Cafe LaLo, oui?

Im sure youre lookign at this pictur eliek wtf is that?

Well its teh mess my cousin and i left after devouring a hot cocoa and cappucino at the one and only CAFE LALO in the upper west side.

Its decor is very Frechand nice. In this time of teh year they decor as shown above. It was actually a featur ein the hit film You've Got Mail. With delicsious hot drinks for this extremly cold weather and fabulous deserts from places such as Crumbs, you'll be delighted with this place.
If youd liek to visit this place heres the info for Cafe Lalo's
201 W 83RD StNew York, NY 10024-4931Phone: (212) 496-6031

Excuse me waiter, who exactly is Big Daddy?

Big Daddy's is a place i have been solicitng for the past year now. Its a great diner with 1980's decor of what a diner was back then, a bit of a blast from the past. The waitors are all cool and you have complimentary matches. . .WHAT MORE COULD YOU ASK FOR? lol

But great food, great service and it has been the setting for some great times. But one question left unanswered. . .WHO IS BIG DADDY? We asked around once but alll we got was 'Well big daddy is whoever you want. So now the question is. . .who's your daddy?' naughty waitor wasnt he? lol

To visit this location you can visit their website Big Daddy's for their location and menu.


Disney 411!

From Cheettah's to High School kid's & Popstars, everyone who is in some way affiliated with the DISNEY channel has been in some major scandals this year.

These kids who are being trusted by Disney to keep the integrity and innocence of the channel and the characters kids learn to love; dont know how to keep their clothes on or their pics to themselves.

We started this year off with Vannessa H. taking some rather not so g-rated images to send to hubby Zac Efron, now a days pretty normal whats the catch? They were both currently fresh from starring in Disney's new franchise HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL. The movie had kids raving enough for disney to make a second and a big screen debut with its third. Disney did comment and had Vannessa appologize for having her kitty and titty's on the web. She then went on to make an album and be a spokesmodel for Ecko sneakers.
2. Miley Cyrus
Then came country sweetheart, Miley Cyrus best known for her starring role on Disney's hit franchised show HANNAH MONTANNA. Shes was pu tunder observation because these semi-nude pics arose on the web that had parents questioning how kid friendly she actually was. When you think about it this isnt as bad as V's cooch but it was blown ou tof proportion because Miley was only 14 at the time!

3. Zac Efron

With all great Disney stardom must come revealing pictures that you didnt want come up. With the hype from HSM on Disney and kids going nuts for it and all these solo stars coming about from this new found success such as Ashley Tisdale, Corbin Bleu, Vannessa Hudgens and ZAC EFRON himself, yehp HSM and Harispray: the movie's own heart throb had a run in with a little slipped pic. So i guess as girlfriend Vannessa spent time picture messaging Zac-y poo some pics he was kissing neighborhood buddies. In this pic we observe Zac smooching on his friend while shirtless, can anyone say DUDE WHERE'S THE LUBE? While cute, parents yet again spoke up calling it disturbing and disgusting. He denies all rumors of homosexuality and only proof being his 2 years with girlfriend V.

4. Adrienne Bailon

From yet another Disney Franchise comes in last but so recent, Adrienne Bailon, hispanic member of THE CHEETAH GIRLS, former member of 3LW and current fiancee to Rob Kardashian. see these were'nt leaked if it wasnt for someone infiltrating her pc. But the fact of the matter is. . .shes part of disney and its frowned upon to do this well. . .to do this and let it come out. She did release a statement to some sites such as Mediatakeout.com and TMZ.com and says she will be taking legal actions.
In the end these people sign up to be role models when they sign up to be with disney. Sadly. . .we are human and we do make mistakes and people do get a hold of them which is why i judge none of these cause i know damn well a few of my XXX pics have probably leaked. Its all a matter of when are they TV STARS and when are they HUMAN.


50 plants a garden?

seems that 50 cent joined forces with sweet ol Bett Midler earlier this week for the opening of 50 Cents Community Garden here in queens.
id be careful with what he plants there, you can take teh man out the hood btu you can never take teh hood out the man; you feel me? G-G-G-G- G-UNIT!


guess whos gracing the cover this December, yeah teh one and only ms.Jolie-Pitt. And shes looking FLAWLESS even after losing weight for the CHANGELING role.

Alexander Mc-Target?

Get a load of this, Alexander McQueen is actually in process of designing for TARGET. His low cost designs to be sold at all target outlets is said to be for the target spring line. The current designers for the GO Target line's are: Richard Chai, Dean Harris, & Monika Botkier.

Now im unsure fo what hes planning to design if its just clothing, or if its the whole 9 yards. But whatever it is just expect it to be SLAMMIN!

Obama 08'

& OBAMA becomes teh elect president to run our nation begining jan 20 2009 when hes inaugarated. Hopefully change is good.

44th president of the united states a biracial man who has visions of greatness for us.


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