AMA's 09

This years American Music Awards was PACKED with a roster of amazing artist doing amazing performances. Although Country reigned supreme, they left room for the crowd to get into an empire state of mind and the antics of Lady GaGa. (the images used in today's post do not all reflect the performances last night)

Opening the night was Janet Jackson. Unsurprisingly so - she turned it out! With a medley of some hits as well as a snippet of her new single "MAKE ME" prod by DarkChild. With an array of backup dancers the visuals were def in the building. The only down side id have to say was her HEAVY looking wardrobe. & i wished SHE would went on stage to receive all of MJ's awards - the brother is just STRANGE!

After Janet's performance Daughtry took the stage. The lead is hot - the performance was flawless. All in all great performance by their part.

Accompanied by marching females; Shakira in a disco ball glass cut dress performed. It was very Ciara but way raunchier! I loved it - her voice was on point for this performance. This new Dance/Pop sound shes going for on this sound is amazing. Good Job Timbo! The song Give it up To me is def set to be a radio hit! Its hip-Arabian sound that gets pinned to the Colombian beauty is def a great one. - plus it allowed for gyrating hips and pussy popping.

Keith Urban later took the stage playing his hit single 'Kiss a Girl' - cute performance from a cute country hunk. - not much else to say. the country performances never really do much for me or the crowd. & Dear god Kelly Clarkson took the stage after a warm welcome by Reba McIntyre. Somebody PLEASE help Kelly lose the weight - we are losing you! She sounded beautiful although a very bland performance I'm sure the viewers were more analytical of the weight than her sound =[

Alex Rodriguez came on stage to present Jay-Z & A. Keys as they were about to perform, only fair since NEW YORK won the series (woot woot) - *giggle* Kate Hudson presented an award after...HOW YOU DOING! The performance of Empire state of mind was opened by Keys doing a 'NEW YORK' snippet. Jay-Z looking spiffy as always slayed it with the hype & Alicia did not fail to impress with the cut out back boyfriend blazer held up by beautifully cut stones and a up-do to die for! Kudos the the stylist of that performance - great job. Alicia keys hit the stage for a second time to perform ' To sleep with a broken Heart'

A Minor Black Eyed Pea's tribute which they then performed 'Meet Me Halfway' their newest single & a medley of others. It was ok, the styling was off the wall - but cohesive. The performance lacked SOUND! Although it rivaled a beautiful accapella rendition by Fergie the rest sounded a mess with no music. Will.I.Am was buggin with the wigs and ish. On that note - can we have another album just Fergie? PS be sure to check her out in her first major film role in a Broadway play turned motion picture. She plays a Prostitute alongside Kate Hudson & Nicole Kidman. Moving along now ...

Ne-Yo introduced Rihanna! Intro by a 'MADHOUSE' Film it was very FAME BALL-ish. But i was feeling the video as a visual, Organs turned into the 'Wait your turn' beat in which RiRi was on a spinning body plank in a VERY revealing outfit. After that song she did an amazing performance to her Third single HARD - minus jeezy. Think of rihanna as a more lively hot mummy last night. & she has a thing for a rocker performers style i.e. Shut up & Drive video. Ps her album comes out TODAY! Rated R in stores NOW!

From Mummy's to bayou ladies - Carrie Underwood performed her latest single in a old western bar kind of way. It was cute although she wore a gold & black dress with silver shoes.

But the next performance was the most entertaining of the night. Lady GaGa hit the stage singing her song BAD ROMANCE & SPEECHLESS both on her latest album that is out today! THE FAME MONSTER get it!! Of course she hit the stage in a strange but fashionable ensemble - skeletal chest and head piece along with bone heels, she danced MONSTROUSLY and FIERCELY with the LaurieAnn Gibson routine. The dancers leave and GaGa goes mad ! Takes the mic stand and smashed a glass box in which she will perform her second song SPEECHLESS - a song in dedication to her father with Whiskey bottles & a burning piano - you have to give it to this amazing woman. SHE PUTS ON A SHOW!

Along with an amazing performance, she sadly didn't take home ANY awards. She even lost to Taylor Swift for artist of the Year - mind you the nominees were TAYLOR SWIFT, MICHAEL JACKSON, LADY GAGA & KINGS OF LEON. Where was Kanye when you needed him? Or Joe Jackson? or even Kermit the Frog?! Pity fest for her i swear. I think out of respect the AMA assoc should've then thrown in a MJ tribute - its the AMERICAN MUSIC awards for god sakes, you cant mention American music without the king of POP.

