Thomas PR Group presents Sylvia Thomas

National Playwright; Sylvia Thomas has teamed up with Thomas PR GROUP 1 & Soul Pitch Media To announce another Gospel Award Winning show!

If your a fan of Tyler Perry's Plays then You would love to experience the soul of the family Tree. Ms Thomas is Tyler Perry's first cousin and he has co-signed the play "I used to be a Church Girl" soon to hit the Broadway stage.

Having joined forced with us, youre surely to see her EVERYWHERE in the next couple of months leading up to the date of the play.


I Kissed a Vamp!

After kissing some girls you think being edgy like Katy Perry she'd be ok with kissing vampires. 2 weeks ago the songtress & on screen hunk vamp Robert Pattinson, met while attending a Karaoke bar for a mutual friends birthday. After the festivities it was reported that Katy & Rob left in the same vehicle! This surely was a major press W-T-F due to earlier pictures of Rob and his Twilight on & off screen girlfriend Kristin Stewart starting to show that ol' school PDA (public display's of affection.) Rob being the Hot comodity that he is in recent times ofcourse the rumors started!
But Katy Perry took to Twitter (as many stars do now a days) & published this tweet : "Read a bunch of yesterday's news. People should know by now that I don't do vampires." Although no "direct" link to the pictures or the rumors, what other vamp is as out there as Edward Cullen?
& for the sake of the amazing chemistry him & Kristin have in the Twilight Saga, im sure all the fans were quite releived!
& while we're on some Katy news, its been said that she has recently worked on and finished work for her sophomore studio album that is set to release sometime early #in2010! Lets hope she can surpass the "sophomore curse" & bring us some more amazing hit songs.

Twilight Saga: Eclipse

The Twilight Saga continues! Although I'm angered by the fact that i have YET to see the second installation of the twilight Saga: New Moon - but even without seeing it i am already basking in the amazingness of the hype for the third; ECLIPSE!

So i been following Teen Vogue via Twitter for a while now & their last tweet happened to be the FIRST official picture of Rob & Kristen together on screen, or should i say Bella & Edward. Here is the photo:

It is also rumored that a quick trailor of the movie will be played during the shwoing of teh next Oscars! DAMN these people know how to market! Well as the hype builds i shall be awaiting the arrival of New Moon on DVD and another Hot Topic Twilight Saga party!

Xclusive: KnoNo

So the downloads went FAST! So i thought... why not give you guys some more?!
I got an email with some HOTNESS & it was the one n only KNONO with another track!
Check this out in the link below but download it SOON these are limited time xclusives ONLY!

Xclusive: KnoNo

Coming str8 out with the heat! Thomas PR Group brings you KNONO!
& We love for you all to get first listens and xclusives so here we have for ya his newest song! Click below!!!

Xclusive: Smoke from Field Mob

Smoke from Field Mob has joined forces with us over at Thomas PR Group!

So we gon' get you all set up with some Smoke music! Courtesy of us at Thomas PR Group we bring you his newest song: BackSeat.

Smoke: BackSeat!


Liife&Such: Lisa D'Amato

From the television program Americas Next Top Model to your funky sounds & music; I know who LISA DAMATO is but how bout you tell my readers who you are?

I like to say that I'm someone that you don't understand but make a lot of sense. I'm a soldier that's a lover and a fighter with a heart that weighs me down on both ends. I'm an L.A. native with sarcasm that even makes me laugh even at the most tragic moments in life. People say that I have a big mouth....which I don't get cuz if I show you....it’s HUGE!!! People say "oh that bitch does whatever the fuck she wants!" That’s an understatement! Lol (never to hurt anyone though)I will always fight for the credit I deserve because, well ...I deserve MORE!

So I was a fan of yours since “cousin it” (lol), I know your top model past must haunt you and people MUST want to know so let me just satisfy my curiosity and get it out now: How was that experience for you?

