Giant Vintage Rocks!

So through Aubrey O'Day's twitter i found out about this amazing vintage styled shades online shop. I bought an amazing pair of sunglasses from them that i just received today and i had to email them letting them know how pleased and satisfied i am with the shades. so again thak you to all the people at GIANTVINTAGE.com

Lady GaGa graces June Rolling Stone

So Lady GaGa is the cover girl for the June edition of Rolling Stone. This is trully the pinnacle of an artist success, if you thought your song on the radio or charting on billboard made yuh hot; this why you hot! This epic shot of GaGa in harajuku style make up fluffed hair and her infamous naked bubble suit was shot by the one and only David LaChapplle who raved about shooting GaGa. She also said this in her interview with rolling stone's Brian Hiatt, “I don’t feel like I look like the other perfect little pop singers,I think I’m changing what people think is sexy.” somethign that so many wish to accomplish but so little do. Congratulations Lady GaGa, youre trully a rolling stone.


Lil Kim Has-Been

It honestly sucks to say Lil Kim is now getting wack. The once queen of female sex rap is now on a growing decline in popularity in music and sexy look. Shes soon releasing her 5th studio album VINTAGE with her single DOWNLOAD ft T-Pain which newly released video is reasons fo rmy comments today, LIL KIM WE NEED YOU BACK!

Here's the video: Lil Kim ft T-Pin 'Download'

Celebrity Nudes

Im sick of celebs doing this so ya go google Cassie's and Rihanna's nude shots

Drake's Stanky Leg

Artist of the Month for us was caught doing the stank leg and being as cute as everr, heres teh video: Drake's Stanky Leg

Hoopz does KING & some XXX

Hoopz will be on KING mag && in this edition Hoopz admits to doing the highly rumored SEXTAPE and that it will be on dvd and blu-ray soon! thank you mr.zzee

Since youve been eating?

Kelly clarkson apparently has been eating alot with the money shes been making off her new album .

Laurens Milli Baby

Lauren London confims she is preganant which answers why shes been M.I.A for the past few months aswell as confirming that the unborn's baby daddy is Lil Wayne. oh gosh another cute chick bites teh dust

Ink not Mink

Here's Mario's campaign for PETA which says tat's is better than fur. AGREED. So go get Tatted up

Lookout GaGa

Can't wait to see this photoshoot.

BET '09

BET Awards 09' Nominees:

Best Male R&B

The Dream
Jamie Foxx
Ryan Leslie

Female R&B Artist
Keyshia Cole
Keri Hilson
Jennifer Hudson
Jazmine Sullivan

Best Group
Day 26
GS Boyz
The Roots
Three 6 Mafia

Best Gospel Artist
Regina Belle
Shirley Caesar
Mary Mary
Smokie Norful
Trin-I-Tee 5:7

Best Female Hip Hop Artist
Lil Mama

Best Male Hip Hip Artist
Lil Wayne
Rick Ross
Kanye West
Young Jeezy

Best New Artist
Keri Hilson
Kid Cudi
Ryan Leslie
Jazmine Sullivan

Best Collaboration
Jamie Foxx f/ T-Pain "Blame It"
Keri Hilson f/ Lil Wayne "Turnin' Me On"
Jim Jones & Ron Browz f/ Juelz Santana "Pop Champagne"
T.I. f/ Rihanna "Live Your Life"
Yung LA f/ Young Dro and T.I. - "Ain't I"

Video of the Year
Beyonce "If I Were A Boy"
Beyonce "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)"
Jamie Foxx feat. T-Pain "Blame It"
T.I. feat. Rihanna "Live Your Life"
Kanye West "Heartless"

Video Director of the Year
Benny Boom
Rik Cordero
Gil Green
Chris Robinson
Hype Williams

Best Actress
Angela Bassett
Rosario Dawson
Taraji P Henson
Jennifer Hudson
Beyonce Knowles

Best Actor
Idris Elba
Samuel L. Jackson
Will Smith
Jamal Woolard

Best Female Athlete
Tamika Catchings
Lisa Leslie
Candace Parker
Serena Williams
Venus Williams

Best Male Athlete
Kobe Bryant
Reggie Bush
LeBron James
Dwayne Wade
Tiger Woods

Viewer's Choice ...
Beyonce "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On it)"
Keri Hilson "Turnin me On" (feat. Lil Wayne)
Lil Wayne " A Milli"
Soulja Boy Tell'em "Kiss Me Thru The Phone" feat. Sammie
T.I. "Live Your Life" feat. Rihanna
T-Pain "Can't Believe It" (feat. Lil Wayne)
Kanye West "Love Lockdown"

Kanye & Friends.

