BadBitch Certified: Dawn Richard!

From one group to the next, Danity Kane alumni Dawn Richard has been on FIRE with exposure ever since joining Diddy's newest business music venture Dirty Money.

The rnb singer has the dance & singing skills to die for with her unique tone but in her latest photoshoot for Ghubar Magazine she shows that she has style too! Her stylist and Fashion acquaintance of mine Ugo Mozie had this to say about her style:

"Dawn’s personal style is impeccable. She is a role model for women everywhere. She embraces herself, and is comfortable in her own skin, not to mention the heart of lion"

She has def edged it up since her pop group days & with her short new do & high heels she's def killin it! That's why i say Dawn Richard is BADBITCH CERTIFIED!


Khloe is BALLIN!

OK so ofcourse the Lakers beat the Celtics last week & Lamar Odom got some pussy loving from wife Khloe Kardashian.

Not only did she probably give him the business that night, shorty drop $440,000 on a white Rolls Royce all for her hubby!

Damn! if thats how much guap Khloe has, imagine Kim's bank account!!

Ne-Yo expecting baby!

In a recent interview w/ Ebony magazine, 30 year old RnB singer Ne-Yo reveals that he & long time girlfriend are indeed expecting their first child!

Congrats to him! I hope this puts all the gay rumors to rest *side eye*


1 year later...

Today marked 1 year since our beloved Michael Jackson's death. He was the king, died as the king & will remembered as nothing less but THE KING.



Dirty Money - Hello Goodmorning rmx

Dirty Money finally release the rmx video to their hit song "Hello Goodmorning" ft Rick Ross & Nicki Minaj!

The video is def throwback Bad Boy looking with a modern flare! None the less Nicki looks amazing & super animated for her ODB inspired verse! Lets just hope the car in the video was NOT damaged & blamed on nicki *side eye*

GaGa's Next Album!

The worlds favorite popstar Lady GaGa recently disclosed info on her next album! She stated that its basically complete, releases early next year & that the album tittle will be revealed on New Years with a picture of it tattooed on her body!
I dont know about the rest of you little monsters but IM EXCITED!

BadBitch Certified: Kelly Rowland!

One woman who has def been stepping her cookies up is Kelly Rowland!

She has been working her but off & it is all coming together in her music! Her album that is set to drop later this year has def shown us major potential with hits such as the David Guetta produced jam "Commander"

Not to mention that this woman is quite FASHIONABLE & has always been! I think she is def going to do great with this next album! So that is why Kelly Rowland is BADBITCH CERTIFIED!

& dont forget to check out the video to "Commander"

Rumor Has It...

Rumor Has It... Jay-Z is being sued by a private jet plane company for a staggering amount of 250k in unpaid bills!

The jet company; Air Platinum is claiming he owes them that amount for the amount of over 55 flights!

Thank Him Later

Drake released what is known as teh most anticipated rap album of the year; "Thank Me Later"

From Weezy to T.I. everyone was counting on Drizzy to be #1 his first week in sales & indeed he was! Selling over 460,000 units making it the fastest selling rap debut this year! This also means he will go GOLD by the end of this week or next!

We love you Drake, oh & by the way THANKS!


Nicki & Lil Kim - Everywhere we Go

So along with the xclusive photos of Nicki on set in Jamaica, i got yet ANOTHER exclusive for ya!
Apparently this track will start circulating the web soon by Lil Kim ft Nicki... hmmm does this feud make alot more sense to ya now?

Sean Kingston & Nicki Minaj in Jamaica!

Ok so maybe their NOT together in Jamaica BUT they are def out there shooting the video to Sean's new song "Dutty Dutty" ft Nicki Minaj before he goes on tour w/ Justin Bieber!

Both Nicki & her stylist Tima tweeted this week they were off out there & i just got these xclusive pictures off the set! I cant WAIT!

Nicki is def busy on her video mode though, she will be filming a video to "Your Love" soon & she also will be filming for these following songs:

"Get it All" Sean Garett ft Nicki Minaj

"Woohoo" Christina Aguilera ft Nicki Minaj

"All I Do is Win" rmx Tpain ft Khaled, Busta Rhymes, Swizz Beats, Fabolous, Rick Ross, Fat Joe, Diddy & Nicki Minaj.

"Hello Goodmorning" rx Dirty Money ft T.I. Rick Ross & Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj covers Blackmen Mag

Ofcourse Nicki Minaj was the next black beauty to grace the cover of this magazine that caters to our brothas!

She sexed it up once morein her green wig while clarifying a few things in her interview:

i dont date women & i dont have sex with women either...