I'm someone that doesn't like to have any regrets, but as time continues I feel like this could be one. Music is my LOVE!! Entertaining is my LOVE!! Because I did Top Model to get some exposure I feel it has put serious weights on my legs as I'm trying to run. It was kind of a catch 22. Music is the HARDEST industry to break into and since Top Model; I'm the "Model" from "Top Model" that is "trying" to be an artist. It's fine because It's slowly fading but if anyone knew me, they would know how dedicated and how hard I work...not to mention RAW TALENT and the SUPER fun music that I've made. The good thing about Top Model is that I got to see how reality shows are made, how they manipulate situations to cause friction, and editing!! It made me smarter.

What’d you think about Tyra Banks BEFORE & AFTER being on the show?

I thought Tyra was super cool before Top Model. To me, she was a model that transferred to T.V. and was acting along side of Will Smith in "Fresh Prince of Bel-air" I just thought that was the coolest!!! I'm one of Will Smith's biggest fans!! When we were filming the show, we all had the opportunity to have a 1 on 1 with her and ask her anything about modeling. (I really didn't care about modeling, to be honest) so I asked her how it was to work with Will Smith and she kicked me out. From that point on I thought she was a bitch. (But I kept my mouth shut)

The other girls, do you keep in contact with any?

Life is weird. All the girls that I actually got along with (Ebony, Diana) on the show, I don't speak to anymore. (Not on purpose) .Kim Stolz was on my season and she was the biggest shit talker ever. After watching the show, it really hurt my feelings....but I talk to her the most. Totally weird.

Did Top Model open any doors at all?

I modeled since I was 12. Traveled all over the world modeling. After Top Model, I got fewer jobs! Granted I have a strong personality and I drank and was the wild child, clients don't want a personality attached to there product. Just a face most of the time. After show you should just do other reality shows. The modeling world really doesn't want anything to do with you after Top Model. (Everyone thank Tyra) lol There are always exceptions to the rule like anything, but for the most part, this is true.

Now that I got those out the way, now music. I didn’t know you were an artist that actually how my admiration for you re-emerged. How did you get into music?

Music is like fishing for me, it caught me and then I was hooked! The whole music thing started when I was a little underage club rat in L.A. My older sis and I were obsessed with dancing and Hip Hop when I discover the club scene around 14 years old, I was hooked! I'd dance all night. I'd sing at every karaoke spot, I'd crip walk on the dance floor in the circles in clubs. I was in the process of being signed to become an American pop star for Asia, but it didn't work out. It just continued to develop as I did. Music was my escape and soon to be my future. Luckily, I was always into poetry in school and always looking for every creative outlet to express myself. I love writing songs, and dancing more then anything in the world. Because I'm also a jokester, after top model, I wrote this song called "Ace of Spades" and then made a video. Perez Hilton jumped on that video and the rest is history. lol

Your sound is edgy fun & funky, where do you get your music ideas from?

My music ideas come from life and my personality, I guess. I love Beck and Madonna, and Salt n' Pepper, TLC, Lauren Hill, Fiona Apple, Guns N' Roses, PINK FLOYD!!! Grand Master Flash, Eminem, Weird Al, Dr. Dre, Snoop, you name it! I listened to it! (Except for country....never got into that) Also, I'm very opinionated. I am a strong woman. I always have something to say. Music is the best outlet for me.

Do you write &/or produce your own stuff, or do you have like a team?

I write my lyrics. The beats are from different producers. It's so much fun to work with different people and see what you come up with. I love it! Right now I'm working with Warner Chapell and more producers. My Album "La Puchinetta" will be available on iTunes in a few weeks!! January 2010!! Git it!

So in terms of music, what’s coming up for you? Any new songs you working on? Music videos? Albums?

My album "La Puchinetta" will be available on iTunes in January. It's soo killer! My song "Grind" is a single that is available on iTunes now along with the L.A. club banger "Trainwreck". Both of those have music videos that you can find on my YouTube page at youtube.com/damodel69. The past few months all I've been doing is writing new songs. The past few years I've been performing nonstop! It's been incredible. This December I've taken a break. 2010 is looking super bright! I'm excited.

On a more GENERAL topic, we are coming to the end of 2009. It’s been a great year for me, what about you – any memorable events for you this past year?

