Liife&Such: Tony Mercedes.

Many of the times we music aficionados get too wrapped up in the performers and very seldom look deep into where the music came from who did it and who the hell is responsible for the things we are sound-fed through radio and television. The answer to that a few times is right here; Tony Mercedes!

Grammy award wining Tony Mercedes has been behind the success and introduction of Southern Rappers to the states and as mainstream as it is now; THE WORLD! Formerly best known for being the A&R for LaFace records (which was bought over by Arista), the man has moved onto bigger projects such as starting Tony Mercedes Records! & a few other projects. With no Further a due here is my highly anticipated exclusive with Tony Mercedes!

I asked about Tony Mercedes Records and his work as A&R for LaFace which he told me that LaFace was actually sold&bought to Arista. Naturally the next question would be “Any New Artist?” which he responded “Yes. I just actually sealed a deal with DefJam with some artist I worked with/for on LaFace as well as some new upcoming talent I’m working and pushing.” These artist he speaks of…real talk! He mentioned 3 and upon asking he told me who they were and what they are up to.

Yung GO – How did that come about? “Tara.” He replied “I got a grip of this rapper via Tara / Thomas PR Group. We currently just trying to get a single on him and get it shopped by labels & get him heard. So what does Yung GO mean? “It’s actually an acronym for Great One.”

Kraze – Which I had a chance to listen to via Thomas PR Group and his song ‘I Hate my Baby Momma’ which Tony said “It’s a funny song. It’s not meant to be taken literal it’s just a good fun material from a new artist’

Rare Diamond- A female rapper which Tony described as “The most Lyrical person I have ever met in my career.

So via my own research I also found that Tony manages careers as well; right? What doesn’t this man do! Lol he commented that upon leaving LaFace and opening Tony Mercedes Records has been looking to build a brand new roster of talented artist which he hopes to help excel their career. He also mentioned his recent work with Miki Howard in what he described as “an amazing transition into great feeling music”

Like my Dame Grease interview I wanted to make sure I thanked Tony for the major support he provides for new talent to blossom, because I understand the difficulties of “making it” because form music to writing I’m still hard at work on making a name for myself which he gave a stupendous answer “Its important that us who have made it somewhere empower new talent and help them fulfill their aspirations” which immediately drew me to his motto- “ There are no unsuccessful people in the music business, just those who quit before their time.

Through my online research I was also able to pick up on his work with First Family Films and had to ask about it. “F.F.F (first family films) came about as a measure to provide every one with Quality Family programs which are Christian geared.” He also went on into telling me about their well received Documentary ‘Every Soldier Counts’ which is a excellent film that sheds light into the every day struggles women face in ministry. I’m super excited to watch this. You can read more into it by checking out http://blackgospelpromo.com/everysoldiercounts/

After our twitter segment and before we bonded over culture; because incase you didn’t know Tony is Panamanian! But we got into the discussion of hip-hop/rap and what it’s become today and how it’s represented. Which he had to say in brief terms- Yes hip-hop/rap is a competitive genre of music which focuses around word play and how the user of vocabulary suits up in order to defeat their competitors with words. But music should never lead into violence. When artists take out to guns and fights to settle disputes it’s gone too far. We producers also have our fault because we have the power to say NO but we often don’t because the check is right. Use Music in a more Proper manner. – http://www.liifeandsuch.blogspot.com/ sponsor this message!

Last but not least I explained to Tony that the use of Twitter has been so essential to me in my interviews and that it’s come in handy once again. Liife&Such to Tony Mercedes via Twitter Q&A

Q: What was your Favorite album/artist/or body of work that you have had hands in?

A: I would have to say hmm. . . Daisy Dukes which was my first single. I had 3 weeks to do it and it happened. That marked the birth of Tony Mercedes Records.

Q: Seeing as you create a certain style of music, what is your favorite genre?

A: Well this is random but I Love Elvis Presley. My fav work from him would have to be ‘All Shook UP’ but to answer your question it would have to be old school Hip-Hop. My favorite all time would be Rakim, I think he is the epitome of hip-hop.

Q. What do you enjoy the most about your job?

A: Being able to make an image of an artist; Creating their life & style. The thrill of watching what you had a part in making.

Q: One word to describe yourself?

A: I would have to say; Visionary.