But Before they announced Artist of the Year there were MORE performances including a song off of Mary J Blige's album. She looked AMAZING! After a strange win from 'Gloriana' (shrugs shoulders. J.Lo performed her latest Single LOUBOUTINS written by BRANDY. The performance setting made no sense or co relation to the song & she didn't even wear Louboutins till the last 3 minutes of the performance. Now the great part was when she climbed the dancers backs jumped off & FELL on her ass! But like the true performer she is; got right up and did her small dance break. Hubby Marc Anthony was in the stage supporting the whole time though. Ps she fell in sneakers not her Louboutins, the irony.

Samuel Jackson took the stage to present Whitney Houston with the International artist of the year award. Followed be an emotive performance of her song 'I DIDN'T KNOW MY OWN STRENGTH.' Standing ovation and teary eyed the public stood to applaud the queen for an amazing comeback! We Love you Whitney!

Another artist who let himself go, Timbaland! Although a great performance of 'Morning after Dark' ft SoShy & Nelly Furtado. And let me tell you Nelly looked too damn good on that stage & who knew this song had anything to do with the recent Vampire craze. Followed by a GreenDay performance to 21Guns.

The closing performance was the MOST controversial. Adam Lambert came out the closet now wanna shove his sexuality down our virgin eyes! He wanted to do too much with this one performance. It was very Cirque de Soliei meets Britney meets Madonna meets Rihanna meets TaTu, lots of crotch grabbing, leather and weird molestation by him to the dancers. He even kissed a band member to prove suttn....sad. He's a newbie, he learn that was WRONG!
WELL THERE YOU HAVE IT! The AMA's through the eyes of Liife&Such.
Oh PS here is the gossip! While Jay-Z was giving his speech for winning , chris brown goes on twitter and calls Jay a CORNBALL! Then tries to make it seem like WE blowing it out of proportion but HE kept speaking about it. SOMEONE please help this boy not further damage his career. His life needs some major damage control right about now.


Liife&Such: Stevie Boi

If you are a reader of my blog you recently seen my post on eye wear designers i have been loving! My obsession with sunglasses have driven me to seek amazing names and interview them all! From unique styles incorporating fabrics, metals and studs, Stevie Boi has been able to bring us such creative pieces from the depths of his imagination. His new line of eye wear is also now out on his website (which was his reference to November 15) www.StevieBoi.com which i must say is amazing! Ill let the interview explain the res :)

So I stumbled upon you and your creations on your site via GaGadaily.com so big shout outs to them for putting me on! & most interestingly are those SB Gateways; what inspires you to make such unique designs?

My designs aren't inspired i just make them with what little material i have.. but they do come from my imagination

Spikes, studs and fabrics- what other materials have you been known to use?

i plan on using more organic materials for my 2011 line.. stay tuned

So does this current line on the site (www.StevieBoi.com) have a name? & if so; how’d that name come about?

Thats my nick name lolz: stevieboi, so i took it and made it public

So my faves are the SB Diva’s & the Gateway’s, do you favor any of your designs?

My fave. is from the next line called SB Gaga'z coming soon.

Should we expect more eye wear & apparel from you?

yes and also expect lots of more celebs to be behind my product.

Ive noted your becoming EXTREMELY popular with celebrities; can you share with us some of the many faces we can see wearing these now and in the near future?

Eva Marcille Pigford was rocking them first last season. i prefer for you to stay tuned November 15th to see.

So I know you know my twins; CoCo & Breezy who are also talented and on the rise like you. How’d you meet them?

That's a secret! lolz you will find out soon.

So eye wear designer; whats next for you?

i plan to take over the world and make everyone wear sb shades lolz. no! i plan to just remain an icon with more then just designing shades, but helping people in the horrible economic crises.

I loved your opinion on my Blog. You said it was both “Smart” &“Refreshing” so a million thanks! So I'm guessing you enjoy blogs? & what did you think about my feature on you and the other 2 eye wear designers?

i lovveee me some blogs even the negative ones.. people don't understand negative plus negative equals positive. i loved it I'm glad you respected our differences.

