Liife&Such: Mz. Berry

Winner of one of televisions hottest love shows (For the Love of RayJ) & now moving on to greater
and more fabulous things. I'm so glad that you accepted to have this
interview on my blog!

I obviously know a little bit about you,

Q: Tell my readers some more about who is Mz Berry?

A:Well, first I am a mom to two incredibly talented and gifted children who I adore very much! I am a realtor in Florida. I am originally from New Jersey, born and raised. I come from a family of mostly boys, I was the only girl growing up for most of my childhood.

Reality TV star is now on your resume lol

Q: How was it being on TV? The whole filming experience and being away from

A:The filming was difficult just with so many hours and not alot of sleep. The hardest part was being away from my children. I would call them every morning and night. I was so happy to get home to be with them.

Q: Were you REALLY looking for love with Ray J? Did you truly find it?

A:I was truly looking for love. No doubt about it. Did I find it? Hmmm...with him? There is love because to me love is love is love. In the moment it felt like I had found it, but outside of that experience, romantic love between the two of us does not exist. I still very much have love for him as a human being.

After & of course during the show, things got a little hectic with all the
females, cameras & drama

Q: Anyone in the house you became really close with?

A:I am really close with Just Right! She is a great woman and I admire her strength and her free-spirited attitude! We get along great!

Q: You were older than the other girls; did you feel at an advantage for
being a more experienced woman?

A:Not really. I think a numerical age has not much to do with experience, maturity or any other intangibles that make up a person's character and for that matter his or her appeal to the opposite sex.

Q: Would you go on another reality show? Maybe a love show of your own? ; )

A:Definitely not another love show.

Q: & what about that reunion show?! How did you feel about Cocktails
actions that night? Total publicity stunt if you ask me lol

A:It just all felt really weird and confusing...lol

Q: Are you and Ray still friends?


Q: What advice would you give women at any age about love after going
through this experience?

A:Be the love you want to receive. That which you attract is a direct reflection of you--your SELF--your spirit.

Of course you've moved on with your life I'm sure,

Q: What can we expect next from mz Berry? Television, radio, movies?

A:Praying on a couple shows that are currently in development.

I see that we have a few fabulous friends in common here in NYC!

Q: Any plans on pursuing your career in the Big Apple?


Blogging seems to be the new age media resource

Q: How do you feel about Blogging? Any blogs you are particularly fond of?
; ] other than Jadore's Liife of course lol

A:I like Global Grind. I blog for them but I like that the site is all encompassing with everything from entertainment to politics.

So I like to throw in a few fun random questions to keep things airy, so
here it goes:

Q: Do you have a girl crush? I do, & id have to say it's between Nicki
Minaj, Amerie & You ; ]

A:Hmmmm..not really.

Q: Speaking of Nicki Minaj, Nicki Minaj or Lil Kim?

A:Wowwww!!! lol I'm gonna have to go with Nicki for the moment, but Kim I think is timeless.

Q: Favorite designer? I'm personally an Alexander McQueen [RIP] fan.

A:Gosh!! I just love fashion so much! I love classics though and I've always been a fan of Ralph Lauren.

Q: What qualities would your ideal man have?

A:Integrity..good relationship with his mother and grandmother...great sense of humor...a light spirit

Q: Any celebrity men you find attractive?

A:Just based off of appearance I might have to say that I've always thought Method Man was yummy!! lol Usher is definitely very handsome and charismatic! I find Kanye West to be very attractive also.

I want to thank you so much for your time again! & I hope to meet you soon
and party the night away with our friends! Tell my readers where they can
learn/see of you: www.Twitter.com/VH1MzBerry


Jadore's Liife Update

I know, i know... i have been GONE for a minute but im back with a Jumpoff!

While i was away aka my keyboard broke; i have been in the begining stages of the production of my upcoming reality show!

The image above is a preview of the promo photoshoot me & my costar/client Janel had.

The show follows me & her as young C.E.O's in NYC trying to make a name for ourselves. On the show you'll see us embark on various business ventures such as meetings, photoshoots, & even FASHION WEEK! We tru;;y just want to show the world the hustle & bustle of average new yorkers trying to make it in the entertainment industry.

Some more "Ill Na Na" ?

So ms Foxy Brown, as you may have heard was arrested last week. Recap: Some stupid ghetto scouffle with her neighbor.

Fastforward: She performed Sunday for a crowd at BBKings. 1. She looks like shes let herself GO! 2. she sent a subliminal msg to lord knows who.

Rumor Has It...

Our girl Cassie who we "BadBitch Certified" not too long ago, has come back to the light! She was actually seen perfoming in St. Tropez at a few private shows!

I hope this means "Electrolove" is STILL in the works.


Lindsay goes BACK to the slammer.

& im SURE you are all aware of the spectacle known as Lindsay Lohan. Well seems as if our favorite redheaded junky is going BACK to jail. She was sentenced to 90 days of Rehab & 90 days of jail for violation of her parole & for the lil incident of her SCRAM bracelet "accidently" going off.

Alot of people have been showing their sentiments, but trully...NO PITY. LiLo has so much going for her even while in her bracelet & she fucks it up all the time. You cant help someone who doesnt wanna help themselves. Plus have you heard? She has a new girl! Eliat is her name & shes a former Israeli soldier; watchout Sam!

Amber Rose's Kat Stacks behavior!

As i reported a few days ago, Kim Kardashians Ex; Reggie Bush has been spotted out with none other than Ms Amber Rose!

After pictures surfaced of Reggie & Amber getting close in the Hamptons & reports of them spending the night together, Kim Kardashian "randomly" tweets "Who Cares?"

Well i guess Amber read this & "randomly" said "I KNOW it burns Babygirl but u gotta let it burn. Stay Strong Ma it's gonna be aiight ;-)" .. umm WOW! Talk about fucking yo man & you cant do anything about it. Hmmm meanwhile Kanye's in the studio in his Hawaii hide-a-away not giving a fuck. This is why you dont turn strippers into overnight celebrities; they dont know how to act.


Nicki Minaj on set of "Your Love"

Here is the first look at HB - Nicki Minaj on the set for the video to her hit song "Your Love"

"When i was a Geisha he was a Samurai..."

Rumor Has It... x2

So Kim Kardashians ex was spotted trynna get a Rose in his Bush! OK well Reggie was spotted getting real upclose & personal w/ Kanye's gurl Amber Rose. Hmmm do i smell a garden? Nah just a scandal!

& while Reggie Was trynna get put on with Amber...

Toya Carter was spotted a few days ago doing some promo for her BET spinoff show! hmm Wonder how Tiny feels about this?

Lil Kim eyes RiRi!

We may NOT be seeing a legit Lil Kim & Nicki Minaj collabo anytime soon *side eye* but who we may see Queen Bee rockin with is Jay-Z's girl artist; Rihanna.

Lil Kim had this to say about the rumored collabo:

"I look at it this way: if it happens, it happens. And it should be a surprise. It shouldn’t be something that people are anticipating, or have their own personal opinions on it before it even comes out. So I probably won’t ever mention that again. I just love Rihanna, I think she’s great"

& this comes to no surprise. Ofcourse we all heard Lil Kim being signed to ROC-nation & if you wanna get hot again now'a days you have to collabo with the New, Young & Hot.

& what does RiRi say about this? *kanye shrug* but what we do know is that RiRi is about to have alot of collabo's come out like her recent song w/ Eminem, an album in the fall, "Last Girl on Earth" tour, a book + a perfume! hmmm you better WORK Rihanna!

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