Faith, Notorious-ly Sued.

10 years after the Notorious B.I.G's death & his memory still haunts his widow, the once rnb Bad Boy recording artist Faith Evans.

Earlier this week, a lawsuit was filled against FayFay (as Biggie used to call her) because of a contracted agreement between her & Kaushi Entertainment to release home videos of the late rapper. Faith was given 30k for footage of Biggie for a documentary which Kaushi now reports never to have received. How much is she being sued for? 1million dollars! & if you are at ALL familiar with what became of her after Biggie & after Bad Boy - she was recently arrested alongside her current husband for possession of illegal drugs!

All My Single... Kardashian's

In a recent photo shoot for People's Magazine annual "Most Intriguing People" issue - it came to no shock that the Kardashian sister's would be in this list seeing as in 2009 they were big name(s) in the media. From Kim & Khloe endorsing Quicktrim, Kourtney having douchebag longtime on & off boyfriend Scott's baby, Khloe's marriage to NBA player Lamar Odom & so many other media ventures - these girls surely WORKED the press!

People magazine thought they'd cast Khloe, Kim & a very pregnant Kourt to be photographed in a similar get-up as that in Beyonce's 2009 smash single "Single Ladies." I Think they look BEAUTIFUL - Quicktrim OBVIOUSLY worked slimming Khloe & tightening Kim & motherhood couldn't had looked any better on Kourt. Kourt since then gave birth to her baby boy.

Barbie Album?

The first lady of Young Money, Nicki Minaj has been reviving the hype for female rappers! She's focused so much on doing so that she's in no rush to drop an album :

"I think with an album just like with my mixtapes and all the stuff I do i never
like to rush it,people don't even remember what a female rapper does...we're so
not used to it...its non-existent...I have to work them up to accepting a female
rapper again, accepting the music and my style and then the album will come."

I couldn't had agreed more with the Harajuku raptress - the female rap genre & mc as we know it have been on a major decline.

Let's see;

  • Lil' Kim's latest feature efforts at rap just AREN'T the same.
  • Remy Ma "Had One hot Song" ok maybe 2 before being arrested (Free Remy!)
  • Foxy Brown hasn't done anything new in ages but i hear shes on Luda's upcoming album "Battle of the Sexes"
  • Eve - who?
  • Trina is releasing an album

but no one has buzz like Nicki! This comment that she's in no rush for a album release contradicts Sean Garett's earlier comment this week claiming that new SOLO material is to soon be expected from her... hmm lets see what happens.

One thing i know this DOES NOT mean is that she wouldn't be doing anymore feature's because Yup, she did it again. Via Twitter both her & Bobby Valentino leaked their latest collabo "Stiletto's & a T-Shirt"

Face of Miu Miu

No this is NOT a young picture of Kate Moss, this is Lindsey Wixon - the 15yr old highschool sophomore chosen as the face of Miu Miu!
As you can see she was a no brainer - Twiggy-esque face, & super long legs - She's Gorgeous!


Liife&Such: Robot & Brucling

Via Twitter as you all know i have been able to expand my network and have made some great personal friends because of it.
& because of Twitter i met my good friend Bruce who with his partner Robot are starting their own Bowtie Line: Robot&Brucling. Their website is now up with a small preview of what they have in store for you all! www.robotandbrucling.com
We met up during Fashion Week & i was able to get you guys an exclusive ! Enjoy!

I know a bit about who you are , but let my readers know more about who u are, what you do & where you're from?

We're visionary artists from Boston, MA. We craft our visions into realities. We're actually using our hands for this particular vision, our new collection

How did you get into designing?

Well we're artist, so this is nothing we "got into" per say, you're born with the itch in your palms and vision in your mind to create things. Not much of a choice...

Robot&Brucling - How did the name come up? & why bowties?

Lol, the name was born from friends who gave us nicknames as jokes at different points in time. We were working on our own collections separately, yet always together and in church praying for direction and agreement. We decided to work together. We both love bow-ties and have been wearing them for years, long before they were trendy. So, naturally we wanted to start our label with one of our favorite accessories.

You know I LOVE your bowties designs - what else can we expect from the first of many lines?

Brucling: expect the unexpected!

Robot: originality and passion-

Do you ever plan on branching out into clothing and other accessory design?

How can we not? Vision has no end..., not for us at least...

What do YOU like most about designing?

Brucling:Having freedom of expression and sharing vision with the world

Robot: The unbiased relationship I have with my passion and thoughts through to completion

Celebrity endorsement being a big part of branding now a days, who would you like to see in your bowties?

There are so many we'd love to see wearing them, not even for endorsement, the endorsement comes with the love put into the design and construction of each piece. But! Lol, LeBron James, Sean Combs, Janelle Monae, George Clooney, Ellen DeGeneres, and Gwen Stefani. But plenty more...

