Check it Out

As we approach "Pink Friday" - the debut album by Nicki Minaj; she is delivering harder verses on all her features & leaks.

After the leak of her song "Check it Out" ft Will.I.Am, she performed it on the MTV VMA preshow & they are now shooting a video for it. As i hear, they are taking a anime direction for this one. Cant wait to see what it looks like!


Whats RiRi's name?

So we are guessing that Rihanna has finished filming her part(s) in the film "Battleship" because RiRi has been doing all sorts of music promo for her upcoming album "Loud" which drops Nov 12.

Ofcourse she's recently delivered "Only Girl" which has been soaring in the chart. Then we had the dorito's promo "Whos that Chick" leak & now she has been spotted on the streets of new york filming the video to ther next single "Whats my Name?"

We have yet to hear the song but we see the tech-pop dance feel that she's going for on this album.


Nicki cover's Complex

Ok, so heres the deal:

Nicki mother fucking Minaj is going to straight up RUN the world of music in the next few months as we know it! Here she is on the cover of yet another great magazine; Complex & looking quite high fashion!

This woman has tranformed teh female mcee's role into a spectacle. From curve hugging body suits, wigs, accents & features - she's now also COMMANDING the fashion stage. You KNOW i cannot wait for a Nicki Minaj clothing line, you see it happening dont you?


NYFW: Sachika Show

Only the fortunate & fabulous got to attend the debut of my good friends the Sachika twins line presented by Alisa Maria for New York Fashion Week.

The red carpet was star studded with celebrities like Tyson Beckford, omarion, Kat DeLuna, Que from Day26 & more. The show had celebrity models walking such as: Adrienne Bailon, the Simmons sisters, Mz Berry , many past contestants from ANTM, Caroline Manzo from Real Houswives,Alex McCord,Dawn Richard from Dirty Money,recording artist Cheri Dennis & many more.

But the one piece & girl who took the night was Ice T's wife, model & SEXY ass woman: Coco! She ripped the runway in an all purple ensemble with gold louboutin's & accessories from Alisa Maria's newest collection. & when CoCo made that pose & turn, all you saw was ASS! & the media went CRAZY!

But asses WERENT the only thing the media was buzzing about, the Sachika show presented some amazing Fashion for the Spring/Summer 2011 season. It was all about a woman's sexy; sheer fabrics, lace, sequins & all things fashionable!


3 Monsters on Stage!

So although i failed to have one of these many ballers out here trynna holla cop me some $35k Jay-Z & Eminem yankee stadium tickets, i did get front row via youtube!

& anyone who has been to a Jay tour/concert KNOWS very well he loves surprise guests - so who better to have on stage than Kanye West & Nicki Minaj!

The trio performed their internet sensational song "Monster." Anyone knows what this performance meant to Nicki? She becomes the first female rapper in hiphop to EVER perform at the Yankee Stadium. & she SLAYED the performance - & she's the rookie?

Also peep Kanye make a brake sound when Nicki says "I think me, you & Amb..." #AmberRoseWho?

Liife&Such: Loco

Rapper & all around entertainer, you’re making big moves. You also rep for a certain community – How about you tell my readers a lil bit more about Loco?

A: Hey ya'll ha-ha. Well I am an all around entertainer at most, but focusing on my music career and of course I rep for my LGBT community and all those out there fighting and grinding for there’s!

Q: How did you get into music?
A: music was something that found me. What I mean by that is, I’ve been inspired by music since a toddler. I loved everything I heard from the streets to Barney ha-ha, but no seriously by the age of 14 I took grip of it but never did anything with it. And I finally decided at the age of 20 that I take it serious because I would be a waist of talent, so I jumped in the recording studio. And I’m doing my thang now.