As we wrapped up the interview he wanted to make sure that above all else said on that day that this message was broadcasted:

“It is vitally important that the next generation of entrepreneurs in/of music get Out of the business of making music & INTO the business OF music.” – Tony Mercedes

I want to Thank Tony again via Liife&Such for the privilege to get to speak and bask in his greatness; he has def. paved the way and Hip Hop would NOT be what it is if it wasn’t for his VISION! Thank you to all the Twitter fans who sent in their questions for him and I hope they were answered as exceptionally as expected!

You can Catch Tony Mercedes via various soail site www.Twitter.com/TonyMercedes & www.MySpace.com/TonyMercedes http://www.facebook.com/people/Tony-Mercedes/524150971



Yet again Twitter has proven to be the best socialNetwork i have ever been a part of. For a while i been hearing a small buzz going from Tinsel Town Hollywood to the Big apple NY about a certain set of eye wear designers. I clocked some of their designs on the faces of celebrities such as Ugo Mozie, Micah Jesse & others. So i ventured out through the vast world of network on Twitter & Found them! I present to you CoCO & Breezy! The Rican/Black twins from Minnesota who are out with a vengeance to make a name for them selves.
Via Twitter we have cozied up quite much and we've also come to a deal that they'd allow me to interview them for the site! Super exciting! So i wont spill the beans till then just wanted to let you guys have a look at the Young Ladies behind the designs of some pretty amazing looking shades!
To view the shades and purchase you can Visit: http://www.cocoandbreezy.com/
You can also learn more about them on Myspace.com/CoCo&Breezy & Follow them at Twitter.com/CoCoandBreezy

Janel's Fashion corner.

As ive been telling everyone via Twitter, Alot of big things shall be going on with the blog before 2010! Alot of exclusives with celebrities courtesy of my friends&partners over at Thomas PR Group. ASwell as a few ne features interms as teh asthetics of the blog.

Me & Janel; creative coordinator, thought that the blog lacked in its duty to Fashion. The conclusion being adding Janels fashion sensibilty to a post every so often. The posts will consist of color pallettes for the seasons, whats in and whats not, & ofcourse there will be the ever so trendy coverage on Fashion weeks here in NY along with tons of cool stuff.

Just wanted to keep you guys posted as well as i have another upcoming interview with super sensual, amazing artiste; MYA! so keep tuned for all the great things that we have coming. I still have the Tony Mercedes interview that needs to be posted aswell as my exclusive with Tanya aka T6 being pushed into Nov for her top secret work. You will aslo be getting that Mazaradi Fox interview very soon aswell as teh Russel Simmons protege talk with JINX. so bare with me readers and i promise you nothing but the best for all of you have have been great supporters.


2009 Stay In School Pep Rally & Concert

I wanted to let you guys know that i will be in attendance to the 2009 Stay In School Pep Rally & Concert alongside friend & Artist of the Month; Tanya aka T6. Ill keep you guys posted and try to take a few pictures for you guys. Here is some info for all you in NY:

WHO -Entertainers 4 Education Alliance & Hot 97
WHAT -2009 Stay In School Pep Rally & Concert
WHEN -Tuesday October 27th 2009
WHERE -Tribecca Performing Arts Center 199 Chambers Street, NYC
TIME - Red Carpet begins 3pm Show Time 4pm-6pm

The I Will Graduate Day is a citywide day designed to communicate to every child across the city of New York about the importance of education and obtaining a High School Diploma. Schools across the city will be encouraged to set up special screening area in the school to tune into the Annual Stay In School Pep Rally October 27th 2009 Tribecca Performing Arts Center. School will go to a special website and view the event live. Throughout the day schools will be encouraged to develop lessons plans and activities about the importance of education and graduating from high school and pursuing higher education.

The Stay in School Pep Rally & Concert as a part of the I WILL GRADUATE DAY with the NYC Department of Education is an annual media-driven event that combines music education and a great vibe designed to spotlight the importance of education, personal advancement and social commitment to NYC’s youth. This event is spearheaded by celebrities, musicians, sports figures high profile individuals, executives and community leaders who stand together in agreement that we must reduce the enormous drop-out rate plaguing our nations schools and that all of our youth are entitled to receive a first-class quality education. The event will also features college information tables, mentoring, recruitment stations and a host of resources designed to assist youth in their plights towards academic and personal excellence. This year’s event will STREAM LIVE on E4EA’s web site so thousands of students nationwide can enjoy the empowering message.