We were all under the impression Nicki was bisexual [even myself] hmmm well we STILL love Nicki & im sure this dont mean she wont be signing boobs! *side eye*


Kelly Rowlands Covers

2 single covers to Kelly Rowland songs that will be on her third album due out this year


NoH8 for Amber Rose

If you arent familiar with the NoH8 campaign, its a campaign designed to stop hate against gays & speak up againt the Prop 8 law in california.

It has gathered celebrities of all shapes and forms in the fight against discrimination. Well, seems as though our bald head beauty Amber Rose gets a bit of a big part in the PSA for the cause. Check it out:

Amazing, i love what they have done & i support this movement 100%

Fo rmore information & to find out hwo you can contribute please visit http://www.noh8campaign.com/

Drake - Thank Me Later

I don't know about anywhere else but New York came alive with the debut of the most anticipated album by one of our most adored rapper; Drake - Thank Me Later.

The 14 song album came out June 15th and is projected to be #1 & sell 405k+

If everysong on this is not a classic, then i don't know what is! From the current single "Fire works" ft the beautiful Alicia Keys in which he also lets us in on his lil romance with Rihanna, to Up All Night ft Nicki Minaj which is def a track that goes back to the basics of rap.

But while Drake was stacking up sales, he was scheduled to do a live & free show at the Seaports here in NY along with the band; Hanson. The venue expected 10,000 people to arrive, but the 20k that attended proved way too dangerous for the acts to perform. The crowd got WILD with a series of fights which led to the cancellation of the event. Fans were in uproar but...they caused it. After that tragedy though, Hot97 threw Drake an album release party which was LIVE according to my sources.

Go cop the album DRAKE- THANK ME LATER in stores NOW!

Rumor Has it...

Rumor Has It... our dear Keri Hilson will be releasing her second studio album at the end of this year. Coming off a long break since her "Perfect World" debuted & didnt do so well, i think we are about due for an official new joint from miss Keri Baybee


Malibu No-No!

Our favorite barbie & often mentioned it girl, Nicki Minaj is again our topic of choice.

In the midst of this Lil Kim battle the Harajuku Barbie is no being sued for $18,000! Reasong being: The pink Lambo Amber Rose rode her around in on the Massive Attack video, was allegedly returned with damages!

But im pretty sure our beloved Nicki will be fine! After all "Which bitch you knwo made a million off a mixtape?!"

Kanye's Return!

After going MIA for a while, the man of a million scandals is back!

Kanye West recently just released his single to his upcoming album & the song "Power" has been blazing it up from the radios to the clubs! & Now in the midst of this, i just received confirmation that he will also be one of the performers at this years BET Awards!

I'm super excited because this is one of the greatest of MY generation.


Lovers & Friends?

For those of you who are often readers of the blog already know that:

  • Nicki is now managed by Diddy
  • Nicki has been hanging ALOT with Cassie
  • Cassie been Diddy's girl since forever

With those 3 Jadore's Liife facts, i HAD to chime in on the recent rumors of the girls being more than just friends. Last weekend at Summer Jam, a full roster of hiphop & rnb's heavy hitters took to the stage for the annual HOT97 event. Nicki Minaj was amongst the performers, but not Cassie.

While Nicki Minaj went out and performed multiple songs, Cassie awaited backstage for her. As photographed they left the same way they came in, holding hands. My take on this: They are the cutest BFF's i have ever seen. C'mon guys, i know this was a testosterone driven rumor conjured up by the horny 13 yr old still living inside men. They are spending time together because of their connection with Diddy. Whether Cassie is doing Diddy, that's a whole nother post but these 2 Bad Bitches are merely friends. #letitgo!

Fashion: 2BitchezDeep

I had to bring some most needed fashionista attention to these shoes!

Obviously not the average stripper heels, these are fully equipped in a full spiked body kit! The piece was made by a Fashion making duo known as "2 Bitchez Deep." The shoes were custom made for *drumroll* Lady GaGa Nicki Minaj!

Young Money's first lady decided to throw these bad boys on for her performance at Summer Jam this past weekend! She walked pretty well considering that the shoes weigh in at 15 pounds!

& with this she solidified this line: They say my shoe game crazy the mental asylum lookin' for me!


Willow Smiths Style

I respect parents that allow their kids to have imaginative and creative control over what they would like to look like, as long as its within childhood limitations.
Willow Smith, the daughter to Jada-Pinkett & Will Smith stepped out yesterday to the premiere of her brothers movie sporting this look. Her mother also recently revealed that her daughters working on an album, so i understand the look change but really...
She shares the same stylist as Rihanna, so it comes to no surprise to the shave head & etc. I just feel as though as parents you must protect your children from growing up too fast


BadBitch Certified: Cassie!

