Bigga dan a MONSTA!

Houston we have a Problem! The Harajuku Barbie has launched her first solo single ft Sean Garret "Massive Attack" !
The song is a str8 club banger! The long wait for her fans is over & the video ft Amber Rose drops tonight on 106 & Park! Drake's single "Over" isnt getting Young Money much buzz so lets see how our Bad Bitch Nicki does!
Oh & heres a pic onset of Nicki & Amber ; )

RIP Selena

April 16, 1971 - March 31, 1995


Massive Attack!

Young Money's own Barbie Nicki Minaj stated last week via her Twitter that her first solo single "Massive Attack" would drop this week!
Ofcourse being amongst the elite i got to hear the track & i will say it is Nicki's BEST solo song!
Pictures of the video have also started to circulate the web. Ill say this much: Booty shorts, pink lambo & Amber Rose ; )


No Pimpin' at the club. Gimme 20 dollas!

So in recent celebrity feuds, wife of prankster Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, SLAMMED Kim Kardashian via twitter for the use of the word "Pimpin'"

(Thought id take the same approach fellow Bloggstress Necole Bitchie uses to "quote" twitter)

Although it was rather unfortunate she had to target Kimmy who was not trying to cause any harm, she was just makin' it do what it do to some Jay-Z - but Demi has a VALID point. Words like Pimp(ing), Bitch, Nigga & many more have been taken from its original context & used as a "friendly" term. On this note, I APOLOGIZE TO ANYONE I OFFEND WITH MY HORRID USE OF THE WORDS, I MEAN NO HARM.

Livin' La Vida Gay!

From livin' the liife in the closet to officially coming out in a blog Ricky Martin wrote on his website today addressing his sexuality.

Trending for about half a day now, Ricky Martin confirms the rumors of homosexuality. FOR YEARS people have wondered from failed relationships to even having children, he refused to reveal the truth. What may have dawned upon him to do it on this day, the world may never know but he has been given the 100% support of his fans & other celebrities via Twitter such as Perez Hilton, Micah Jesse & many more.


Little Freak

So Usher has been trying to refind his sexy & reclim that sex symbol status. We all heard & seen "Daddy's Home" - its working!

Usher's next single is the highly talked bout "Little Freak" ft Young Money's first lady, Nicki Minaj!

& Usher even said "This has been the sexiest video ive ever done" - I couldnt had agreed more! I seen the full video, so i bring you guys a small snippet! Hope you enjoy;



Tonight Lady GaGa premiered her newest video to her 6th consecutive #1 single; Telephone ft Beyonce. & must say, she did it again!

The pop queen put her poker face on & gave a mind blowing performance in the 9 minute mini-movie performance that was an extension of her smash video; Paparazzi! Prison, GaGa's Twat, & Beyonce, what more could you ask for?!

The video premiered on Vevo & the world premiere was on the E! network - Ryan Seacrest happens to be a smart man! I'm sure the ratings were OUT THE ROOF!

Note that at the end of the video it says "TO BE CONTINUED" my thoughts are, "So Happy I Could Die" GaGa has expressed the desire to release 4 singles off the Fame Monster album, & that song is the only song that ties in with the lesbo-erotic nature of GaGa & Bey fleeing the country at the end... or they could be off to Cancun & make things "Hot Like Mexico" & do Alejandro... who knows.


Ring Ring

"Telephone" ft Beyonce has become Lady GaGa's 6th consecutive #1 song ! But dont even try calling her, she's busy on her Australian tour for "The Monster Ball."

The anticipation for this video is crazy! It managed to hit #1 with NO PROMO other than requested radio play & album sales! Bey & GaGa linked up before for Sasha Fierce's "Video Phone" & now they back at it again!

Promo pictures have already been leaked on sites such as GaGaDaily.com & some insider info aswell. The video is set to be 10 minutes long & is a continuation of where Paparazzi left off! Telephone shall premiere on the E! network March 11 at 11:30pm [eastern time]! Gosh does Ryan Seacrest know how to get them ratings or what?!

ALSO, its being said that the hit song "Telephone" was written by GaGa for none other than Britney Spears! I doubt the credibility behind this because both GaGa & Darkchild have noted that they worked on this song together specifically for the Fame Monster album.

