PNK Elephant @ Hellz Kitchen

Once again, Cynamin & I took to the fabulous streets of NY for our dosage of a posh & luxe event. This time taking our boy Serious Jones out, & the press had a field day; so did the ladies!
We were invited to the posh local hotspot Hellz Kitchen for the launch of PNK Elephant Jewelery. Upon arriving to the event, the models who were dripping in the fabulous jewelry, scooped Serious up & got to picture taking! The girls were amazing, the jewelery is FAB & the night was great.
We enetered the room to good vibes, great people & a good music; Dj Jazzy Joyce. Although the alcohol was WEAK the good times kept rolling and after a little bit of networking, some more photos & good laughs; we rolled out.
OH & one more thing, i took the night hunny ! Walked the red carpet alongside my partner Cynamin Jones & client Serious & the media was a riot over my G by Giancarlo shades!


in other Gay news...

The media has been FULL of rainbow power in the past few weeks!

Of course we ALL witnessed the media frenzy with Ricky Martin stepping out the closet via twitter. But from a proud moment to a sad one, it was confirmed a few days ago that Marc Jacobs and his long time partner called it quits. Sources say, Marc's beau had a few questionable accounts listed in gay social sites. Well their both hot & back on the market!

Ricky did it, so can Robert from day 26! A tweet was sent from his Twitter account that read "Yes ima gay & i don't care..." Boy was i happy! lol but Robert then called in a radio station to clarify things by stating that his account is hacked. Whether true or false, alot of celebs have been getting hacked. & you know you have to get into bad boy somehow right Diddy *wink* ALLEGEDLY!


Liife&Such: Sachika

A few weeks ago i had the pleasure of attending the FABULOUS event held here known as Brooklyn Fashionweek. As i said there was a few BAD lines BUT one of the best lines was shown by a pair of FABULOUS twins that i have CLEARLY fallen in love for! I was looking for them via twitter but no luck. Just so happens during my night out on the town at Hellz Kitchen, we ran into each other and partied the night away! So i thought id share the amazingness that these 2 ladies are! Enjoy!

Q: So since I know a lil bit about who you are & what you do, let my readers know a lil bit bout you 2?

A: We are identical Vietnamese twins. We reside in New York. We come from a big family of 6 siblings, us being the eldest. Our younger brothers are also identical twins...yes, there 2 sets of identical twins in our family. We speak French, Vietnamese & English. Our parents are artists: our mom was a singer and our dad is a chef (top chef!!). They own restaurants in Montreal. We love living life to the fullest and by that, we mean doing what we love and surrounding ourselves with positive energy! We feel so blessed to have the best family and friends and to be able to do what we love and to be healthy! We only have one life to live, so we're prepared to live it to the fullest and to go after every single one of our dreams, even the wildest ones!! LMAO...Get ready to see SACHIKA rule the world!

Q: How long you ladies have been designing for?

A: We work as a team. To-Nya is the designer, the creative brain behind SACHIKA. She is also the lefty, the more artistic of the 2. To-Tam is the business minded of the pair and also the righty. She's does the PR & the marketing of the company. We are like the Yin and Yang...we complement each other. To-Nya has been designing for over 10 years. To-Tam has always been amazing at public speaking and communications. Our label SACHIKA has been on the rise since Jan. 2009.

A lot of designers have that one defining moment in life that they say "I'm a FASHION designer"

Q: When did you ladies realize this is what you were meant to do?

A: We have always been very independent from one another. Growing up, we were in different classes and had different aspirations that today happen to all join each other. To-Nya was already designing dresses at the tender age of 9. There was never a doubt in her mind she was and will be known as a fashion designer. To-Tam was always the entertainer, the performer. She was more into music & entertainment; she was singing in choirs and loved performing. We were both very artistic and always had interest for: fashion, music, acting, entertainment but at different degrees. In 2009, we decided to join forces for SACHIKA with To-Nya as the CEO/Fashion Designer and To-Tam as the President/Business Woman. It's been great and it's only the beginning! :) With that being said, we plan on taking over the world with more than just Fashion & Style...There are other projects in progress but we'll keep it a secret for now! Wink*

Q: aside from BKFWe what other runways have you ladies shown on?