This is the portion of the Interview where I ask my followers/readers via Twitter to send in random or well thought out questions that they may wanna ask the person in question. This I like to call Liife&Such to Stevie Boi via Twitter:

Q: I Stevie Boi your name or your only known alias?

A: i want to be known as stevieboi not my long ass government name.

Q: Who would you like to see wearing your creations one day?

A: Grace Jones.

Q: Can you see through the Flatstones? (lol)

A: yes you can see through them all.

Q: Which celeb (that have worn your shades) have you liked them on the most?

A: you will see November 15th.

& this is the one I love to ask celebs – Can you follow me on twitter? *bats eyelashes* lol

of course i do now!

For all of you out there striving in becoming a designer of some sort - KEEP GOING! Your time will come!

Liife&Such: Great $scott

I've been meeting an elite of young people who are so driven and so focused on bettering themseleves; that it has inspired me to meet and interview them for all to be a part of their up & coming success. Youth being your virtue - taking advatnage of the time that you have at a young age will secure a better future. Via twitter i was able to meet Scott McKenzie aka Great $cott, a young man song of a casting director and on a hourney to greatness. With no Further a-due heres our interview:

So I know a little bit about you but let’s get my viewers familiar with you, who is the Great Scott?

Great $cott is a man that just always wanted to be greater than his father.. Scott Spears. I was named after him & I don't like him. So I wanna become "Greater than Scott". Hences the name:GREAT $COTT

From TV to Campaigns to MTV, your mother; Wendy McKenzie is best known for being the grand casting director that she is. How has that been growing up?

Well as a kid. She was barely around because she was working hard on making her career. 20yrs in the game now for her. It had its benefits. But I made my own lane in this industry. So I would never become "wendy's son"

Have you ever been casted by mom lol? If so; into what project(s)?

NO. I've been on commercials she's done. & that's with the directors not knowing who I was. 1 I can remember is MTV2 Sucker Free Sunday.

What else have you done career wise? (Film, television, ad’s. etc)

The resume is thicker than a snicker! But...I've worked w/ bbc ice cream (that's my claim to fame) Radio City Music Hall.. Me & lil'Alex did creative directions to a Sprite ad compaign, Kid Robot, XXL Magazine, Vibe Magazine. Plus lots more. Freelance work.

So you told me about the company that you are starting! Super Exciting – tell us some about that?

Well.. I'm creating the 411 for NYC to have the keys to the city. My company will consist of management, Marketing mass media communications, & concierge services, (which could be from be styling you personally to front row seats @ Radio City to discounts on private jets to meeting your favorite celebrity to do business with.)

& what made you want to start a business?

Well (1) because this year I turned 24 on june.24. So its the Golden year. I promised myself also that I can do for me now. No more making other ppl rich. Why wake up early to make someone else beaucoup $ when I can do the same for myself. Let them make me beaucoup $

& the launch party; I’ve already got the ladies buzzing about it lol – is it still going down with your new plans to go to Japan in Jan?

YES! Jan.19,2010 my launch party for the company. & Japan in Feburary w/ Riccardo & Laura. My business partner(s) Terry Little & JR Francis'

Lol So I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I love the social network Twitter; how’d you get into it? Ashley paige. She use to always tell me how I need one because on BBM I'd go nuts w/ what I'd be saying. soo there you have it.

& what do you think about networking via online networks? Networking is cool on the internet. Its just a lot of people talk more than they walk.

Do you have any other memberships? – MySpace? FaceBook? FB:Scott Mckenzie & myspace.com/greatscott85

With all these great things happening to you - What’s next for Scott? Ummmmm....2008 was 200gr8t! I felt 2009 the world would be mine,.. 2010 is when I will.. So like 50 Cent in '03. This new year approaching its gonna be my mania. For me & my team! I want my name to be global & I will be traveling very heavy. Doing my Art accross the World

& before jumping into the fan portion or the Twitter Segment – what do you think about my blog & blogging itself as a media outlet? I respect it. =)

So I don’t know how familiar you are with my interviews but I ALWAYS take to twitter and the person at hands fans and ask for the fans/readers to ask questions. I call this Liife&Such to Great $cott via Twitter

Q: Is there a special lady in your life?


Q: If you looked in your phone right now; who’s the most publically known?

