose breaks silence!

The bald blonde beauty known as Amber Rose, is finally going to open up about her relationship with hiphop superstar; Kanye West.

She recently did an interview where she said that she will be starring in her own reality show & had a FEW words to say about her romance with the controversial rapper:

I Wrote my own show & Will Exec Produce it along with Den Of Thieves! I’m gonna show the world what I’m About! Can’t wait to start filming! For 2 years the media said what they wanted about me without knowing me at all & I kept my mouth shut…. Now, it’s my turn to talk.

Never wanted Fame Just Wanted Love….. God dealt me this hand so I’ll take it as a blessing. I loved a famous man & He loved me he showed me the World & a Whole new life…. Thank you

I knew that under all this fashion & her past lied a woman of voice! I'm super excited to see what this girl has brewing.

Diamond Repo'd!

The ATL rapper Diamond has been generating a good buzz, specially after her latest appearance at the 2010 BET awards when she was part of the cypher.

But her buzz is NOT what I'm blogging about, its her embarrassing moment. While on the set of Lil Twist's video a few days ago, they repo'd her 2010 yellow Camaro. she claims its a fraud, i think its just plain ol' embaraasing.


Rumor Has It...

After such a successful NYFW debut of the Sachika line presented by Alisa Maria, rumors circled the net about Upcoming fashion show's.

Today the twins took to their twitter account & confirmed these upcoming shows:

December - Holiday Collection & Birthday Celebration.
Febuaray - NYFW
May - Puerto Rico

Hmm I wonder if Alisa Maria is behind this next NYFW presentation aswell?
I cannot WAIT for all these shows - im sure these girls have another set of kick ass collections instore for us to enjoy!


Canayda - Neva Look Back

My boy, recording artist Canayda recently sent me his new track "Never Look Back" feat D. Folks.

Canayda had this to say about the track:

This song is just a motivative type of track we work hard to pursue our dreams we take our hard earned money an invest it in ourselves ..many many many doors closed in our face,people changed,certain situations held us back but we kept movin forward and thats what its about. Never stopping Never Giving Up we just wanna make good music it aint all about gettin a deal so take time out an download it.

So check out the track Below:


Caridee - Coma White in Black

So my good friend Caridee English, recently emailed me a song of hers & i had to share it with you all! Its futuristic sounds blend so well with her voice. The ghastliness to her voice is so elegant, really love this girl as a musician. So check it out, give it a Listen & download!

Caridee English - Coma White in Black


On the Road 2 Success: Promoshoot

If you guys have been logged into my Twitter & on my timeline, you'll know ive been working with a very talented up&coming RnB artist by the name of Success. We have been working extremely hard lately on establishing everything from her sound to her image.

We came up with the great idea of bringing you along with us on the journey, so ive created this segment called "On the Road 2 Success" where you'll receive video updates on the artist & all her upcoming projects. These updates will be streamed via this blog & YouTube @ YouTube: Success & Youtube: Jadore

In this first episode, Success gives us a behind the scenes look at her latest promo shoot. Enjoy!


BadBitch Certified: Kat DeLuna

Ofcourse my country the Dominican Republic had to bring one of THE fistiest & most adorable "kat's" the states ever seen!

Kat DeLuna stepped out on the scene with her smash hit song "Whine Up" that raced up the charts & put her on our television screens. & now, in the midst of her anticipated sophomore album "InsideOut" on the way, shes been spotted hitting the town & appearing at many events. 1 of those events was the Sachika NYFW show which i was in attendance! She's also been seen ALOT around NYC wearing Alisa Maria jewelry from www.AlisaMariaNow.com.

Although there is no set US release date for her upcoming album, be sure to look up her singles: Push Push & Party'o Clock. Being Dominican, Fashionable & all around talented has gotten this kitten BADBITCH CERTIFIED!

Baby Swizz-Keys!

Move over Jay & Bey, theres a new couple in town! Alicia Keys & Swizz Beats have been the most talked about couple this year. Along with all this coverage came a pregnancy! & Ms. Alicia Keys-Beats gave birth to healthy baby boy yesterday!

I wish them all the best, i see great things in this couples future & i know for a FACT Swizz is going to be a great father to that child!

Pink Friday album cover!

All this buzz surrounding Young Money's first lady led to a mdia frenzy over the past few months. & all it comes down to is Nicki Minaj's album release November 23!

Yesterday she revealed the album cover! Which ofcourse pictures her very barbieesque BUT shes missing her arms! She stated "Arms are for common folks!"

You guys KNOW we are super anxious & excited for this album to drop! Be sure you all mark your calendars & cop the album!

Liife&Such: Zewdy

You guys know how much i love supporting young new talents, so i embarked on a YouTube journey to find you one'o the hottest!

Q: You seem to have a nice buzz going around due to your amazing vocals,
Your YouTube videos have ALSO been getting a lot of love – Tell my
readers a lil but more about Zewdy?
A: Well, I'm half Ethiopian, half Eritrean & very proud! I'm a really
outgoing person! I love to go out with my friends on "adventures" lol
to like New York City or Philly. I check out different music events
for mostly underground artists. I love running, roller coasters, going
down the shore, having photo shoots with my friends, and of course,
partying! I am very interested in volunteer work & community service,
like soup kitchens & cleaning up parks. Later in life, when my name is
very well established, I plan on doing a LOT of charitable work &

Q: How did you get into music?
A: To be honest, music was really the only thing I ever wanted to do.
I was always singing or listening to music.

