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IDK much about clothes but ya blog is FIERCE!

As i have documented before my workplace is a venture when famous people arrive. People look, stare, and whisper but for this one not many knew what to do. 'Register thirteen. Please proceed to register thirteen' is what the machine said in an annoying tomtom liek voice. Waiting for my custome i racked up on bags and as i walked opposite ms.Lepore herself i ran back to my register and started ringing her up. 'beep. bagg. beep. bagg.' is all you heard, i was in obvious starstruck. Fellow co-workers stared from afar for various reasons, lucious buldging rouged lips, waist thatd make Heidi (klum) jealous, breast as large as melons hair as bleach as ms Monroe her self, ass as big as j.lo's and ms kardashian (and no not chloe) but stared because this was the first tranny to become somebody before rupaul before peppermint there was AMANDA LePORE, and her ei was ringing up her sexy skimpy lingerie aside a model-esque boy toy.
'I like you...' she utter's i look up smile and reply 'I liek you too!' yet again more beeping and bagging. 'I liek you...and your life. You should write about mine sometime.' and then it hit me... was she...could she be...no...wait but she is! 'OMG YOU READ?!' (i know i shouldve rephrased) 'Hell yeah hun, i love your blog it's on my favorites!' i knew this was foreal cause she had taken a moment to lay her blackberry on the counter fix her scarf and look mne in the face as she spoke. To some your first sale in a shop you think youve made it, someone wearing your first design, but for me someone as big to the gay community as Amanda saying she reads often made me feel liek i could retire and further look for what skies lie yonder window. I started to finsih up her purchase's as she swiped exchanged a smile and walked towards teh door in what looked like jimmy choo's and my day was complete!

Get Edumacated!

If you have not yet I advise that you do! Urban dictionary is a lamen's term of like Webster, exept this version documents street slang. In this book you will find funny synonyms for everyday words produced by real people around the country. You got slang from the south such as HELLA down to east coast slang like Chonga. Everything you'll need for urban survivor skills.
You can also visit their website which is updated daily with new word additions


Aubrey does Playboy for my Birthday!

As you may or may not know, blonde bombshell Aubrey O'Day former Danity Kane singer is going to be posing for Playboy out in MARCH. Reports have not yet led conclusive to whether she will be full on nude or just very sexy pics as exhbited in the Famous Stars and Straps shoot or her recent Complex spread.

Chonga World Wide Movement

So to most this aint nothing, but to a higly increasing population...this is a way of life!

Chonga dates back to Chola which was derived from the term Cholo. Brief history before i get's crazy with my info:

Cholo (n) Cho-Low : The U.S. context of the word Cholo/Chola originated in Los Angeles and can be a derogatory term meaning Chicanogangster or pandilleroor marero. They are born in the U.S. and favor Spanglish. They might refer to any Latino unlike them as pocho, or white-washed. A hardcore cholo will wear the baggy look, bigtime tatoos, and a shaved head. The chola might have long permed black hair, dark lipstick and a teardrop tatooed under her eye, (and their toddler might have a shaved head and wear the garb unless abuelita steps in.) This look is subject to change as gang-culture evolves. So what a cholo looked like in the times of Cheech and Chong is out-of-date, but still revered with some pride. There are even plastic figurines with this look sold in gumball machines all over the streets of L.A. The word has a totally different context in South America, where it means indigenous peasant. But in the States, it has been appropriated and the context has evolved.

So thats what a cholo meant which then modernized into the context CHONGA (n) Chung-Ga: A chonga is a woman of hispanic origin, generally characterized by the utilization of excessive hair gel, usually leaving two strands of hair hanging while the rest is pulled back, especially seen accesorized with giant hoop earrings and necklaces with their names written on them. Chongas can be seen wearing tight short shorts and anything that will provide the excessive exposure of cleavage, especially, but not limited to, tank-tops. Chongas generally have names of hispanic origin such as Marisleysis and Yamile. One is bound to see chongas in Hialeah, Florida, however, chongas are known to migrate. Chongas have a distinctive dialect involving both the Spanish and English languages, merging to create what we now know as "Spanglish."

This started an extensive Chonga Research, just so happens that so called chongas now arrive in every and any race not excluding any young female with tight jeans, love handles, kids sized Jordans, big gold hoops and hair gel in their wardrobe. But they run in regions by South, North-East, and West.

West being the more Chola-Chonga often looks like specimen 1 or 2: Number one being more Chonga-Chola more so to be seen at a car show and Number 2 being just a Chola who is in gangs.



The North Eastern Chongas come in many different races such as Hispanics, Blacks and White although we've noticed some chonga tendencies in asian and middle eastern women. In the north east is where Chonga then coined; Bird (n) Burd : females who may act like a bird generally because they travel in a flock and talk while bobbling their heads. Which is mainly exhibited in the urban communities of New York City in boroughs such as Brooklyn. These generally being the girls with hair weave, baby phat/ north face snorkel's & jordans or being the girls rocking the new ghetto lines such as coach and prada who think they are high class but in all actuality look just liek teh rest. Exhibit A:

In conclusion to this research no matter what you call'em they still ghetto to the core and they aint going no where and have been highly popularized by youtube.com and MadTv and are increasing population.

I'm Backkk

So i been busy on some major run-ins with the pooches & co. so have not been able to come show ya some love but you know i cant be slackin' cause thats whillin profilin so, here we go:

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