2009 was crazy. I definitely learned a lot. I got the opportunity to work and perform with a lot of amazing people. This was the year that I really had the grace to look inside myself and understand what I needed to do to be my best. This year was all about self-betterment so I could move forward. I think it was the year for prep for my 2010! :)

Memorable moments of 2009......hmmmm.....performing with my dancers at the Key Club/Viper Room/ at the Hard Rock Hotel opening for Pepper. All the road trips....soo fun. Getting my puppy WallE. Sooo many.....

Any new year’s resolutions? If so, why those?

My New Year's Resolution is cherish the ones that I love. I'm so driven sometimes that I have tunnel vision. I want to smell the roses. I want to cook more and laugh more and....hopefully keep up with flossing! I've been on a good run thankfully.

So I thought I found love a few times this year, better luck next time lol – any lucky men in your life? If so, what’s the deal with that “How Yew Doin?” (Wendy Williams voice)

I have a beautiful man. He's more of an angel but, yes, I found love and he's not going anywhere and neither am I. :)

Speaking about Wendy, any upcoming television appearances for you?

Yes. I will be on Celebrity Rehab 3 with Dr. Drew in a couple weeks. I was NOT detoxing from anything or addicted to anything. I was there to see f I could possibly develop an addiction. I have trauma from my childhood that needed to be addressed so that I could move on in my adult life, otherwise, it could be a developing problem. Being that I have been exploited drinking on T.V. it made me a good target. I'm down to tear down to rebuild and to learn. I learned sooo much. I also have developed my own show called "My Name is Lisa" produced by Jason Martinez and it is developed through my manager and I's production company called DBattery Productions. I'll give you 3 words to describe my show that I've heard: Compelling, sexy & entertaining! Wait for it.......;)

& Wendy is to TV as TV is to Media – how do you feel about Blogs? I know with so many negative and very few positive blogs and bloggers out there it makes it hard to be in the lime light, any blogs & bloggers you like? *bats eyelashes*

I LOVE www.lifeandsuch.blogspot.com!!! Soo positive! I got to give a thanks to Perez (I know) cuz he gave me some serious love through out these couple years. Thanks to him I was put on the music map. Thanks to him, I've garnished millions of views on my videos!! Thanks Perez. I'm waiting for the next blogger to be his competition! Maybe it's U!!!! Markus Molinari is a friend of mine and he has Markusisthedrug.com I got to show him love cuz I've known him a long time. Keep it up and keep it positive. You can always be funny and sassy and interesting without making someone want to kill themselves, right? Right?

How about all these wacky social networks? Twitter, MySpace, Face book – Do you like the ability to keep close contact with your fans?

I love staying connected. You have to stay connected! Nowadays, networking is everything. It's funny cuz everything is at your fingertips that you can market yourself completely. You can find your own fan base, sell your songs without a label, do it yourself!! It's almost like you can get rid of the middle man all together. I wish that when I started up in this business that I had the capacity on-line that we have now. I see these 15-16 year olds marketing themselves as young artists and I think it is so great. When I was that age, I barely had a beeper. If I wanted to find something, I'd have to look in the yellow pages. They don't understand how easy they got it. Now, all the major labels, booking agents, managers are competing with the talent alone. It's cool!

When you bringing yourself and sounds to the East?!

I'll be there soon I'm sure. With the economy, it's difficult. I'll see you in 2010! :)

So with the basic portion of the interview out of the way & again thank you for your time. This portion I like to give Twitter fan’s a voice! So this is called Liife&Such to Lisa D’Amato via Twitter

Who inspires you to make music?

I inspire myself to make music. I truly believe that I wouldn't be alive today if I didn't have music. Music s my heart beat.

Who do YOU think should’ve won ANTM?