Here we see mr.Kanye with superlodel girlfriend Amber in one arm and 80's naughty lil virgin Madonna in another grabbin' wifey's ass. Can anybody say 'My girl got a Girlfriend?'

Ashley O. gets dirty

Ashley Olsen is not lil Michelle from Full House any more, shes grown...& sexy!

HollyWoods's new bff's

Kim K, Ciara & La-La. && check out Kim Kardashians Cage YSL shoe's...yum!

Shia -Rihanna.

In a recent interview with Playboy magazine, Shia admitted to going on a date with Rihanna.
"filming a sword fight when I got the (text) message. I said to myself, ‘Can this be my life?’ It never got beyond one date. The spark wasn’t there. We weren’t passionate about each other in that way, so we remain friends.” -Shia

Kim K. to the Max.

Kim Kardashian is the newest celebrity spokemodel for Pepsi Max.

Memoir's of an Imperfect Angel

Mariah is already working on her next album after e=MC2 tittled 'Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel' with her first single 'H-A-T-E-U'

Rihanna goe's South on the West?

So 12million copy selling and multi-platinum artist Rihanna was spotted entering Kanye West's house in one outfit and leaving in another. Did she not get her ass beat once already?


Spectacularly Gay!

So i guess Spectacular from Pretty Ricky thought itd be cute to go on youtube and make a 'watch me grind' video after announcing the addition of a member; Lingerie. DejaVu anyone? : B-2-Gay?
Heres the video: Spec get's gay!

PutBull gets rowdy!

So Miami born rapper, PitBull, knocked a fool out at a concert after the guy 'made it rain' on him. you can watch the video here =]


A Letter to a Past lover

Now i dont know how much of invasion of my own privacy this is, but i decided to share my feelings in an email to my ex with you guys, enjoy.

iit was really nice seeing yuh again, but i cant ever pu tmy finge ron the answer to this infamous question: why is it that i cant fall out of love with him?

&& everytime i see you time relapses and takes me back to dem days and hours we spent together and i find you irresitible all over again.i like looking into your eyes cause theres a certain twinkle that your eyes make taht beautifully catches teh light and its that twinkle that i fell in love with and fall more in love with everytime i see it; && it makes me think that there still maybe hope.

i once said to yuh that maybe sometime later down the road we could maybe work out because i always&forever saw potential in 'us'&& idk where i stand in your heart of even in your mind at this stage but i know where you do.

wiith that being said, may we sped the day together late ron today?


Ruff Ryders.

SizzBeats today confirmed that Ruff Ryder's is surely in the studio making another album.


That also confirms that on top of Eve's new album said to be released end of this year; FLIRT she will be featured on the Ruff Ryder album whenever that is to be released. As she was a former member if yuh recall her short boycut and was blondee.


Kanye loves the GaGa.

After remix to Lady GaGa's 'PokerFace', 'Pke Her Face' Kanye ft Common, The GaGa has been spotted chillin with Kan-Yeezy. He also dubbed her '...face it, she's pop's new Madonna.' in a recent interview.


Oop's she did it again, yup she has yet again chosen a hot new single from her album CIRCUS (in stores and iTunes now.) 'RADAR'; a hidden track and re-released song from prequel;BLACKOUT, is set to be her fourth single. Above is the official Cover art for the single RADAR. Im suree the video will be just as elaborate as the past 3 and just as amazing.
iif the image continues to not show just look here: Britney Spears. Circus - Radar.