Q: How long you have been performing for?
A: I have been performing live here and there. Just trying to get my stuff together so I can come out with more of a bang! I’ve always been a performer though, Dancing and etc.
Now there are always rumors of down low artists etc but you rarely ever hear a guy who is openly gay coming into music. Not just any music, but the hip-hop culture itself

Q: How does it feel to rap & be openly gay?
A: I just think of myself as Human first, and then comes Loco the Rapper. And third I consider myself OUT. I think there's nothing wrong with being yourself and just expressing who you truly are. I think that’s when people will relate and love you more.

Q: Does your music get a lot of rejection?
A: my music gets plenty of rejection but that would never stop me from grinding and doing me. A lot of people say they like my music but can’t relate or they will be some people who say I sound like Nicki Minaj, which is a compliment to me. She’s an inspiration. But that is not who I am.

Q: If/When you make it big, do you think that rap game veterans would look or treat you a certain way?
A: I seriously feel once they get to know me personally and see my grind and hard work, they will relate and understand my journey. Including my music. Doesn’t matter who I’m sleeping with; at the end of the day, just respect my grind.

Q: Any male in hip hop you look up to? Any female?
A: I respect and look up to a few. I Love (B.I.G, Lil Kim, Nicki Minaj & Wayne) but that's just a few.

Q: Any one you would like to collaborate with?
A: I would love to collab with Nicki mina of course but anyone that is down to make history. My eye is on B.O.B right now, he’s Dope.

Q: Do you think it’ll be more obstacles for you vs. the typical Brooklyn str8 male?
A: of course, I will have to go thru so many obstacles and fights to prove myself, but right now my fight is to prove it to the industry, I don't need to prove it to anyone on the block.

Q: “No Shade” is the name of your upcoming mix tape, why the title?
A: funny cause I get this question a lot, people ask why such a soft peaceful title but it means more then that especially in the gay community. They know what I’m saying. But it basically means when we say "No shade" in a sentence/conversation, we usually mean shady thoughts. So my definition for the mix tape is I’m coming out but "No Shade" ima tear this game up. Beware.

I know you are/were a part of a great dance crew called “PV”

Q: How long have you been a member?
A: I've been apart of "Project Valentine Dance Crew/Co" for about 2 - 3 years. I started dancing with them but not focusing on taking it to a professional level where I would be dancing behind lady gaga and such. I wanted to train myself and dance to get my performance level up and be versatile.

Q: How long you have been dancing for?
A: I’ve been dancing for about 4 years and when you see me at dance event's you see LOCO NINJA ha-ha. I turn into this vogue beast!

Q: Aside from music & dance, is there anything else we can expect from Loco?
A: You can expect a lot. I do it all, and not because I am what people call "Fame Hungry". I am an entertainer so I do Reality TV, Acting, Dancing & of course Music. But yes look out for me on TV in 2011 I Have a line up of surprises.

Q: Any upcoming performances?
A: As of right now, No. I am focusing on my performance and production. I want to be the greatest when I come out. I want to play with the kiddies (Smile).

Q: & I’m sure all the kiddies want to know – is Loco a single man? ; ]
A: Yes, Currently single. My mind is focused on bigger things but if the right guy comes along, you'll know.

Last but not least –
Give my readers the links to where they can stay up to date with all the latest in Loco news & music:
Twitter: Twitter.Com/Legalize_LOCO
YouTube: Youtube.Com/LocoMusicTV
MySpace: Myspace.Com/LocoMusicOnline


Fashion Spotlight: Alisa Maria

My good friend, celebrity stylist Alisa Maria - who recently presented the Sachika show to New York Fashion Week, recently launched her website & clothing line!

You can check out her huge selection of Bags, Fur, Dresses & accessories over at:


Man, you short!

SIDEBAR: I got to meet Omarion this past week at New York Fashion week & MAN is he SHORT!

Back to our scheduled blog post's!

Not Again Tip!

The recently released rapper, T.I. got caught again smh

Apparently, him & his new wife Tiny, were stopped by police & arrested for having drugs with them. Now, T.I. allegedly tested positive for drugs in which may mean, MORE JAIL TIME.