A: hmmm a lot!.. But. Off my roledex, Wale, Cudi, Teyana, Twinz dee&Ricky, Bun B.. Amongst more...

Q: Brooklyn or Harlem? Lol

A: HARLEM.. But it seems every woman I've ever messed with lived in BK'. Random I know'...

Q: What chick in the lime light would Scott like to get his hands on?

A: i got my hands in a "few" already lmao. I can't say tho' ...

Q: Favorite shop in SoHo?


So much respect to the younger generation getting out into the world and doing they thing. Keep an eye out for $cott's company and ill be sure to keep everyone posted on his Launch party and his career!

To learn more about Great $cott : Twitter.com/GreatScottinc Myspace.com/greatscott85 & Facebook: Scott Mckenzie


Liife&Such: Lil Wayne No Ceilings

1. Swag Surfin'
2. Ice Cream Paint Job
3. D.O.A
4. Interlude
5. Wasted
6. Watch my Shoes
7. Break Up ft Short Dawg & GuddaGudda
8. Banned from TV
9. Throw it in the Bag
10. I think I Love Her ft Tyga & Shanell
11. Interlude ft Shanell
12. Wetter
13. Im Good ft T-Streets
14. Make her Say ft Jae Millz
15. Run this Town
16. I Gotta Feeling
17. SweetDreams ft Nicki Minaj
18. Outro
Young Money being the most actively recruiting label ran by Feature artist hiphop mogul; Lil Wayne, has just dropped an album to pre occupy the fans while both his and the Young Money album drops Dec 15.
Intelligently using the catch phrase "No beat is safe" Lil' Wayne recycled and used in a compilation of remakes the hottest of beats from the hottest of songs in recent times. First known for his features on the hottest songs in 07-08; hes now the hottest remake artist. The song that stands out the most and ties it up and brings it home is Sweet Dreams ft Nicki Minaj. Using the beat & sampling the 5th single from the Iam... Sasha Fierce album, adding most talked about female rapper Nicki and his own verse; He's made the illest remix/remake of a Beyonce song!
Overall this 'album' is not worth purchasing but def worth the listen. Its obviously just a hold off along with all the leaks and teases until the VARIOUS album(s) Young Money artist fans are awaiting! Both Lil Wayne & Young money as a whole are dropping an album Dec. 15. The first Single off the Young Money album is BedRock ft Lloyd! Which was also the song that got Omarion signed and dropped off Young Money in a matter of Weeks! Nicki Minaj has a few hot features shes doing including one on Robin Thicke's album Dec 5 SexTherapy; Shakin' it for Daddy. Drake has also been working non-stop along with other artist such as Gudda Gudda & Lil Twist. Stay tuned for that Young Money; the Justice League of HipHop right now!

Liife&Such: Rihanna Rated R

2.Wait Your Turn
3.Hard ft Jeezy
4.Stupid in Love
5.Rockstar 101 ft Slash
6.Russian Roulette
7.Fire Bomb
9.Photographs ft Will.I.Am
11.Te Amo
12.Cold Case Love
13.The Last Song
Already packaged, leaked and ready to be put in store 11.23, Rihanna 4th studio album Rated R is overall an album worth buying. Although weaker in single selections than the mega monster hit album; Good Girl Gone Bad, it's obviously a deeper album. The album has tapped into the emotions and the deeper realms of this international pop-star, which she her self said: "I had to leave the studio at times so that i wouldn't break down..."
The first single off the album is the NeYo written song: Russian Roulette. Deep, Dark, full of amazing vocals but the promotional use for this song holds no weight. The risque beat made by dice rolling and the loading of a song adds to the ghastly sound of her voice. Beautiful lyrics and amazing vocal placement. Is she speaking of Chris Brown? We'll leave that to the public to assume. Making this song the first single was very much so a WRONG move, for many of various reasons. As a follow up album to GGGB this single holds no comparison to the mass effect Umbrella had on the world!
Wait Your Turn which seems to be the next single, stays true to the edgy bad-Bitch persona this Barbados beauty has taken over. It was way more Promotional appealing (if that makes any sense) The main phrase in the song explains it - "The Wait is Over" after a long time wait for this follow up album. her fans have been eagerly waiting. Promo pictures and even her first tweet on her official Twitter account (www.twitter.com/Rihanna) where she said: "The wait is Ova! 11.23.09" Her first official announcement of album drop date. The day after she also premiered Russian Roulette, not so surprisingly at 11:23am.
As far as a third single - Rude boy or Stupid in Love. & sadly so the least cohesive song would have to be 'Cold Case Love', written by Justin Timberlake. The length and the beat distract from her words and the remarkably good lyrics. She also recycled a leaked fan favorite Te Amo; which is either a beautiful song from a mans perspective or an amazing love story from the inner lesbian inside Rihanna.
Overall - Id totally recommend this album! Its a heartbreak album full with hard hitting beats accompanied by amazing lyrics and some good depth; especially after her abusive relationship with singer Chris Brown. Go Cop the album Nov. 23!