Blog sites - a huge up coming form of media. What d you think about them? Any blogs you enjoy? What about Liife&Such :-)

They're important! The new soap-box if you will... Lol. Of course we enjoy Liife&Such! Besides that there are too many to name.

So in all my interviews I like to keep it fun so I add a lil portion of fun questions; here it goes


Dior or Prada? Which one?

Robot: Valentino Couture, Lanvin for Men's RTW & Hermes leather goods

Brucling: Alexander McQueen [rip]

Favorite men's fragrance?

Robot: which ever one makes me feel best for the occasion.

Brucling: I'm addicted to Tom Ford as of right now.

Do you celebrate Valentines?

Robot: Sometimes...

Brucling: Yes I valentines day is everyday for me

Who inspires you in liife?

Robot: The unknown individual that God wants me to be. And my mommy of course

Brucling: God and my mom inspire me

Twitter or Facebook

Robot: Facebook

Brucling: Facebook, but I love my twitter followers.

I see so much success in these guys future - their style is impecable & their design execution is FANTASTIC! Their clean cut, their new faces, their Robot&Brucling! Below are some sample pictures to their designs!



I'm having a crazy 20th birthday ou there in my town of NEW YORK CITY!
I run this town & you can come stop by and chillout with me MARCH 5TH at CLUB CACHET on 45thst & 9thave!
You can drop by & chillout w/ me and my people all night!!

Who made Lady GaGa?

"It's crazy knowing that the biggest star in the world was inspired by me," says Starlight. The NYC based go-go dancing DJ, who knew GaGa as Stefani & convinced her that trousers were a thing of the past.

If you follow Lady GaGa's career you know that before rising to fame her & Lady Starlight were the best of friends and even performed together. They met via mutual friends in the underground NYC club scene, & teamed up afterwards calling their shows; ''The Lady GaGa & Starlight review."

Thankfully GaGa knows her roots & has always shown her love & appreciation for the now 34 year old DJ. & starlight has this to say about it:

"My style, performance art and DJing inspired her persona. Now she's
gone on to become a global phenomenon and I'm so proud."


Liife&Such Tanya T6 Popular

As you know rnb singer & good friend of mine & liife&such, Tanya T6 released a Valentine day mixtape entitled "Reflections of Love"
The entire mixtape is full of jams and amazing bedroom tunes including the song i wrote Him2 & the upcoming single: Popular!
The song is super fun & super flirty but ill let YOU guys be the judge of that!

name="allowscriptaccess" value="always">
PS: Tanya & her management will be holding a casting for dancers this upcoming weekend in NYC. So all you dancers in the NY/Tristate area - come on down and show her what you got for a chance to be in her upcoming music video(s)!

Happy Birthday RiRi

Today marks international popstar Rihanna's 22nd birthday! & although both their management's have said Her & Matt Kemp are nothing more than friends - an inside source tells us OTHER wise:
“(Matt) really wanted to do something nice for Rihanna this year since she didn’t have much of a 21st
birthday last year,” says one source. According to the insider, Kemp originally
wanted to throw Rihanna a surprise party, but eventually Rihanna caught on and now
knows there will be a small get-together."
Just friends? #CmonSon we also heard via E! that the event will be a small low key party with Caribbean food & close friends & family.

Fader: Harajuku Edition

Nicki Minaj is the latest covergirl for Fader magazine where she talks about her animated persona, rhyme skills, & new found success!

Fashion Week Music

Oneal McKnight thought of the ingenious idea of making a single for Fashion Week featuring popular celebrity blogger Micah Jesse & former Danity Kane BadBoy artist Aubrey O'Day! Check this hot track out!

Chanel Iman Covergirl

Super cutie, super model Chanel Iman has BLOWN up in the past year from multiple magazine covers to walking for Victoria Secret!

So it comes to no surprise that she graces the cover of Modelina's 1st edition magazine! Good Job girl!

What'd Ya Want From Me? To Get off Your Phone!

This past Monday PC Richards held their 'IHeartRadio' concert. One of the performers included Idol runner up, Glam-Rock artist Adam Lambert!

He Performed a set of songs but had some audience inconvenience during his Acoustic performance of his hit song "What'd ya Want from Me?" Watch:

Yes, Adam had to ask a girl to get off her phone followed by a "ugh wtf bitch" look on his face! Lol Priceless!


Robot & Brucling

My good friend Bruce & his partner are now a step closer to their bowtie fashion line debut! From spikes, studs and diamonds their pieces should already be on wishlists, hell they are on mine!

heres a small taste: www.ROBOTandBRUCLING.com


Kardashian's for BeBe

The stylish Kardashian sisters took the no brainer decision than to partner up with sexy womens wear line BeBe to create their own line!