Did You Know: Nationwide, nearly one in three U.S. high school students fail to graduate with a diploma. In total, approximately 1.2 million students drop out each year – averaging 7,000 every school day or one student every 26 seconds. Among minority students, the problem is even more severe with nearly 50 percent of African American and Hispanic students who do not complete high school. New York State has the highest dropout rate for Black and Hispanic students of any state in the nation. Cities in Crisis 2009: Closing the Graduation Gap funded by The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Entertainers 4 Education Alliance (E4EA) the entertainment industry charity is a non profit 501c3 charity organization that utilizes the power of celebrities, musicians, sports figures, high profile individuals and entertainment to promote positive messages to young people about the importance of education, personal advancement and social commitment. Entertainers 4 Education Alliance believes that every student deserves a quality education and is committed to strengthening our communities by lowering the alarmingly high dropout rate in America’s schools. Entertainers 4 Education Alliance recently launched the I WILL GRADUATE CAMPAIGN a national call to action for students, parents, and the entire community to increase educational achievement in our youth.
CHECK OUT VIDEO CLIP OF THE 2008 STAY IN SCHOOL PEP RALLY& CONCERTCLICK HERE http://www.e4ea.org/2008_Stay_in_School_Video.html

Partial list of past Attendees (& now me & Tanya lol)

Bow Wow (Multi-media superstar)

Calvin Pace (NY Jets Defensive Lineman)

Dennis Walcott (NYC Deputy Mayor)

Jamie Foxx (Multi-media superstar)

John Starks (NBA Legend)

Juelz Santana (Def Jam Recording artist)

Keke Palmer (Actress Disney Channel)

DJ Webstar (Producer/Recording Artist)

Reverend Joseph Simmons (Music Icon)

Russell Simmons (Business Mogul)

Sean Combs (Bad Boy Recording Artist)

Susan Taylor (Essence Magazine)

Sway Calloway (MTV Correspondent)

Tyra Banks (Model/Talk Show Host)

Tyresse Gibson (Actor, Singer)

G-Unit's Mazaradi Fox!

In just a few short days/weeks i will be interviewing Mazaradi Fox. Best known as 50cents Bestfriend and G-Unit artist on the rise! STAY TUNED!

It's just a Rumor!

So as I had announced before, Timbaland is releasing Shock Value 2 the follow up studio album to Shock Value which was a crazy compilation of amazing beats and sounds put together by mr Timbo!

The singles off of Shock Value were amazing! & it was just a matter of time for the leaks to spill from Shock Value 2! 2 Leaks have come out in recent days and they both SERIOUS!

  1. Rumors - ft Keri Hilson & Jay-Z seems to be the first single and let me tell you if you haven't heard it; go find it NOW! The beat has the right amount of Base drums and alla dat! Keri's signature Hoodrich singing flow is key to this song and Jay-Z delivered a rap nothing less than amazing! May i note that Jay-Z never fails to impress me with his slick fashion savvy lyrics.

  2. Morning After Dark - ft SoShy Could be named as the debut of his new artist SoShy & i think this man is a genius when it comes to clocking talent because this chicks style is serious! It's a smart song to have placed on strategically done to fit her voice and style like he did with Keri & The way I Are.

All in all this is set to be an AMAZING ALBUM!


The Monster Ball !

Lady GaGa announced sevral GOOD THINGS these past 2 weeks; heres the recap.

  • Fame Kill Tour

  • The Fame Monster Nov. 23

  • SNL: Lady GaGa & Ryan Reynolds

  • Bad Romance

  • Fame Kills CANCELLED

  • The Fame Monster artwork

  • Fame Monster Tracklist

  • Monster Ball Tour

  • Monster Ball tour dates

Here are the +8 track list on THE FAME MONSTER:

  1. Bad Romance

  2. Alejandro

  3. Monster

  4. So Happy I Could Die

  5. Speechless

  6. Dance In The Dark

  7. Telephone

  8. Teeth

Here are the Tour Dates for The Monster Ball (which shoutouts to KidCudi for being the opening/supporting act!):