Liife&Such: Mya

Once again you guys i must send my Thank You's to Twitter! This time for allowing me to communicate with the always so lovely and talented model, singer, actress etc (lol) ; MYA!

Via her marketing manager Mike Killmon (www.twitter.com/mikekillmon) which is a pleasure; i was able to get a wonderful, fun, and refreshing interview for myself and my readers from the singer. It was not so surprising that the beautiful Mya would be as hilarious as she was during the interview. With no further a due, here is the interview!

So you've been out in this industry for SO long & for anyone not to know who MYA is would be completely appalling but you’ve been known for your Singing, Dancing, Modeling & acting. What other talents may be pinned to such a talented woman as yourself? -I can read, write, add, subtract, multiply, divide, paint nails, do hair, sew, cook, wash dishes, drive, pick up dog crap very well.

With 5 successful and amazing albums under your belt, any more music to come? -No. I've instead decided to retire, be a mother of 5 or 6, gain 75 lbs 8oz, kick my feet up and watch daytime soaps ASAP.

I just recently earlier this summer I found out about your MIXtape ‘Beauty&TheStreets’ vol1; could we expect any more of these from you? -I seriously doubt it. I won't be hanging in the clubs or studios that much with all of these kids I plan on mothering.

Any upcoming tours? & if so, for who/where/& when? -Actually yes-a tour of speaking engagements with emphasis on self esteem. (That should def be an amazingthing for women and young teens.)

Now aside from your current mixtape out, we all have seen you on the hit ABC show Dancing with the Star’s where you are amazing! How did this come about? & are you enjoying this experience? -It came about through an agent. I'm having the time of my life. Gotta get it in while I can.

We all know you can dance; but is it any more or less difficult to execute the dances such as the Lambada? & which have been your most favorite style of dancing to have done?

-There are thousands of dance styles all over the world. Latin & Ballroom is new territory for me. The favorite fast paced dance I've done so far has been the Jive. My favorite standard/ballroom dance has been the Foxtrot so far. The standard dances are alot more difficult to execute because of the the technique required which takes years and years of professional ballroom training to achieve.

Now I was not completely sure of this but I heard that day's before the show premiering you got stitches in your hand :( how did that happen?
-2days before the show I got 6stitches in my right middle finger. I cut my hand on glass. You can guess the rest if you have my mixtape "Beauty and the Streets" Vol 1. The detailed answer can be found in a specific song. (I'd give ya a dollar if you guess it =] )

I know I’ve asked this via Twitter but I have to let my readers know; what is next for Mya? Chicken and waffles with a Sunrise on the side.

Is there more television? Movie roles? -I'm sure-with my new healthy, plump look on the way.

This will be a completely RANDOM question but I was just watching Cursed last night which you made an appearance on. How was it filming a horror film? -I had a blast losing my voice. Wes Craven was delightful to work with.

I always said I would never do it because I can be so paranoid id take work home with me and scare myself lol anything like that have ever happened to you?

-No. It's usually the other way around. I usually end up scaring the character I'm about to play. Matter of fact. It got so intense, she even left the set one day. I was like "B*tch dont you know overtime costs a grip? Get yo' *ss back here and do your job!"

So in this electronic era and with all these social networks I was stoked to see you being a part of it. So for MY personal entertainment… MySpace or Twitter? - Twitter is much more convinient for the cellphone But Myspace is better when it comes to long messages.

Lol & I wanted to say Thank you for reading and replying to my tweets it really means a lot to me seeing as you are a major inspiration to me. Artist like you are who drive me to try my hardest.-You're very welcome. Thank you for being interested

Me being a songwriter myself; what advice can you give those trying so hard to breakthrough in this industry?