Princess of Diddy BadBoy Ent, Cassie came onto the scene and had the hit summer jam in 2005 with "Me & U"

Since then she has gone on to making alot more music, getting into alot more scandals & shaving half her head! With her sophomore album "ElectroLove" being pushed back a couple of times, Cassie has had alot of time to create headlines. The one shes most known for is her alleged romance with bossman Diddy & then of course shaving half her head in which many females then followed the trend such as LaLa & Carmen Electra.

But the singer continues to make appearances, music & videos in which we are all left in AWE for and many of us fantasizing. Therefore Cassie has been BADBITCH CERTIFIED!

Lady GaGa - Alejandro

The pop hermaphrodite Queen we know as Lady GaGa has been keeping her fans Little Monsters anxiously waiting for the arrival of her new video: Alejandro.

& here it is:

This video is EPIC! The costuming & choreography add so much creative effect to videography! Although, it isn't a continuation of the trilogy of Paparazzi & Telephone...hmmmm She did recently announce that her 3rd album has been pushed back into spring 2011 so shes either going to release a/more single(s) from THE FAME MONSTER or she'll be focusing on her worldwide tour.


Lil Kim vs Nicki Minaj

& the war goes on between the 2 female rappers & now their supporters are getting involved.

We saw a few days ago Lil Kim diss Nicki Minaj Upstate NY, then again at a club cosigned by Ray J whackass. Then we saw Nicki tweet a few things that were obviously in response to this whole mess, but last night at her show in Hartford, CT; Drake came on stage to do "Bedrock", give her backshots & respond to Lil Kim's recent vents during performances Check it:

Now THATS how you do it! I hope this battle dies out soon, its silly. But im pretty sure this is only fueling Nicki's popularity for when that album drops!

Thanks to worldstarhiphop


Aundrea Fimbres - Brush You Off

Ofcourse being the huge Danity Kane fan i was super stoked when i got this leaked tack from my girl Aundrea Fimbres; a former member of the hit MTV female pop group. As you also remember i recently interviewed her too! Check that out here: Aundrea Fimbres Interview.

Check the song out: Aundrea Fimbres: Brush You Off!

I LOVE it!


Liife&Such: Andrea Pitter!

As I've mentioned before, BK FW was a great thing for me. It pointed me in the direction of some rather young, beautiful and talented women from fashion to music. From my attendance to that fabulous runway show i also had the pleasure to get in contact with Andrea Pitter, the designer for one of the best lines that night: PANTORA! I linked with her via Twitter after the event where i was able to get her the amazing opportunity to work with my friend celebrity stylist Mr.Bradshaw & the boss lady, Tila Tequila! Well i have for you guys an EXCLUSIVE interview with the young designer:

I got to meet you at BK FWe, where you had your fabulous line walk down the runway which everyone can view and purchase from www.PantorabyAndreaPitter.com, but

Q: how about you tell my readers a lil bit about who Andrea Pitter is:

A: I'm a Brooklyn born tiny little thing, i love fabric and shoe shopping. You can find me in the garment district when i am not behind the sewing machine. I'm a little sister and of course a daughter and a big dreamer.

Pantora is the name of your clothing line that's filled w/ some rather amazing & fabulous pieces:

Q: what's the story behind the name?

A: P for Pitter An- for Andrea Tora is my middle name

Q: when did it start?

A: Well Pantora was a figment of my imagination in 7th grade, I took my first real order at age 15 in High School

I know you've had some great people wear your clothes,

Q: Can you name a few?

A: Tila Tequila, Free of 106 and Park, Rocsi of 106 and Park

Q: have your clothes been featured in magazines; if so which ones?

A: Yes Runway magazine. Fashion Victims and W25

Q: is there a Fall line in the works?

A: My fall line was debuted at BK fashion weekend

Q: any other runways we can catch your clothes walking down in the near future?

A: Haute for Haiti on June 5th at the Radison Hotel

Your talent is undeniable & you've done great work thus far at such a young age,

Q: where do you see yourself & the company in 3 years?

A: I will have the Pantora flagship store open and running and I'll have my BA from the Fashion Institute of Technology (F.I.T)

So I like to throw in a Few Fun questions for my interviews

Q: who would you like to see in your clothing?

A: Keke Palmer, Chanel Iman, Selena Gomez, and Sarah Jessica Parker! oh and women all over the world!

Q: Who inspires your life & your fashion?

A: My grandfather inspired my life, he was always good at everything, but even better at being my grandpa. I want to be a great designer not just a good one. As far as fashion is concerned, I am inspired by my customers and this idea of being feminine with a boss attitude

I'm sure the boys going to love this one:

Q: Girl are you single?! Lol


Q: Chanel or Prada?