November 27 – Montreal, Quebec, Canada – The Bell Center

November 28 – Toronto, Ontario, Canada – Air Canada Center

November 29 – Ottawa, Ontario, Canada – Scotiabank Place

December 01 – Boston, MA – Wang Center

December 02 – Boston, MA – Wang Center

December 03 – Camden, NJ – Susquehanna

December 09 – Vancouver, BC, Canada – Queen Elizabeth Theatre

December 10 – Vancouver, BC, Canada – Queen Elizabeth Theatre

December 13 – San Francisco, CA – Bill Graham Civic

December 18 – Las Vegas, NV – TBD

December 19 – San Diego, CA – San Diego Sports Arena

December 21 – Los Angeles, CA – Nokia Theatre

December 29 – Atlanta, GA – Fox Theater

December 31 – Miami, FL – Knight Center

January 03 – Orlando, FL – The Hard Rock

January 07 – St. Louis, MO – The Fox

January 08 – Chicago, IL – Chicago Theatre

January 09 – Chicago, IL – Chicago Theatre

January 12 – Detroit, MI – Fox Theater

January 16 – Atlantic City, NJ – Borgata

January 20 – New York, NY – Radio City Music Hall

January 21 – New York, NY – Radio City Music Hall

See you there you ,MONSTERS!


Battle of the Media Girls!

The month of November is ACTION PACKED!

We have all the heavy-hitting chart ladies coming up with something & excitingly mostly in the same week!

Lady GaGa has her re-release/album coming out Nov. 23 by the name of The Fame: Monster! Surprisingly so that same day Rihanna recently announced she will be releasing her next album! Via Twitter she said : "The Wait is Ova! 11.23.09" and posted up the official promo picture! This album has been highly anticipated after seeing her great success with Good Girl Gone Bad & Its re-release 'ReLoaded'.

On top of Both GaGa and RiRi on the 23 we also have heard quite a few rumors that Beyonce will drop her I Am.. re release + DVD on the same day and somewhere online its being said Mary J's next album will drop sometime that week. So with all these talented women charting in Nov.

who do YOU think will sell the most? will it be The Halo songstress Bey? Will RiRi's comeback do as good as GGGB? Is Mary J going to PROVE herself superior in time+experience+fanbase? or will it be Lady GaGa who will be poking them all in the face? (lol)


Fox VS. Beckham for E|A 10'


Word just in that Victoria Beckham (you know Posh spice) wife of deelish soccer star David Beckham will be replaced in 2010 by Megan Fox as teh face of Emporio Armani!

Both the Beckham's have been the face of EA for about...2 years now and their highly addiciting sexual ad's have been amazing. So; why is she being replaced? Hmm & does this mean that Megan will be doing these racy-shoots with mrBeckham now?! hmm i smell SCANDAL, a possible Angie taking Pitt from Ani triangle! but lets not jump to bad conclusions im sure itll all be professional and beautiful as all the worlds men are fixated on MEGAN FOX at this time.
(ugh the things i would do to that man! lol)

Liife&Such updates!

i got the chance to interview Liife&Such artist of the month Tanya aka T6 & i should have that fior you guys SOON! along with im being given the amazing chance to interview top music man Tony Mercedes! Hes responsible for so many hits thruoghout the years and im super excited to see what he has instored for us!!

Suri 3 Million Wardrobe!

Ok so doing some well deserve research, i came across some really interesting news! So Katie & Tom had a beautiful baby girl who is the worlds youngest Fashionista!

Katie had some custom made Christian Louboutin shoes made for Suri Cruise! Making her the worlds youngest to own a pair of red-bottoms! & her wardrobe is said to be worth 3million dollars with nothing but the best designers! Go on girl!


Rihanna 112309

Finally jpining Twitter is Rihanna! ( you can follow her @ twitter.com/rihanna) she announced a few hours a go her album shall drop Nov 23! Now its only maybe days, weeks before a single hits! CANT WAIT!