A: We organized many shows on our own and also often paired ourselves with great charity causes. We had a show at Club One for the Jack and Jill Foundation, at M2 Ultra Lounge for Minds Matter, and we recently participated at NYU's Asian Cultural Expression for the great cause of Diabetes in children. We also just showed during Midwest Fashion Week. We love to support great causes and we love doing fashion shows...It can be Showtime Anytime!

Q: Which magazines?

A: Black Women Magazine, 19th Hole Magazine, Asian Fusion Magazine, Recognize Magazine soon Source Magazine, Obvious Magazine, Nuovo Magazine & so many more to come. Just keep your eyes open :)

Q: By any chance, are you girls opening stores or selling anywhere other then www.Sachika.com?

A: Yes!!! We are opening our first store this year, here in NYC! We are currently shopping for a prime location and still debating on the neighborhood choice! Look out for it, it won't be a regular store, it'll be the talk of the town - guaranteed!!! We are planning to open during NY Fashion Week.

We partied together at Hellz Kitchen a few nights ago w/ some really great people here in NY

Q: Are you originally from here? If not, how do you like it so far?

A: Yes it was great to party with everyone in HK. We grew up in Montreal, Canada. It's a much smaller and low-key city. We love it there but it didn't feel right for our personalities. We have big bubbly personalities, we thrive on challenges and we like it fast-paced. New York seemed to be the perfect place for us. It was LOVE at First Sight the day we first stepped into New York!!! We llllloooooove NY...it just feels like HOME! ;)

& it is obvious that you two ladies are Twins! Its trending now for Twins to get into fashion; I see tat you ladies know my good friends eye wear designer's CoCo & Breezy & you also know the young & hot models; The Harris Twins.

Q: So are you ladies identical or fraternal?

A: We are identical twins. To-Tam is the older one by 5 minutes.

It is 2010, a year that I so far have been able to mark great success & there's more to come

Q: what are your goals for this year?

A: Our goals for 2010 are to break records in our sales, open our 1st store, and get distributed in selective stores and to establish ourselves as a household name in the fashion world & entertainment world. We also want our new label TUX by SACHIKA, a line of premium t-shirts for men to take off. We love designing and recently fell in love with designing for men as well! Watch, you will be seeing several NFL/NBA players and celebs rocking our TUX t-shirts in the next weeks!

Q: The Sachika brand itself is obviously off to an amazing start, where do you see it in 4-5 years?

A: SACHIKA is a movement and a lifestyle. We don't just create and sell clothes. We want to inspire everyone to be the best in this life and to dare to dream and make their dreams come true! SACHIKA will be synonymous with prestige, fashion, lifestyle, holistic living, trend setting, entertainment, etc. We are building an empire and in 4-5 years, the SACHIKA Empire will undeniably be a stamp of success worldwide!

I love you girls in person & on Twitter!

Q: Do you guys like being able to connect with fans & other fashionistas via social networks?

A: We love you too! Yes! We believe in connecting personally with all our friends, clients, fans and all the fashionistas out there. Again, anyone can just create a brand and push sales. We are here to inspire people and to promote a healthy lifestyle. Social networks are great way to connect closely and fast with everyone all around the globe!

You ladies being ALL hot & what not I have to ask

Q: Are you ladies single?

A: Yes, we are both single right now and we are realizing that being single female twins makes it twice as interesting! ...(giggles)...We get funny proposals everyday..LOL But our favorite quote is: "Learn to say no to the good so you can say yes to the BEST". We are ambitious at ALL levels

So I like to throw in a few random but fun questions in all my interviews - so let's see how the Sachika Twins do ;)

Q: Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter - what's your fav?

A: Spring\summer! We are exotic girls from the tropical’s (our genes!) so we love summer time & heat! We also love the feeling of rebirth and renewal at spring time...also known as the LOVE season! (We are romantics...!)

Q: Favorite color(s)?

A: To-Nya: As a fashion designer, I truly love all colors....but Jade is really a color that suits my soul - it's fresh, calming and enchanting :) My name means Beautiful Moon (Yes, I am known to be the mysterious one!) so growing up, I always loved the cold tones such as blue and green. Purple is one on my faves right now!