Do these people not learn? Hello - look at Lindsay, look at Paris. Art imitating Life!


Fashions Night Out

Today is NYC's second annual Fashion's Night Out. Where the town is FULL of celebrities & fashion afficionados roaming around & basking in all their stylish glory.

Nicki Minaj: VMA's

Not only is Young Money's very own Nicki Minaj presenting & nominated at the VMA's this year but she will also be performing!

She will be giving a red carpet rendition of her #1 hit song: Your Love.

Mind you, this is her FIRST solo performance ever. lets hope she does well! *crosses fingers & prays to barbie*



Guess whose adding Actress to her Resume... Ms Rihanna has been spotted ALOT lately in Hawaii filming the Hasbro board game inspired movie: Battleship.

hmm lets hope she doesnt dissapoint.

Guess who changed they hair?

In an era where Nicki Minaj has a new hairstyle everytime she steps out, im sure that put alot of pressure on Mr "Long hair dont care" aka Lloyd., so much pressure, he decided to cut it... anyone else thinks he looks 10x's yummier than he did before?

& tell me if you recognize these 2 beauties:

Give up? Both Ameriie & Mya went BLONDE, im feeling this blonde colored season, everyones doing it. & they both look FAB!

NYFW: Sachika!


Celebrity Twin Fashion Designers To-Tam & To-Nya Sachika will showcase SACHIKA's Spring 2011 Ready-To-Wear collection during New York Fashion Week on September 14, 2010, 2pm at the Prestigious Style360's Metropolitan Pavilion.

NEW YORK, September 2nd / PRNewswire/ -- Celebrity stylist and jewelry designer Alisa Maria presents SACHIKA's much anticipated fashion show with a full lineup of celebrities for New York Fashion Week. The show is promised to be New York Fashion Week's most celebrated event with an outstanding number of confirmed Celebs & A-Listers attending & participating.

SACHIKA is a movement that encourages women to be independent, strong, and ambitious. The Yin & Yang Vietnamese entrepreneurs also known as the SACHIKA TWINS moved from Montreal to New York City to achieve the ultimate "American Dream." SACHIKA has now earned a secure place amongst the stars as it proudly celebrates and embraces all body types.

The show will open with a traditional Vietnamese dance performance that illustrates the oriental woman transitioning into the modern woman. This event will be monumental as it will be filmed for the new seasons of both Bravo's hit TV shows "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" and "The Real Housewives of New York". Expect an incredible array of celebs gracing the runway such as entrepreneurs & TV personalities Angela and Vanessa Simmons, actress & singer/songwriter Adrienne Bailon, singer/songwriter Melody Thornton from the Pussycat Dolls, actress/model Nicole (Coco) Austin, actress/model Denyce Lawton, Jive Records artist Matisse & Bad Boy Records Cheri Dennis, Celebrity DJ Sky Nellor, America's Next Top Model Finalists Sheena, Anchal Joseph, Angelea Preston & Alexandra Underwood, TV Personality & entrepreneur VH1's Mz Berry as well as Caroline Manzo and Jacqueline Laurita from Bravo's " The Real Housewives of New Jersey" and of course Alex McCord, from BRAVO'S «The Real Housewives of New York» .

The SACHIKA Spring 2011 catwalk will be blooming with self-confidence and femininity that fuses oriental traditionalism with European chic as the theme is: "The Vietnamese Princess in Paris". The collection will be styled by image director Ugo Mozie, who will compliment the collection with jewelry by Alisa Maria.

" SACHIKA is for the modern woman. She is fierce, she is independent and she knows what she wants."


SACHIKA is part of STYLE360, a production of A-list Communications and Elle Magazine Publisher HFM U.S. & is sponsored by Elle Magazine, ELLE.com, Stolichnaya Vodka, Beauti Control, Sebastian Professional and Starbucks Frappucino.

For a full list of celebrities that will walk the show click here: The Sachika Blog.

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