-Perfect your craft, be innovative, stand out, do not conform, study the business and surround yourself around those connected, affiliated to hear you out, give you advice or lead you in the direction of a potential opportunity which may lead to more opportunities.

What I’m most creating buzz about is my professional blogging & amateur journalism (which I will be attending Barruch College in NY for; journalism)What do you think about this new form of media?-I think it's incredible. You can establish a connection with people all over the world, communicate, voice opinion, inform, influence, inspire, raise monies for charities, take surveys, petitions, etc.

I’m crossing my finger while you answer this because with so many negative forms of this emerging on the web I hope you have looked at my site (www.LiifeandSuch.Blogspot.com) and have noted that its positive media.

-And I commend you for staying positive. There's enough negativity in the world. Let your light shine so others can be enlightened and inspired!

So before I jump into my Twitter Q&A segment I wanted to thank you so much for being such a positive amazing talented woman in this industry; we need more women as yourself. With that being said we will jump right into the Twitter Q&A segment where I notify my follower of my upcoming projects and interviews and as for the fans of the celebrities in question to send in questions. I call this: Liife&Such to MYA Q&A via Twitter!

Q: (This was a popular one) Throughout your extensive and successful career, what have been your upmost Favorite project(s) in: Music. TV/Film. & Modeling?

AIt's hard to choose. My most favorite times have been where I can interact directly with people. Usually a live setting that allows me to sing, act, dance, speak and just connect. I love theatre, comedy and church.

Q. You being one of the Baddest in the game, is their a man in your liife?

-Yes. His name is Jesus Christ.

Q. Is there any mainstream artist out right now that you would like to work with & why?

-Neyo. Nice arrangements and lyrics.

Again thank you SO much for your time I appreciate this so much and I apologize to you and @MikeKillmon for not being able to attend a show unfortunately my schedule and this recession are killing me lol. But I want to wish you the best on the show and I HOPE you win that!

-You're very welcome. Thank u. Keep your head up, stay strong and dont throw in the towel.

& one positive note that she left at the end that i advise EVERYONE to live by : "Dont take anything too serious" - Mya

On that note i really hope you all enjoyed this interview! You can catch up on Mya via www.Twitter.com/MissMya or at http://www.myamya.com/

You can also contact Mike Killmon at www.twitter.com/MikeKillmon

Fashion. Music. Fame.

So i def. just went into all the posts and started classifying things under 3 general Labels: Fashion. Music. & Fame. which have been the 3 promotional sources along with my Interviews that i've been using 2 get www.LiifeandSuch.Blogspot.com out there.

Fashion: As if not self explanatory; anything having to do with Fashion will be labeled FASHION. Whether it be designers, clothes, accessories, stores, shoes, &/or shows.

Music: A post in which contains any trace of a musical artist, a song, an album, &/or collaboration.

Fame: If you notice...ALOT of post are classified FAME. I'm labeling any type of selfless promotion to any thing, anyone, or any place under FAME. So every one gets their fair shot at their 15 minutes with Liife&Such.


Shade's for Day's.

It is no secret that we here at Liife&Such love fashion; but my most dear pieces would have to be: Sunglasses.

I have always been a fan of the mystery these pieces add to the human persona from the simplest of its forms to the most elaborate of designs. Fashion ever so changing, sunglasses change in style and form every season. I'm one to seek, view and admire them all. In recent times as you all may or may not know I've been stuck on the futuristic-vintage styling's of Lady GaGa. She is truly a fashion monster and i have noted several amazing pieces on her in which i was so thrilled to read and discover via GaGaDaily: Fashion This blog post made me more than ever go out and find true art forms to put on my face! Which is when i came across and discovered 3 different eye wear designers who's all unique style and visions are simply amazing.