To-Tam: I'm a passionate person. (lol) My name means Beautiful Heart & Soul (I'm known to be the more outgoing one...lol) and growing up my favorite color was always red. The color of love, passion, seduction...lol. Now I also love purple. What a peaceful & gorgeous color! Purple everything =)

Q: Who would you like to see wear your clothes next?

A: There are so many I can see wearing our clothes but definitely Beyonce! She is a real woman with beautiful curves and we know our creations will suit her perfectly! Rihanna would probably also love our dresses! She's stunning. Jennifer Lopez is also one of our favorite; she's so fashionable and sexy!

Q: Heels or Sneakers?

A: Heels! It’s so sexy and your legs get a great workout! :) We love to feel sexy & feminine.

Q: New York or LA?

A: There is a time for everything. Right now, New York all the way! The energy here is unbelievable, makes you want to conquer the world!! Tomorrow is another day.....who knows, we do love West Coast: great weather, palm trees & beaches!

Q: Liife&Such blog - love it? ; )

A: hmmm, let us think about it more......hehehe. (Giggles), are you kidding us? We LOVE it and we love YOU! MUAH!!!



Good friend to Liife&Such Lisa D'Amato just released the video to her song Surrender off her album La Puchinetta. This song is amazing and i encourage everyone to buy this album off iTunes!


American Idol goes GaGa

Tune into American Idol on May 5th because Lady GaGa has confirmed to be the guest performer! & she'll be performing "Alejandro" her upcoming single off "The Fame Monster"


Liife&Such: Ashley Logan

We all see a lil of what your about online - but let my readers know a lil bit about who you are & what you do & where you're from?

- My REAL name is Ashley Logan. I am a Video Vixen/Magazine Model. I am from a little city by the name of Titusville. Located in between Daytona Beach & Orlando Florida. I moved to NYC a few years ago to pursue my degree in Criminal Justice. I ended up Modeling part time, which led to full time. And here I am!

How did you get into this industry?

- I was introduced to DJ Kay Slay and he gave me the opportunity to be in one of my very first major publications "Straight Stuntin". He then introduced me to several other Magazines such as Smooth, BlackMen, Sweets, etc. Once I appeared in Magazines, I appeared in Videos, then started hosting Parties. My name as a model got around very quickly.

I see you have Video Vixen as an occupation - what videos have you been featured in?

- So many Videos I am not about to name them all. But some of the major ones include; G-Unit - I Like the Way She Do It. Dream - Rockin That Thing Rmx. Twista - Wetter. Juelz Santana - Days of Our Lives. Grafh/Busta Rhymes - Like Oh. Lloyd Banks/Juelz - Beamer, Benz, Bentley.

Any major photo shoots you've done in recent times?

- Well every shoot I do for a magazine is major. It's always great to be published no matter how known the magazine is or isn't. And any event that can get my name out in peoples ears is also major.

What are you working on now? Any upcoming photo shoots? Videos?

- I just started shooting my submission pictures for PlayBoy. I am so excited. And as far as videos, I am trying to take it easy. Ive already earned my title as a Video Vixen.

Social networks - I met you via Twitter. Do you like keeping in touch with the fans?

- I love to keep in touch with my fans!. So if your reading this please check me out via twitter @AshleyLoganAL.

So its 2010 now - where do you want to accomplish career wise this year? Any special goals?

- My goal in 2010 is to be featured in PlayBoy Magazine.

I saw you tweeting about wanting to be on Playboy, I think you're cover girl material. Whose your fave Cover girl? My personal fave is of friend of mine, singer/actress Aubrey O'Day.

- My fave Cover girls would have to be the girls that started the hit show "Girls Next Door". Holly, Bridget, and Kendra. I loved there show on E. I still follow Kendra with her new show.

Being that your are as beautiful as you are - Men; any special men in your liife?

- I love men and they love me...................ALWAYS!

What about online blogs: any you've been featured in? What do you think about blogging as a media outlet? & how do you like Liife&Such? ;-)

- I have been featured on Internet blog sites such as Worldstarhiphop.com, 50.com, xxl.com, mediatakeout.com, straightstuntinmagazine.com, etc. Basically any urban media blog there is...........Ive been featured in. The Internet is a great way to get your name out there, but blogs can be extremely negative. You have to be strong minded and prepared for anything in this industry.