ShockValue 2

It's been announced that due tot he great success of Timbo's First Shock Value; the next album shall be a sequel! Due to the amazing range of collaborations on the first album; the public loved it! It was also the album that Introduced Keri Hilson as his artist on the song 'The way i Are' as well as mixing the sexy sounds of Keri & Nicole Scherzinger on single #2 'Scream!'
Shock Value 2 is not going to be anything less than the first! Full of amazing collabo's & chart topping songs on top of some amazing Timbaland beats, which have always been EPIC!
Here's a list of some of the artist contributing into this project: Chris Brown, Keri Hilson, DOA, Attitude, Katy Perry, Brandy, Drake, Christina Aguilera, Lady GaGa, Shakira, Jim Beans, Miley Cyrus, J.T., Paramore, SoShy ( his newest artist.)
I'm really stoked and excited about this new album due to how many amazing name's have already been revealed thanks to the L.A SV2 listening party held on Oct. 2


Slo Pop Culture!

C'mon celebrities what do you get paid for?! Gimme something to wrote about; is lady gaga & the wave gang crew the only people active? (shrugs) i guess so

ps. Mischa you are a mess! GET IT TOGETHER!


Yesterday was teh debut of Lady GaGa's new single 'Bad Romance' off the Fame Monster album. The debut was possible via Alexander McQueens fashion show yesterday and it was broadcasted online!
check out this snippet brought to us by GaGadaily.com! http://gagadaily.com/2009/10/bad-romance-premieres-today-at-paris-fashion-show/


Liife&Such: Dame Grease.

Upon working for SlawtaHouse Production publicist Tara Thomas, I have been given the chance to work with some amazing people. One being Harlem made man who’s helped mold various careers in the music industry including Hip-Hop icon DMX; I was stoked to find out that I had the chance to interview the genius music producer Dame Grease!

Twitter being the vehicle pushing forward the career I’m trying to establish for both myself via my blog, I am able to have a more personable experience with these high profile people that I’m working with/for. The interview was set for this past Friday at 2pm. Very nerve racking since it was my first time partaking in something that I hope to do the rest of my life; interviewing and documenting celebrities and their lives. Although my nerves were high I went for it and hoped for the best. I got more than expected; Dame Grease has stayed true to his “homie” New York roots and is as humble as can be.

“So you going to be taking down everything I’m saying” yes I replied, “IIght so get this I’m on the toilet right now so my shit is flowing literally. Let’s get it in!” That’s all it took and I felt like we’ve known each other for years! I continued to ask him about his latest work which he replied to by naming the series of mix tapes he’s worked on for people such as Max B, Tanya aka T6, The Wave gang mix tapes, Goon Music and various other impressive work of arts. Along with his latest projects he announced to me 2 new exclusive projects he’s working on: 1. Producing for Curren$y’s next mix tape & 2. Blankets album “The Facilitator.” (Look out and request debut single ‘Strip Pole’ to all your local radio stations)

Upon touching the subject of new artist I wanted to note my admiration for the support he provides up & coming talent which he replied with “You know; its all good. I’m willing to help you along as you know I see that you are putting work in and got yourself together and your head right then I’m down to help you.” Now that people deserved an OWW! With mentioning new artists and his support to new music and how he had hands in molding big time rap artist DMX; we had to talk about his VacantLot Productions artist Tanya aka T6. If you’ve visited Liife&Such in the month of Oct. you’d see that her music, talent & grind have gotten her to be Artist of the Month. “Tanya’s a good girl” he said, “you see I met her in a club and shit you know she approached me like ‘yeah I can sing’ & I was skeptical so I denoted it and played it off like yeah whatever. Later on she introduced me to some of her work which I found impressive and she had her life together, good head on her shoulder; even a college degree. So I took her under my wing and we been working on her sound & image ever since.” & if you’ve had a listen to her mix tape ‘No Introduction’ (which you are now listening to) you’ll see that he’s doing a fantastic job!

After talking small talk and mentions about the mix tapes, working with Jae Mills as well as working with Freeway and Jay-Z on ‘Big Spender’, which he said was an exciting experience since it was his first time working with mr.Jigga-Man. Also his work for an upcoming 50cent track for his upcoming film. We closed off the opening to the interview in which then I told him that via Twitter.com I asked my followers and some of his fans if they had any questions for him; which of course they did! So we had our own Liife&Such to Dame Grease Q&A via Twitter (lol) :

Q: What collaboration did you take part in that you really enjoyed working on?

A: I would have to say That Freeway ft Jay-Z Big Spender track. It was the first time I got to work with Hov and it was defiantly a good experience, along with another track full of hip-hop heavy hitters like T.I., Rick Ross and others.