Q: How long you have been performing for?
A: I've been performing since I was 13

Q: Any upcoming singles, mix tapes, demos?
A: I won't say much but be sure to look out for my project by the end
of this year!

Q: Who/what inspires you?
A: Many people inspire me, but the most prominent influence is my
father Habte Awalom. He is a musician as well, so he understands how
much I love music. He was raised in Ethiopia where he didn't really
have much of a chance to pursue music like he wanted, so it's sort of
like he gets to live his dream through me.

Q: Any body in the industry you look up to?
A: There are a lot of artists in the industry that I look up to, but
Beyonce has to be the one I look up to the most. Obviously, I want to
be known as myself, not "another Beyonce" or anything like that, but
there are many qualities she possess that I don't think many artists
can top: She's beautiful, she can sing extremely well (recorded AND
live), she can dance, she KNOWS she's the business, & with all of that
she still comes off as a humble person. I think that is amazing!

Q: Any one who you would like to collaborate with?
A: Yeah, I'd like to do a couple songs with J. Cole. Although I do
this pop music, my true love lies in old school r&b & good hip-hop, & I
think J. Cole has what it takes to bring back the "goodness".

Q: Do you have a motto in life?
A: Yeah, my motto is "Diss me now, sweat me later". My aunt Cookie
instilled that in my when I was very young & it became very useful.
Growing up, a lot of people, particularly girls, disliked me & made
fun of me for silly things like not straightening my hair, for being
of Ethiopian descent, & I used to go out of my way trying to make
everyone like me. At the end of my middle school days, I started
believing in that motto & never looked back.

Q: What advice do you have for young women who are aspiring singers?
A: I would tell them to do everything they can to get out there,
ethically of course. Enter every talent show, competition, school
programs, collaborate with local artists, etc. All these things that
can help get your name out there.

Lets talk FASHION –

Q: Any favorite designers?
A: Ummm, I don't have any favorite famous designers. I was never
really into name brands unless it was at T.J. Maxx

Q: New York Fashion Week just passed, were you in town? Did you check
any shows out?
A: Actually, I was in Las Vegas for a show during fashion week.

Q:How would you describe your own personal style?
A: My personal style is hard to describe. I don't really follow
trends, fads, or whatever people are wearing now. If I like something,
I'll buy/wear it. I like to combine different pieces & they just sort
of fall together.

Q: Heels or Sneakers?
A: Both!

Q: What about Lady GaGa’s meat VMA dress? – Hot or not
A: Not. GaGa is a great artist, but I don't like her choice of clothes.

Q: Blogs seem to be taking over the media – any favorites? Besides
JadoresLiife.com of course.
A: Hehe, well! Other my favorite blog is alexisbelon.com - it's the
only one I visit religiously. Alexis is a good friend of mine & she
speaks her mind & I'm sure other people would appreciate her honestly
& humility

Q: Any upcoming performances?
A: I should be getting the dates soon, sorry =/

Last but not least –

Give my readers the links to where they can stay up to date with all
the latest in Zewdy & music:

Twitter: @Zewdy
YouTube: /Zewdy
MySpace: /Zewdy
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Zewdy/73480942607?ref=ts


Rihanna & Nicki Minaj teh only girls on earth!

Rihanna has been hinting ALOT about working with Nicki Minaj. She recently confirmed working with her for a song on her new album "Loud" called "Raining Men"; which by the sounds of her latest stuff out this album & song will sound very tech-pop.

Rihanna also recently just said she may have worked with Nicki on her debut album, "PinkFriday". Cannot wait to see what these 2 divas have in store for us!


Kim & Kourt Take New York!

So Kim & Kourtney were spotted arriving in NYC earlier today, moments later i received word that they will be filming a new E! show together!

To everyone's surprise its a spinoff, Kim & Kourt Take New York! Hm i wonder how Khlo feels about this? & doesnt Kourt think Kim is boring? I guess we shall see!


Kanye West next album drops...

Being the great artist that Kanye West is, he has given us "G.O.O.D FRIDAY" where he leaks a new song every friday up until december.

But now he also just revealed when his album is out, the drop date is: NOVEMBER 22! So mark your calendars loves!

Real Housewives of Atlanta

Bravo's hit show Real Housewives of Atlanta is BACK! With 2 new ladies in the cast, hope its full'o drama!

BadBitch Certified: Shontelle!

You know her for wearing a man's T-Shirt, & she wore that shirt well!

The rnb songstress Shontelle has been making some serious moves! She recently just released her latest LP "No Gravity" that carries the hit song "Impossible" & "Perfect Nightmare" produced by Darkchild. This girl has a very promising career & various superstar qualities - i think we'll be seeing alot of her. So for these reasons, we have BADBITCH CERTIFY her!

oh & today is her Birthday so lets all go on Twitter & wish @Shontelle_Layne a very happy birthday & buy her album now in stores & iTunes to support her.

Ciara love's Fantasy Rides

November 30th was the date when a few rnb divas would all release & battle out for top album. Christte Michelle, Jazzmine Sullivan, Keri Hilson & Ciara were all scheduled for release. BUT ofcourse, Jive is toying with CiCi's album date & has pushed it back 4 times now!

Im starting to agree bigtime with The Dream's comments earlier this year. This may aswell have been be her last chance to regroup her career.

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