CoCo&Breezy - These 2 young twins which i recently had the pleasure of interviewing, were one of the 3 designers who caught my eye! Their style's are so unique, one of a kind and can you believe handmade?! Which is something so admirable to me about these 3 designers seeing as fashion valuables have lost their valor via mass production; but these 3 keep it fresh. Using studs, spikes and chains as their focal point on the frames, these shades provide nothing less than a wow factor. You can view and Purchase these shades i speak of from http://www.cocoandbreezy.com/

Kerin Rose - Not just on our faces, but this designer has had her eye wear on the face of intl pop superstar- Rihanna! Best known for her shades being featured in the Run this Town video as well as in the French Vogue edition, this young lady brings us some hot classic creations that involve darkness, studs, spikes and a dash of Swarovski Crystals! Her line goes by the name " A-Morrir" which I'm guessing means "to die" in French & includes about 6-7 eye wear designs to knock you out your seats! From the dark to the colorful, she caters to them all. Although more expensive than the other designer's the pieces are def jaw dropper's! You can check out her designs on her website A-Morrir by Kerin.Rose

Stevie Boi - Right after the release of the Lady GaGa LoveGame video i was ridiculously fiending for the shades that resembled gates! Luckily, after a month or so the post on GaGaDaily broke light unto this eyewear designer. While his shades are not for the shy and simple; they are outstanding none the less. You can check out his line of shades at www.StevieBoi.com


Quote of the Month.

"I was born with an enormous need for affection, and a terrible need to give it. " - Audrey Hepburn

Artist of the Month: Rihanna

The wait is trully over! After a long awaited comeback from the Good Girl Gone Bad; Rihanna has released her new single Russian Roulette. The NeYo written track stays true to her ghastly sound & the lyrics are nothing less than impressive. Her second single isnt too impressive considering Russian Roulatte was a good song but not the strongest first choice; but ill letyou be the judge of that when it hits radio waves.

The songs chosen for Novembers tracklist are all songs off of Good Girl Gone Bad (reloaded) which she was able to milk 7 chart topping singles out of! i hope you enjoy!

Liife&such: CoCo&Breezy

Glitz, Glam & studs on your face is what these young ladies have to offer! Coco & Breezy, young twin sisters from Minnesota who recently moved to NY to pursue their accessories design dreams. They have been creating major buzz for them and their eyewear line that you can all view and purchase from http://www.cocoandbreezy.com/

These girls set out with a specific plan to dominate their career and the eye wear industry! Still babies at only 19 year’s of age these bad girls mean big business. You know there isn’t anything I love more than hardworking youngsters, striving for their dreams. So Of course naturally I met them via Twitter, quickly fell in love with their work ethics, positivity and bubbly ways & had to offer them an interview for me to you guys! Hope you guys like it:

So I know the story; how bout you tell my readers briefly who is Coco & Breezy? We are twins from Minnesota working hard to make a name for ourselves; we are eyewear designers!

How was Minnesota? & what was your drive to engage in the fast pace hustle and bustle of NYC?
"We came out here for 2 weeks on our birthday and Ugo (as in Mozie; stylist) threw us a party here & after that he was telling press we would be back." The rest is history!

Having flown back to Minnesota the girls pitched the idea to their mom and like any loving mother, support was given! Here they are a month later still striving and doing big things! They also went on to explain how things got with Minnesota "friends": "Peoples true colors really came out as we told them we were going for New York. A lot of people doubted us and weren't encouraging. And like we had 2 parties a launch and a farewell and nobody that we expected of the hundreds who were invited and said they would go, came to our farewell due to Labor Day and that was just wrong, but here we are in NY [smiles]"

So the buzz around you girls is growing! Let's talk Fashion! How did www.CoCoandBreezy.com come about? "Well this was so experimental like we never expected it to blow up like this! We started this out back in April and it just went up from there. Once we came out here and saw like people are lovin’ this, it was a DONE DEAL!"

Ugo Mozie being one of the recipients of your eyewear designs; who else can we catch rocking these? How did you reach out to these stars?
"Ashanti - she was like the first major press we had and although she got mixed reviews everyone was asking like so whose shades are those? Umm Micah (Jesse; from www.micahjesse.com), we just met with Amber Rose and gave her a pair and she is such a sweetheart! You may think she's like a bitch but no she's so nice! Umm we also will be sending some to Mya as well as Cassie
So big SHOUTOUT to Amber Rose doing her thing and staying ever so sweet :).
When I asked about the distribution of these amazing pieces to the artist - How do you reach out to these stars and get your pieces on their faces? "We have been blessed with such amazing friends that like we all help each other out. So its like all been an on going help with our friends wearing them and getting them out there." Then Breezy pointed out "these I'm wearing are actually Ugo's. I'm like Ugo I have an interview and he's like as long as you return them" yeah; they cool like that!
So Eyewear: Accomplished. Any other forms of apparel or accessories to be seen by you girls?
"Well we are working on a second line which is going to be so hot but TOPSECRET! But we are focusing on staying with accessories for a while. We plan on playing with earrings and rings"
What about clothes? "Not yet. Everyone has a line out. Maybe after 5/6 CoCo and Breezy accessories lines then maybe; but let's get established and out there first!" You hear that kids there shall be lots of shades coming our way!