I get asked this question NONSTOP!! Lol In terms of a REAL competition, the one who does the best should win. So me. lol But, I got my contract looked at before going on Top Model and my lawyer told me "Whatever you do DON'T win" she said that it is the worst contract she has ever seen. They control your modeling career for the next 3 years after; they even will do what is necessary to keep you from being as successful as Tyra. Also, you don't WIN that $. That money is used for travel, assistants, hotels, etc for the next year so you can do press FOR Top Model!! No girl makes money. It's RETARDED. I knew that before going on. Do you all remember me pissing in a diaper?? Don't you think I knew they wouldn't pick a winner that pissed in a diaper on Nation Television? Not to mention, the panel doesn't pick who's going home, Cover Girl execs do.

But, yes, should have won!!! lol

Any body mainstream or underground that you would enjoy working with?

There are LOTS of artists that I would love to work with! Good question!! I'd love to work with Peaches!! I think it would be cool to do a song with a few girl rappers also like Uffie and Amanda Blank. I'd love to work with Timbaland, RedOne, Major Lazer, Girl Talk, I really want to work with Will.i.am. too! Fernando Garibay, Benny Blanco, Dr. Luke...all the heavy weights. Adam Lambert and I are homie's, hopefully we can do a song one day. I also love Drake and T.I.

You never know what the future holds...

What was it like the first time you performed? & where was that?

My first "Real" performance was at the Palms in Vegas. It was in front of 6,000 people and I performed my song "BIKINI" with a gold and hot pink sequence bikini with tube socks. I was performing with Shwayze and Cisco. I fucking loved it! I saw a lot of the girls gave me dirty looks. Lol It was hysterical. Performing is my favorite! I love shining on stage. :)

Did you sleep with Tiger Woods? (lol)

I wouldn't say "sleep" would be giving it the proper credit...

See picture below.

How did you know?? ;) (lol)

Favorite album in 2009?

I must say for 2009 that Beyonce and Lady Gaga were my favs. They killed it. Sometimes I think Lady Gaga stole some of Goldfrapp's stylo, but its ok, I guess. She is amazing. And, I wish I were Beyonce, sometimes lol

Me:Thank you Lisa so much as brief as this may be it means a lot that you take the time to show some love and allow me to spread some positive media =]

Lisa: Thank you!! I hope you have an amazing New Year and I hope you find some LUV!!!

I had fun answering these Q & A's. I'll make sure to give you a heads up next time I perform in NY. Til then, I hope you enjoy my album "L a Puchinetta" which will be on iTunes this January as well as watching some serious D.R.A.M.A on VH1's Celeb Rehab w/ Dr. Drew. Self betterment is soooo 2010!!


Dolce&Gabbana Gold

Dolce & Gabbana just recently dropped something for you into all things nice & gold. A Limited gold edition of eyewear. By the looks of it this eyewear line promises to make you look chic & sophisticated. From the latest in lenses to the gold accents on the frames & case! Talk about a elegant piece for the perfect GQ man.


Liife&Such: Christmas Without You

Just in time for Christmas, Tanya T6 Releases New "Holidays At Home" EP This Christmas, Tanya (T6) brings the warm and joyous memories of home and family in her newly released holiday EP "Holidays At Home", songs are available now online on Apple ITunes, Napster, Amazon.com, and other world-renowned digital music companies. Tanya mixes her smooth sultry sound with emotional melodies that capture the essence of the Christmas season.

The album will feature the singer's take on Christmas standards including "Little Drummer Girl" and Dolly Parton's "Christmas without You".

For more information check out: www.thebestoftanya.com

As a good friend of ours that she is Tanya sent over some new stuff for me to give you guys!

Liife&Such Presents the video premiere of: Christmas Without You.

Liife&Such also presents the promo: Holidays at Home

I hope you enjoy all the good music T6 has given us this year!

They put it on Que

Over the weekend there was some trouble in Bad Boy paradise. Apparently, Willie, Robert, Mike & Brian came together as a group and kicked Que out of the group. Claiming that he was going to bring the demise of Day 26.