RE: Keri Hilson'Knock You Down'

Coming with much needed 'Energy', Keri drops her third single on her highly anticipated album tittled : In A Perfect World. The song feature's song bird Ne- Yo and R-O-C's "College Dropout" and multi-platinum artist, Kanye West.
The song is soft but still true to the keri sound we heard on smash hit debut single "Energy." And as teh video has just been released there has been alot of criticiszing ms.Keri and i dont understand why. First and formost, much respect and love to a lady that has been on her grind for quite somewhile having to lay low and be mentioned in nothing but credit's to then come out and release and amazing album full of empowering music, heart warming ballad's, and amazing collaboration's all while being protege to a musical genius, Timbo aka Timbaland. The video was actually quite cute in which she sported a new shorter due which flatters her gorgous eyes and face ALOT more than the bob she had going on. Well with no further a-due here is Knock You Down


Fabo's blog -

So i was brwosing on mr.Fab's blog and came across this interesting entry made recently and it intigued me knowing that he was right. Ofcourse im always down for my bitches in stilleto's and im not just tlkn plain pump's; i speak of my red bottom Loubiton's or my cute designed MiuMiu's or my killer 5+ Harlot's! But a chick also dum cute when she take it back and rewinf to when shawty had no loubiton money so she had to cop dem maury's, jays and dunks. Here's the entry:

Written by Rocky ThundaRed Bottoms, Double Plats, Triple Stacks blah blah blah! Where's my Jordan Ladies, Dunks Daisies, My "I Don't Give A Damn I Rocks My Kicks" Babies?!?There's just something spectacular about a woman’s swag when she has a healthy balance of Fly Kicks & Stilettos! Well that's just my biased opinion but please, let me tell you why. First of all, for the urban *Ghetto Fabulous* bred folks, sneakers where one of the 1st fashion staples in the hood that one would cop when you wanted to stunt on your homies, your neighbors & or your foes. Back when you wouldn't be caught dead without a toothbrush in tow for a quick sneaker buff. Back when it was almost inevitable to catch a random beat down after being asked "What Size You wear". "Run em" was probably the last words you heard as a 2 second warning to either hand them over, put your dukes up or get your Flow Joe on right before the head cracking commenced! Trust, many of barefoot soldiers have taken the long walk home sans their Nike Cortez lol.Moral of the story is, Life is just grand when you can get up and make a run in a pair of Fresh Ones! When the selections are plenty, craftsmanship is at its finest and you can feel at ease walking down your block with nothing to worry about except a hating eye from someone who wishes they got online the night before you just to rock them first. You see for me, a brand new pair of crisp Jordan’s is as orgasmic as a pair of Gucci straps running up my ankles, if not more. The smell of brand new kicks in a box, the sound of laces zipping through the holes as you re-lace your dunks not only to fit your feet just right but to get that little personal touch, its like floating in a pool of Grey Goose and Banana Snapple…Its just addictively intoxicating! Can you tell I got a serious shoe fetish?!? I swear I lust for limited editions with the numbering on tongues!Now don’t get me wrong, a pair shorty shorts and heels in the warm weather are oh so necessary (in my Jay Z voice) but don’t make the mistake in thinking you cant be hella sexy wearing the mini version of your boy crushes kicks too. Guys love a chic that can be a reflection of them; a sexy down to earth extension of themselves , all while keeping it in mind its got to be done with a fierce femininity, no doubt! I often wonder what Ms. Carter would look like dipped in a pair of mid-top Wu’s not to mention how good her dogs would feel stepping out of them 5 inch corn busters she wears daily. Shoot, after the stockings with gladiator sandals debauchery (fuckery) Bey made us witness, I beg anyone to send her some J’s immediately. (Side note: Ms. Kerri Baby, I see you! You’re trying and I applaud you but you’re killing me softly with your selection of footwear accented with sailor caps. No Maam! There still rules to how you pull off a casual shoe, I don’t care how sexy you are.So to all my ladies that know how to Rock Kicks like an 80’s baby and all the brothers that can see the sexy in their boo’s shoe game when she pulls out a pair of Yezzy’s before you do, pat yourself on the back for keeping Sneaker Sexy Alive!!

Link: My Fabolous Life!


Ob- Blog.

Here's a post on some blogs i be keepin up on

http://seaofshoes.typepad.com/ by fashionista extrodinair Jane Aldrige.


http://fashionispoison.blogspot.com/ by Lucrecia

http://myfabolouslife.com/ by Fabolous


Classic Beaut's

Here's a tribute to Classic Beautie's and no im not talking about the YSL MaryJane tribute's.

Pretty chick, bad cut.