So designers and models; where else would you girls start leaving your mark? "[Loll] we had so many other aspirations growing up but like we always knew we wanted to make it big. We actually had our creative artistic start as backup dancers out in Minnesota which we did like small local show's for local artist. And then we got approached about doing a 10 piece line for a fashion show in like 2 1/2 weeks - it was crazy! [Coco] breezy didn't even want to do it, and then we actually threw in our shades with the pieces and it came together and everyone noted the sunglasses. We are so creative it’s crazy"

And on cue they go "Ooh and we want a reality TV show" they pitched their idea to me and I was SOLD! "We are 19 moved from Minnesota to NY alone, no job no place never been separated & we are on a long journey to success - we'd make good TV on our way to stardom" which I then mentioned their twitter ramble when Breezy went to the post office: "[lmfao breezy:] I miss you girl! [Coco:] I missed you too!” Sounds like; The City meets Keeping up with the Kardashians? : The Adventures of CoCo&Breezy: ep.1 ‘Breezy gets the mail’ lol

So I don't know bout you girls but social networks such as Twitter, have been essential in excelling my career. What's you girls outlook on the worldwideweb (www)? "We love twitter! It’s such good network. Everyone’s seriously so easy to contact! It’s crazy though like you trying to be in the industry you need to work day in day out and like celebrities read! Like for real’s they do keep an eye out for what you do on your time. We do it - we always take the time to look somebody up because you just never know who they are"

And speaking about ways to broadcast media; what do you feel about blogs? "We think they are awesome. Everything is via the web now so for other people to work as a media outlet and bring news of any kind to other through the web is great!" Speaking of news: "we're afraid of the news actually. It scares us! We have yet to watch it since moving here" are they not just so adorable?!

So I explained to the girls that the second portion of the interview consists of questions sent in by random users of twitter for them to answer and they totally loved it and were so stoked! So for the first time in hopefully many here is Liife&Such to Coco & Breezy via Twitter

Q: Who inspires you to design? You came in with the stud design at such a savvy time when the grunge look is IN!
A: Seriously; Ourselves. We didn't have friends growing up we only had each other so we always just drew from each other for creativity.

Q: Who would you like to see wearing one of your designs?
A: Michael Jackson; but he's not here (RIP) I think he was too cool for our stuff anyways! Hmm Madonna too; that’d be cool.

Q: Is there any fun way to tell you girls apart?
A: Breezy has a birthmark on her neck, and she's more outspoken and out there with it. I'm (coco) more subtle. But other than that we are identical!

I know the answer to this but your fans want t know;
Q: Why the names Coco & Breezy?
A: Parents started calling us that since we were so young. We used to be embarrassed but it stuck with us and we needed a stage name in our dancing era so Coco&Breezy just suited us.

Q: How do you like New York so far?
A: Love it! - Any better than Minnesota? Way better - not that Minnesota isn't good, but for the sake of our careers NEW YORK was def the best move we made. We’re actually going to be visiting LA sometime this month for Ugo's bday party and business.

& this question was sent in by JadoreLeGaGa (lol) we'll be hanging out a lot more round NY?! And as if they were one person and one mind they go; YES!

After the interview we stayed in Starbucks a lil’ while longer before deciding: LET’S GO HAVE MOFONGO! I took the girls out to House of Mofongo in Dyckman and they LOVED IT! We chopped it up, bonded & I received my CoCo & Breezy glasses! I hope you guys enjoyed it and I hope ya’ll wait no longer to get you guys a pair of these girls smokin’ shades!

To view the shades and purchase you can Visit: http://www.cocoandbreezy.com/
You can also learn more about them on Myspace.com/CoCo&Breezy & Follow them at Twitter.com/CoCoandBreezy


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