The line made its debut at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week here in NYC. This line is def for the chic fashionistas looking to to have that Kard-ASS-hian look. The line seems to consist's of dresses, jackets & shoes all ready to wear pieces for soicalites every where!

PS the models looked washed up...i wouldda prefered seing Kim, Khloe & Kourt walk that runway, im just sayin'

Konvict str8 to the Bank of GaGa

GaGa is the Fame Monster shes always wanted to be. International success & fame is what she has racked up on. Broke records monthly with the her #1 hit singles & is now on a world tour; THE MONSTER BALL.
"Sometimes i feel so def in the jam" was the lyrics she sang in "Paper Gangsta" in description to being dropped as a song writer from label Def Jam; luckily for us she signed with KonLive Music...the rest was history!
KonLive music is a branch of Interscope records ran by hiphop male artist Akon. He's releasing a album later this year but said this in an interview in LA a few days ago:
"She's [Lady GaGa] pretty much retired me! She was definitely a
blessing. She came at the right moment. I'm glad I believed in her, boy. That
goes to show you, if you believe in something strong enough, it will pay off."
Ofcourse it does! Anything GaGa has touched between the release of her top single 'POKER FACE' & her latest 'Bad Romance' turned into GOLD!
PS a little spoiler alert, Lady GaGa will be one of the collaborating artist on Akons next album alongside David Guetta & more!


Reflections of Love!

After 14 days of long Vblogs, 2 contest "Be Mine" Valentine date winners, a minor set-back - the day is finally here!
Tanya aka T6 mngmt said it was a GO on the mixtape hosted by DJ DELZ and i have the exclusive first link for ya'll!
Be sure to check out the single POPULAR & the song i wrote HIM2

Tanya T6 Vday 13

e60million - NO MERCY!

Homie to Liife&Such, G's to Gent cast member E6 been coming hard on RECORD! Not so long ago another one of the show's cast member had reports on him, but not for anything gentlemanly. Kaysan was arrested for breaking his daughters bones in both her arms & legs.

As a father, E6 aka e60million vented the best way he knows how - recorded a full blown song showing his disgust for Kay's actions. Listen to the song below, what do yall think? hit E6 up on twitter (twitter.com/iame6) and let him know how ya feel about the record - tell him Jadore sent'chall over

if the song dows not play here is the link: http://tweetmysong.com/141412


RIP Alexander McQueen

While the tents went up for fashion week here in New York & everyone anticipated McQueens newest line, 'Mc-Q' that was sceduled to show yesterday... over in London the 40 year old designer's body was found dead at his apartment.

Police have not released details yet but it was confirmed NOT a homicide...possible suicide? However it was that his life came to an end...he shall be missed. His style, his clothes, his fashion will live on.

Tanya T6 Vday 12

NY MB FW Day #2



Reflections of Love being Reflected?

As you all know R&B singer Tanya aka T6 was releasing a mixtape this Valentines day, but it seems as though her management is not happy with the product out now... Check out Vblog Day 11:

Drama for Valentine... Milking nipples? Aside from the lactating breast's - i think Tanya needs this project out. Good album - her mngt is way out of line.

UPDATE on the mixtape drama: Both Manager Hunter and artist Tanya T6 have taken to twitter to vent - apparently Hunter is no longer pushing the Valentine Mixtape entitled "Reflections of Love." Lets see how this all plays out - tomorrow's the scheduled date for the mixtape release party...


Tanya T6 Vday 10

NY MB FW Day #1

Tomorrow marks day 1 of New York Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2010! The schedule for the first day alone looks crazy, hectic but most of all - FIERCE!

Ofcourse just are fashion-hungry asses luck, Blizzard hits the Tri-state area the day before. But the Show(s) MUST go on!

Here is the schedule* (brought to you by MBfashionweek.com)

Altman Building, 135 West 18th Street
3 PM PORTS 1961
5:30 - 7:30 PM LA PERLA
540 West 26th Street

Thats the rundown for day 1 - see you on the cat walk ; )

*schedule is subject to change

Come'ere Rude Boy!

Somebody obviously demanded Rihanna showed us some of her island moves!

The international pop star recently filmed the video to her 3 single; Rude Boy. The video is very colorful & "rasta"-heavy. Think Fresh Prince of Bel-Air hat colors, lions, Jamaica & gyrating hips! Although not the most polished dancer - you can see she probably used to THROW DOWN at house parties!

Although the Single cover is much more sexy than the video, its a diff direction. Good try, but id leave that all to M.I.A

Here's the video brought to you by ONSMASH!