A: Chanel I love a Coco moment

Kim goes for Nicki, 4 the love of Rayj?

So a few nights ago it was reported that Kim went OFF at a club performance throwing subliminal shots at our girl Nicki Minaj.

Well just when i was trying to convince myself that she wasn't, this video hits the net of Lil Kim & Ray J on stage throwing MAJOR shade subliminally ofcourse at IT-girl Nicki Minaj:

RayJ: It’s alot of people biting her style and sh-t…I ain’t saying no names, but
you know who…

Lil’ Kim: We love her! We just want them to pay homage, so
we could all rock together. It’s all about respect. You respect me, I respect
you. If you don’t respect me then f-ck you.

Here are MY thoughts:

1. As an icon to female rap & a legend to plastic women everywhere, Lil Kim should know better than to deplete the little bit of respect she has from her fans & go for an upcoming female rapper who has OPENLY paid her respects to her. I honestly believe this is really all a sad attempt to reclaim her position in the game, but why Nicki? Go back to being a Foxy-Hater. Plus didn't Kim JUST leak a song called "Pussy Purr" emulating down to the accents & alliterations that Nicki puts into her bars... hmm

2. Another thought is, what the fuck is going on with Ray J. He has 0 relevance in the rap industry yet he has made several attempts to get some spotlight & shine in the presence of rappers; such as This sad attempt to get ex girlfriend Kim K & Reggie Bush: http://www.jadoresliife.com/2010/02/pussy-fight-pause.html
I understand the desire to stay relevant but c'mon Ray... don't do it to yourself

What do you guys think?


All i do is...

Past weekend, Nicki Minaj tweeted this photo of her after successfully taking "Cassie away from from diddy" lol

The photo was apparently taken on the set of the DJ Khaled smash remix track "All i do is Win" which features Nicki & her manger Diddy (which would explain Cassie's presence *side eye*)

But if you ask me, Nicki SURE does hang w/ some BADBITCHES

The Dream - Make Up Bag

Super producer/songwriter the Dream, just dropped this video of his single "Make Up Bag" ft T.I.

IDK bout you all but i LOVE this man!

Thank me Later, seriously

One of hiphops most anticipated albums since Jay-Z's "Blueprint 3" just leaked on the web by the one & only Drake.
I got to hear the album but i refuse to further the leakage but i will say this: GO AND GET IT!
Every track is a banger, he definitely up the anty on this album and I'm sure he'll rich and maybe exceed the 500k mark his first week of sales.
Above is the album cover!

Mariah & Nick expecting!

Seems as though the music industry have been getting busy on making sure they leave a legacy!
A few days ago Swizzy & Alicia announced that they are indeed expecting their first child, now Mariah Carey & husband Nick Cannon too also announced pregnancy! Iam super happy for these 2 couples & i wish them all nothing but the best!

Rumor Has it...

There has been rumors for DAYS that "SpeIdi", the couple made "famous" for their roles on this hit MTV reality shows The Hills & Heidi's recent 10 orocedue plastic surgery.

We all came to know them as villains & then kinda felt bad for Heidi being with such a douche, well shes been running around telling the media that they are over because he held her "captive" and she wasnt happy. In all actuality, id true then im glad because i was getting sick of it.

Club Southside

If you're familiar at all with my Twitter (@MrJadore) then you know that on Tuesday's i hit up a lil underground club that goes by the name of SOUTHSIDE. Along with my girls; the celebrity fashion designers Sachika Twin's, P.A Barry, celebrity stylist Alisa & PinUp Pretty cosmetics founder Janel.

This club has become THE spot every Tuesday nights where everyone in there is a VIP, the DJ's are all A-list & the drinks never stop! The picture above i found in the men's bathroom & i couldn't had agreed more with its content.

After a few very fun nights there I'm convinced to come back & i think all of you should come down on Tuesdays & say hello to me & all my badbitches! Have a drink, dance a lil & have a BLAST!

Club Southside located at ! Cleveland place, SoHo, NY 10013


BadBitch Certified: Ceresia!

I'm a true supporter of upcoming artist, even more so when they are good. BK FW provided not just fashion but LOTS of musical guest. Some blew me away, some not so much; but there was one girl that stood out; Ceresia!

She came out with lots of energy and i enjoyed her entire set! Her song "Supervillain" was so great to me & the fact that she sung, danced & all in heels and a unitard made it all that much better!

Shes recently also captivated me once more with her remix to "OMG" by Usher that i advise you all to check out over at www.CeresiasWorld.com & keep a look out for my upcoming exclusive interview with this girl who gets Jadore's stamp of approval: BADBITCH CERTIFIED

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