So I like to do a small portion of fun questions. So here it goes:

Any fun nicknames you have been given by friends?

- Ashley Logan aka The BackShot Queen.

Before modeling - what were you doing to make $?

- I was a waitress/bartender back in FL.

Whose you're favorite artist out right now?

- Love Melanie Fiona. Her songs are powerful.

Any special/quirky talents?

- I always tweet about how I like to watch Basketball because I like to play basketball. Nobody used to believe me until I recorded myself shooting hoops at the gym! Proved to the world I can play!


M.I.A vs Lady GaGa

After a LONG break, M.I.A decides to come out of hiding and targets one of the worlds most known popstars right now, Lady GaGa. She fires at the Telephone singer in her newest interview w/ NME magazine saying:

RE: Reality Shows.

On a personal note - all you artist need to QUIT w/ the reality shows! Chilli (tlc) on VH1 is a mess, Brandy & RayJ - they need to quit, & now i hear Treay Songz will be having one too... please not another love show!

RiRi hits a Homerun!

Rihanna went on the Ryan Seacrest show and confirmed her romance w/ Matt Kemp!

She states: “He’s my boyfriend. … It’s new and it’s fun and it’s nothing too serious. I don’t want anything nuts that’s gonna take up so much of my energy and time in a bad way.”

Good for you Ri! We are happy for you & he's a major upgrade ; )

Drake "Over"

Drake recently released his first single"Over" which has been winning the public over & he now released his video for it. He gave MTV an exclusive on it :

Drake's debut album "Thank me Later" is set to debut later this year!

Nicki Fires Manager. [insert Diddy here?]

It is a NO BRAINER that the Harajuku Barbie from Queens, NY rap career has catapulted being Young Money's first lady. After a LONG career of feature and remixes Nicki Minaj now working on a solo album & has recently released her first single "Massive Attack" that has unleashed an even bigger buzz on the raptress!
In recent Barbie news, Nicki has recently fired her Manager. Deb, who happens to be Wacka Flocka's mom (weird) confirmed this & now people are speculating that this is the reason why Nicki couldn't attend the "Last Girl on Earth" tour headlined by Rihanna! But it was now also now confirmed that she has split management by Troy Carter (Lady GaGa's mngr) & Bad Boy exec, DIDDY!
Lets just hope this doesn't end bad for Nicki! WE ALL SEEN where Bad Boy artist end up.


Ciara's "Basic Instincts"

Via Twitter rnb singer & alleged girlfriend of 50cent, Ciara announced her next album's name would be entitled "Basic Instinct's" saying "I'm going back to my basics." Lets HOPE this album doesn't get pushed back into failure!
Well, along with this announcement - we also see the drop of her first single off the album "Ride" ft Ludacris. I love when her and Luda work! "Oh" was one of her best songs! She should've done a piece on "B.O.T.S"

Brooklyn Fashion Week[end]

Fashion does not just showcase in Bryant park, the Williamsburg community also has its own seasonal fashion show. In which it gathers young indie fashion designers & gives them a catwalk to debut their lines on.

Of course as in all Fashion, there is the good, the bad & the UGLY. All which were in attendance this Fashionable evening at the Steiner Studios. Amongst the designers that showcased were Pantora by Andrea Pitter, Terri Stevens, Das Komittee, Doreseau Couture, Alisha Trimble, BGU, Gwen Botelli, Sachika, Crying Tears, Andrew Nowell and Students of Williams H Maxwell High School & Futa Fashion & many more.

The 2 most impressive lines were Pantora by Andrea Pitter & Sachika; a pair of twins. The second line that showcased though made me the proudest, the usage of full figured models was amazingly inspirational. The lights bulbs kept flashing & the show kept running. They also had a few musical performances, most of which i disliked but I'm already on it to get Tanya T6 at next seasons show!

Overall the event went great! it was very well put together & i have no complaints, cannot wait till the next! Big shout outs to TheHipEvent for making this all happen!


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