One thing I'm having an issue with RiRi on this album and her overall direction is, its quite forgettable. All of the songs, singles and videos. This Edged out persona she brought about during the end of her Good Girl Gone Bad ride either needs to go away and she needs to reinvent herself... or she needs to be innovative. Its the same thing I'm getting from breakout star KE$HA - cute songs, hot image but how long could YOU keep this up? I feel as though RiRi needs to release a diss record or suttn or imma dub her "BAD GIRL GONE GOOD!" Now we need a ballad off Rated R - bring on the PHOTOGRAPHS


Tanya T6 Vday 9


Tanya T6 Vday 8


Tanya T6 Vday 7


Tanya T6 Vday 6


Tanya T6 Vday 5

My chick is Bad

Is anyone else waiting on a Luda & Nicki collabo? I sure...WAS!
I have for you an exclusive leak - Ludacris ft Nicki Minaj ' My Chick is Bad'
I mean this collabo is a no-branier! Its the King of the south and original nasty rapp man ft the newest sexy kitten raptress Nicki... amazing. I love the track... what about ya'll?

Pussy Fight... (pause!)

Being that im such a music aficionado - a few days ago i embarked to find this yet to be heard track off the Game's new album ft Nicki Minaj. Shortly after searching with NO LUCK; the God of Unreleased Music must've had mercy on me & i FOUND IT!
'Pussy Fight' the name of the track features Ray J... but after listening to it i hear upcoming singer ESTER DEAN instead of the alleged NICKI MINAJ verse...bummer right? WRONG! After replaying the song, not only did i hear in depth the nasty word content of the lyrics but Ray J seemed to have some bottled up feelings towards Kim Kardashian & her current beau Reggie Bush. Here are the lyrics & YOU tell me what YOU think:
Ray J: “Who you think got all these girls talking bout Kim for?
And I know she with Reggie Bush, But that was Ray J’s bush, She used to blow it,
used to blow it like Ray J’s Kush…”
Umm wow. I believe Kim would be as popular as she is REGARDLESS whether she had boned Ray or not & if you saw the sextape, we ALL know Kim's kitty isn't a "bush" - you'd think he'd have some sort of respect seeing as he KNOWS how it is to have a past lover drop your name all the time *cough DANGER cough*
C'Mon Ray - lets NOT do this... stick to Ms Berry & leave Kim-Ggie alone!
On another note - Game waddap... these lyrics is um CRAZY!

2010 NYFW

After the announcment and success of Fashion Night Out - All the Fashionista's nation & world wide, have been anxiously awaiting 2010 New York M.B. Fashion Week!

Held annually in Bryant Park - this year is full of great new things! The tents will be star studded & fashionably fabulous!

Along with Fabulous also comes the gift of giving - 'Fashion for Relief' will be holding a show Feb 12 for Haiti.

The star studded week will start Feb. 11 - 19. Fashion all week, at all hours!

For press, info & schedule you can visit: NY-MBFW.com There they have a daily listing of the showings!

This year i shall partake in some Fashion Week festivites - both Coco & Breezy & Stevie Boi shall be showcasing new eyewear lines & i will be attending and bringing you all the Fabulous exclusives on the event, guests & eyewear!


Shakin' it for Letterman

Tune into The Late Show tonight at 11:30om eastern time for a performance of Robin Thicke ft Nicki Minaj's song; Shakin' it For Daddy off of the SexTherapy album in stores now!

Valentine with Tanya T6!

Dont have a Valentine? Now you might ; )
R&B singer Tanya aka T6 is holding a contest to take 2 fans out on a date! The songtress who recently released a Holiday album ; 'Holiday's at Home' which could be purchased at iTunes - is now releasing a Valentine day mixtape!
If you've been reading the blog you have seen the recently added VBlog countdown shes done where she announced the contest!
To enter the contest; visit www.TheBestofTanya.com !
Follow her at www.Twitter.com/tanyaakaT6 for more contest info!

Tanya T6 Vday 4

Dear friend to Liife&Such, R&B singer Tanya T6 is holding a Valentine's day contest where she takes 2 fans of hers (male & female) out on a date!

Shes asking for all her Fans in the TRISTATE AREA* to submit their Valentine's Date Contest info at her website www.TheBestofTanya.com

The 2 winners will be taken out by the singer on a surprise date! All submitions must be in before Feb 11! The winners shall be chosen Feb 12!

*Tristate area includes Ny, NJ & CT - only!

Tanya T6 Vday 3

Tanya T6 Vday 2

Tanya T6 Vday 1

Tanya aka T6: Vday Vblog

Female R&B Rising star, Tanya T6 will be releasing Daily VBlogs to keep you up to date on her daily routines as she preps for her Valentine’s Day mixtape.

While we countdown the release of her mixtape available February 14, 2010, we bring you:


Link for sharing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bkj5OmdJbEQ

Tanya T6 "Holiday’s At Home" EP available on ITUNES

Connect and interact with Tanya T6




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