"We tried our asses off to keep him in the group. Y'all will soon know the truth. What people don’t know we almost lost our deal. We almost lost a lot because of this dude". I never missed a show. You got shows where Que wouldn't even show up. He changed his number, changed his twitter and everything so we didn't have contact for the dude. It had discouraged me to the point where I almost stepped out and went solo. It’s not because of the rest of the group members, it was because of one bad seed. You know how cancer spread? It was like cancer… He wasn't even trying to communicate with us. If he’d just pick up the phone and say "this is what I’m going through". I don’t have his number. I don’t have his twitter. I can’t even reach out to the dude.." says Willie also saying that Ques out look on their mngt was also not helping them out.

In response Que states "Wow I’m so Hurt Right Now. I just received a letter from Day 26 saying that they are moving forward without me. I’m so confused..what did i do? I would not not show up to a show. I would not not show up to a Day 26 event. That is not my character! I support Day 26 but I’m just moving on because they don’t want to get their business in order"

Soon after firing Que, it surfaced that Donnie Klang was going to be his replacement! You know... "Take you There"... ok maybe not.

All in all - the group is now looking for rep & this was NOT the right time to be depleting members. Now Donnie has his spot in the group, but will still be roaming around looking for someone to represent them. I wish them all the best of luck, I mean hey Dawn is still with Diddy - maybe she can help hubby out.

RIP in 2009

As we lay this year to rest, the list of celebrity deaths climbs up to a staggering 16! From the King of Pop to one of Charlies Angel's, this year was surely one filled with sad losses.

Jett Travolta - Jan 2

Ricardo Montalban - Jan 14

Ron Silver - March 15

Natasha Richardson - March 18

Bea Arthur - April 25

David Carradine - June 4

Ed MacMahon - June 23

Farrah Fawcett - June 25

Michael Jackson - June 25

Steve McNair - July 4

Walter Cronkite - July 17

Les Paul - Aug 13

Adam "DJ AM" Goldstein - Aug 28

Army Archerd - Sept 8

Patrick Swayze - Sept 14

Brittay Murphy - Dec 20

My condolences to the family and friends to all of those whom which we've lost! May we not have to bid our farewells to any morebeautiful people this year.

RIP Brittany Murphy

"I am deeply saddened by Brittneys death. She was a bright shining light" said the Clueless co-star Stacey Dash via twitter yesterday, the day that Brittany Murphy ceased to live.
The Clueless & 8 Mile co-star was pronounced dead in LA December 20th after a EMT's rushed to her home to provide CPR to the cardiac arrest ridden actress. Speculations have emerged about drugs and depression but her friends and family beg to differ.
My condolences to her family... but if this is of any moral help: God needed her more than we did.


Liife&Such: Holiday's at Home

Tanya T6 Releases New Holiday EP Entitled: "Holidays At Home"

With the success of her debut single "Get It Off" feat. Jae Millz off her debut mixtape, "The Introduction" (which is also available on Amazon.) , R&B artist Tanya T6 brings you something new to listen to just in time for the season of joy. Her latest EP project titled "Holidays At Home" which is now available on iTunes and Amazon.com for purchase consists of seven hot tracks such as "Stop The Clock", "Christmas Without You", and "Holidays At Home" that will definitely put you in the holiday mood without the overrated traditional Christmas songs that we just can't seem to shake.

The first single off "Holidays At Home" is Tanya T6's rendition to Dolly Parton's "Christmas Without You".

If you want to learn more or hear more about the R&B songstress that has joined forces with hip hop veteran Dame Grease, check her out on Myspace.com/tanyat6 or on Twitter twitter.com/tanyaakat6

As you already know, me & Tanya have become good friends so she wanted to make sure all my readers got a chance to listen to Christmas Without You. Its a limited time thing ONLY so download it FAST! and cop the album on iTunes and/or Amazon!

Tanya aka T6 "Holidays at Home" : Christmas Without You


Liife&Such Music: Dame Grease

Fresh out of the oven Super producer Dame Grease has done it AGAIN! Courtesy of Thomas PR Group, Dame Grease/Blanket Jakson has recenlty leaked me this hot new track produced by J Cardim! Check this out ! Let me know your thoughts, comment email me but DO IT!