Q: Who in the industry right now would you like to work with?

A: EVERYBODY! I mean if you look at my extensive work in music you’ll see I’ve worked from Hip-hop – to Techno & it’s all good you know. As long as we making good moves- I’m wit’ it! (owww!)

Q: Is there still any Grease-Swizzy beef? (Mind you I was so unaware of this I had to do some research and back-track a few years yo!)

A: Never. There was never any beef. Things were tense but it was never a direct Dame & Swizz issue; it was a Dame & Ruff Ryder issue. I being at that time RR’s main producer and Beats was up&coming there was bound to be tension. There was this whole track debate over whose beats to use but that was never anything serious from Swizz (Beatz) & I. We cool, my fans know I’m real close with DMX and others from that Ruff Ryder era and me and swizz is cool. No Beef ya’ll! (It’s all love in hip-hop)

Q: Last but not least, I was surprised by how many lady-fans you have Dame! The girls were all excited and wanted to throw in a question; Is there a Misses Grease in your life?

A: Nah I’m single. Yeah I’m single- I’m waiting on Rihanna! Ha-ha
Me: Keep waiting on that lol Chris Breezy gon’ get’cha!

Dame: HA HA! Id smack that lil’ nigga. (LMAO I DIE!! )

Well there you have it folk’s I know it was highly delayed but I needed to build the suspense haha. I hope you all enjoyed it and stay tuned for more interviews in the upcoming weeks with Tanya aka T6 & more!


Q.O.T.M! x 2

"Fame is my ideal Lover" & "Fame... the most romantic of diseases. Its takes
you while youre Young&Beautiful." - me


GaGa Night Live!

Lady GaGa has announced an upcoming appearance on Saturday Night Live Oct. 3!! She set to perform a brand new single off her new album/re-release "The Fame Monster". Its been rumored that the song she is going to perform is called 'Bad Romance' which by teh sounds of the tittle and the theme of monster in the album sounds liek a Frankenstein Love story! Cannot Wait!!

Fame Killed!

Today it was confirmed by LiveNation that theWest-GaGa collabo headlining tour; Fame Kills, has been officially CANCELLED!
No reason has been given yet by any of the 2 artist nor by LiveNation but the tour that was supposed to kick off next month in Phoneix and run into next year has been cancelled. But GaGa has said that the show mst go on and is considering touring solo! Go GaGa.
People speculate that Kanye's VMA fiasco was big reasoning for this cancellation; since alot of people have forcasted bad ticket sales due to the insanely amount of people on Team Swift! So the only thing that Fame Killed was this years most highly anticipated tour.



"I don't dwell on success. Maybe that's one reason I'm successful." - Calvein Klein

Artist of the Month: Tanya aka T6

Tanya "T6" Dormevil was raised in Mt. Vernon, N.Y. and began singing in a gospel choir at the age of 11. At the age of 15 Tanya began taking dance lessons at Broadway Dance Center, where she studied all forms of dance ranging from hip-hop, house, pop & lock, breaking and ballet.

By age 16, when Tanya moved to Bridgeport, CT with her family, Tanya became focused on her career knowing that she was destined to be famous. Tanya’s first introduction to the entertainment world on a professional level was as a model, where she participated in several local and national fashion shows. Knowing that singing was her number one passion, in her spare time Tanya began writing songs and choreographing her own dance routines knowing it was only a matter of time before she would begin performing as Tanya “T6”.

With the connections she made in the fashion world, Tanya began performing at Fashion shows as an artist rather then a model which eventually lead to her performing at many well-known venues throughout CT and NY: Wish 26, Jimmy’s, and BMI Open Mic nights, just to name a few. Tanya’s performance quickly drew the attention of several producers, mainly Multi-Platinum producer Dame Grease (known for his Grammy winning production with DMX) who took her under his wing making her an official member of Vacant Lot Musik/Lotmusik.

Over the last few years, Tanya and Dame Grease have been working diligently to perfect Tanya’s signature sultry sound, while she worked behind the scenes with several artists such as Jae Millz, Vita (formerly Murder Inc), JR Writer, NORE, Royce Da 59, Max B, French Montana, DJ Webstar, Mike Shore, and Mysonne.

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