Fabolous obviously didn't like Cassie's new style. Stating this on various media sites aswell as on his twitter:

Fabolous: “Cassie haircut’s not da worst thing n da world but its like 4 what? She a pretty girl, gorgeous hair. goes 2 show u women r never satisfied … Maybe its a publicity stunt/internet buzz thing, or she jus needed a change.. Or had 2 outdo all the Day26 cryin attention.. thats it! lol … Looks like one of the haircuts from Edward Scissorhands.. ok, let me stop..”

&& as you may notice he also took a stab at RnB group, Day26. Fabo not diggin the Bad Boy fam now'a days?

Guess GaGa would let Kanye 'Poke Her Face'

Here's a cute fun little video of Lady gaga acknowledging Kanye west remake song to 'Pokerface' ft. Kid Cudi and Comon and showing some well deserved artisty love. enjoy.

'No You're wrong, Kan-ye was right.'

Real New York mag.

Sad new's you guys, after gruesome weeks of attemtping to impress editors of the digital magazine Real New York, they finally broke it to me that im not going to be their intern. sad.

Haus of GaGa.

'Just Dance'd her way into chart's & then she put on her best 'Pokerface' and topped charts once again. Akon red-discovered artist Lady Gaga has been tearing up all music charts known possible. Her hit single's 'Just Dance' and 'Pokerface' have gotten her international hype and she aint stoppin yet. This bleach blonde new york native have been on the uprise for quite sometime before mr.Konvict music gave her a big break and hooked her up with producing genius; Redone.

Through her major success, there has been quite a buzz over her empire that she calls: Haus of GaGa, inspired by couture house's and i dont mean H&M. So in this post i will analyze ms. Stefani Germanotta down to the core.


Trully a fashion icon, from her Ray Ban shades down to her Versace shoe's lady gaga is really bringing back traditional fashion. A fan of vintage and couture, ther eisnt a day off in the shoes of ms.Stefani. Forever turning heads and catching pap's attention, she walks out hotel's in her signature one peice cat/bathing suit's, 4+inch heels of teh best kind, rediculous shades that include Versace, Parada, Emilio Pucci and more. Even when on stage her clothe game doesnt stop. When she transform's couture outfits and gowns into full on stage costumes and puts on an amazing show for her adoring fans.


Lady GaGa's debut album; The Fame which was released October 28, 2008 was a growingly smash hit! Every song on the album was either written or co-written by Gaga herself. Her First single, Just Dance' was a sleeper hit spending almost 5months on the Billboard top 100 charts before finnaly peaking in January 09. The dance track received a Grammy nomination for Best Dance Recording, although she lost the nomination the track topped over 10 international charts! Her follow-up single 'PokerFace' was an even greater succes reaching numbe rone in over 20 countries. Which has also become teh biggest song that she performs on national television on shows such as American Idol aswell as on her solo tour, The Fame Ball. Other single's released have been: 'Eh Eh (nothing else i can say)' and 'LoveGame' which has been super conterversial for its lyrics and sexual video. Rumor has it that 'Paparrazzi' will be her third single release in the UK. "LoveGame" has already started charting in the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, where it became another top five hit for Gaga.

So to conclude this all, LadyGaga is bound to be one of teh next greatest and influential pop singer's of this generation.

"My Name is Lady Gaga and this is my house!"


Artist of the Month: Drake

Been a while since i done this so ya'll knoww i was gon go hard! Artist of the month: Drizzy Drake Drizzle a.k.a. DRAKE!
It's been hectic since the release of Drake's mixtape, cause there's a crazy amount of hype for him on the street now. The once young parapalegic on The-N's hit show 'Degrassi' is now all grown up, sexy, and coming hard at this rap game. He a tripple threat foreal; Acts, Rapps and looks good while doing it! His song's have been burning teh radio charts up here in New York, and banging the clubs ou ton Miami. & for him i truly give Young Money Record's my vote for hardest delivering record label out there, sorry Interscope Lil Wayne goin' straight to the bank with this one!

The rise and fall of hiphop couples.

So Hot 97 reported yesterday that rnb/hiphop singer Kelis, has filled for divorce from her husband rapper Nas. It has been reported that the reasons is 'irreconciliable' claiming that he has verbally abused her. She also asks that he pays child support as she is 7months preggers.

Funny thing they over, cause hiphop's finest couple tied the knot a fe wmonths ago, yes im talking about Beyonce and Jay-Z. After a long term relationship, countless hits together, and an uprising fortune and empire that they both are maintaining, the decided to get married in a private wedding.

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