Alone - Dame Grease/Blanket Jackson prod. by J Cardim



Universal Grind

"Spittin’ rhymes while the crowds hands in the air" was the truth last night at the HA Comedy club where NBC filmed for its upcoming musical variety contest show; Universal Grind. When we walked up to the place and the question was "Are you here for comedy or Hip-hop?" I had a feeling that tonight’s going to be a good night. Each flight of steps down into the venue the music blared through the walls & you knew Hip-hop was not dead!

Granted instant access through Thomas Pr Group; whom i work for, we made our way to a good spot where we got full upfront play of all the performances. "Stop the Violence" was the trending topic of the night, too bad there was no service I would’ve number signed (#stoptheviolence) it on Twitter.

While we settled into our spot’s the nights host introduced Paper Boy’s. They were very up on what’s "crowd friendly." Their catchy sound had the room of people boppin’ and hollerin’. By the end of their performance, it was a FULL HOUSE! From the DJ booth to the bar, the place was swarming with hip-hop heads, hopefuls, & aficionados. After a high bar setting performance by the Paper Boys, High Stakes ENT. artist: Havi &Teditat took the stage. The Washington Heights artist were pretty good, they laid it down. The next artist, who didn’t get much applaud but I noticed he had sick flow, was Kid Bishop. He had his own style going on and everything, kudos.

After Bishop’s performance the show went into a ten minute intermission. At this point the crowd was so packed; it was time to find a seat! Exiting and entering were more people and artists who would be performing sometime during the night. It was 12am and the night was young and ongoing. Took the time to scope out the people and above all it was a really cool crowd. You saw African Americans and Hispanics, men and women alike all thereto support #StopTheViolence and the artists performing that night. Our ten minutes was up and Universal Grind must go on!

The air was thickened by male dominated freestyles and testosterone so it was about time for the first lady to come on stage. Slim & Lady Rock came forth and much respect to Slim’s flow but Lady Rock surely represented for the ladies! She made some quick & slick punch lines that had everyone’s eye’s steady on her mouth. Of course there were really good performances & some not so good ones. Deacon Frost was the first rapper to bomb. Rapping his song "Upload" the man messed up about ¾ times, he’s lucky we wasn’t as tough of a crowd as that one in 8 Mile. Just our luck, we got back to back not so great performances. A duo by the name of Triple B’s took the stage & it was anything but impressive. The two made the DJ restart they track about 7 times also then exclaiming that they were being sabotaged. If they had gotten up there and delivered greatness, I would’ve given them the benefit of the doubt – but they didn’t.

During the earlier intermission & before we sat down, a group of women came in wearing color coordinated shirts that read "Dream 2" on the front. They were the next act, Dream 2 ENT. took the stage to perform their songs "Bottles in the air" & "Across the room." Although they weren’t the best they had the most theatrical performance. A group of ladies hit the stage as the man rapped and the other female who did rap as well danced with the other girls. After seeing their more put together performance, two young men hit the stage and they looked READY! Trip Towers had an amazing flow, both rappers style complimented each others and they were the most lyrically original. Alike the Paper Boy’s this duo also knew how to give the crowd what they wanted. "Hit me up on my Twitter baby you a Winner-rr"

Sam Wall grinds was the last of the contestants to perform before an array of guest artist graced the stage for some entertainment while the judges deliberated. The host took to the stage to present the first guest artist, G.Dep! Performing his classic song "Special Delivery" from his Bad Boy’s days, along with a new song "Hold Up." After that performance he introduced Mo Money. A lady by the name of La-tiña hit the stage with her song TIK TOK – she was real good. There was also an acapella performance by Infinite because the DJ couldn’t find her track. To end the night was Siamese, a female rapper with a whole lot of swag. She went up there and aside the crowds of people leaving, she performed her song.

After all the performances were done, the host introduced the judges up to announce the winner. Courtney from Sirius XM gave the much awaited results. Much love and respect to all that went out and gave it their best. The winner was . . . you’ll have to wait and see Universal Grind when it airs on NBC sometime in 2010! I hope you enjoyed the coverage of the night. Excuse the LQ pictures, I had the wrong memory card in my camera; just my luck.


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