Liife&Such: Battle of the Sexes

01 Intro
02 How Low
03 My Chick Bad Feat. Nicki Minaj
04 Everybody Drunk Feat. Lil Scrappy
05 I Do It All Night
06 Sex Room Feat. Trey Songz
07 I Know You Got A Man Feat. Flo Rida
08 Hey Ho Feat. Lil Kim and Lil Fate
09 Party Ho Mo Feat. Gucci Mane
10 B.O.T.S. Radio Feat. I-20
11 Can't Live With You Feat. Monica
12 Feelin So Sexy
13 Tell Me A Secret Feat. Ne-Yo
14 My Chick Bad Remix Feat. Diamond, Trina and Eve
15 Sexting (Bonus Track)

Ludacris is back & better than ever! Battle of the Sexes was released yesterday March 9th & is in my opinion the HARDEST hiphop album in a WHILE. A cohesive piece of work, he was able to place the best of the best on his songs. The tittle & nature of most of the songs depict the male-female reltionship mostly 0n a sexual note & how men view women. This has to be my dream album - its exactly what i been wanting SOMEONE to do.

From including the most talked about female mc Nicki Minaj, to bringing back 90's radio hit riders like Lil Kim & Monica - this album holds the best. But i guess being on DTP [Disturbing The Peace] doesnt earn you album credits, Shawnna whos known for "Getting some Head" - is on the hit single How Low & the raunchy Feelin' So Sexy is NOT put on the album as a feature. IDK whether thats a good or bad thing.

My favorite song on the album & my current ringtone is "My Chick's Bad" - as i said before, it was only a matter of time before the original King of the South & the newest sexpot in the game linked up. For the remix that is also on the album & features Diamond, Trina & Eve who were all featured in the original video, All 3 females skills & styles vary but props to Diamond who held it DOWN.

Liife&Such: Tynisha Keli

Anyone who's close to Jadore know that my taste in music is great. "I Wished You Loved Me" one of my most played songs on itunes! Singer/Songwriter Tynisha Keli has been on my "Very Talented" list for a long time & even just got the chance to interview her for the blog! Check it out!

Q.I know you via Twitter & your Music - let my readers know a lil more about TK?

A.well, I'm just a girl who came from nothing. I'm from new Bedford, MA and moved away from home to pursue my career when i was 14

Q.How did you get into music?

A.I met a man who used to be in marky mark and the funky bunch his name is Scott Ross. when i met him and sang for him he took me under his wing and the rest is history

Q.Was it what you always wanted to do?

A. I never really knew i wanted to do this actually!! It wasn't until i went to a studio and recorded. it was around 13 or 14

Q. Other than Music - any other things you are interested in?

A. i love to go to the movies and hang out with my friends... I'm a simple girl lol

Q. 2010 - new year; does that mean New Music from you as well?

A. absolutely. I actually have a new album coming out in a few months called "The Fifth Element"

Q. I'm watching Ray J love show - any TV for you? Maybe "TK 4 Love?" Lol

A. Oh lord absolutely not!! if it's that difficult to find someone you're compatible with then it's just not in God's plan [amen]

Q. Where do you wish to be at by the end of this year career wise?

A.I hope to have my American album out.

Q. Social networks - how do u like staying connected to fans?

A. Twitter has become VERY convenient but aside from that i still do youtube videos and ustream from time to time.

So I like to keep things fun so ill ask some random questions now; just for an airy portion of this interview :-)

Celebrity crush? LOL not really

Johnny Depp or Brad pitt? Wow that's tough... i would say brad pitt... Johnny Depp lost his sex appeal

All time fav book(s)? The Alchemist <<>

If you could collabo with Anyone mainstream musically, who? Probably Justin Timberlake

What is your fav song that you ever recorded?

I would have to say a song i just did called "How to Love" on the new album.

It was short & cute but isn't that just like her? =] It was something quick just for you all to be in the TK loop! & did you hear that, NEW MUSIC! Time to free up some space on my iPod - I'm sure this is going to be GOOD!


Jadore: Omega Red

Yesterday hiphop's finest rode around New York to the sounds of Omega Red's newest album & smash single "Endz ft Details"

After some trouble finding the bus lol i finally got there & it truly indeed lived up to its Party Bus name! Sunglasses on - i made my way into the crowded bus full of the "lovely" aka liquor & the music! After seating with my mentor Cynamin Jones, i proceeded to absorb the surrounding - i was definitely a happy camper. I had an ear load of Omega Red music due to the speakers right above me & it was better than front row at MSG.

After a shot & some nice meet-n-greets with a lovely Libra, Serious Jones, Harlam & more - Omega Red came to the back of the bus that i deemed VIP cause of all the popping shxt going on. His song came on & he spit it all on the spot as if in the booth - that's what hip hop's about!

The music blared through the speakers the rest of the ride & the good times kept rolling. It was nothing short than a good put together event. I Love hiphop, as fun of a bus ride as it was it was nothing less than filled with the misconceptions that shroud the game. Drugs, Drinks & Girls - HipHop: The After Party.

Shout out to Mazi for doing a great job filming us in that bitch.


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