Danity Kane, over&out.

As you may or may not know, on the last season finale of MTB4 diddy dismantled yet another group; this time it being platinum selling, international pop group sensation DANITY KANE.
On the live finale diddy dissmissed Aubrey O'Day and D.Woods from the group for various reasons. He let Aubrey go on the note that he doesnt think her images and actions are appropriate for the group. As for D. he claims she just gpt caught up in Aubrey fame wrath.
Earlier today Z100 confirmed that Shannon Bex quit the group, now only leaving Dawn Richards and Aundrea Fimbres teh ones who initiated the checker event leading to this dismantlement.
Although the group not being all together, Diddy says teh group shall move forward with their future plans and the DK brand.
Danity Kane being the best investment BBE has mad ein the last 10years, the group will never be teh same. But much luck to my homegirl Aubrey, Wanita & Shannon.


gots da G1 jonesz

So after MONTHS of outragous BUZZIN; T-Mobile finally shipped thier G1 phone by GOOGLE out to stores and customers all over. The phone is a GOOGLE phone with amazing features. Its also a 3G phone which will be interesting at how it does compared to the original 3G ( the iPhone).


The City

Whitney from the Hills has def. decided that its enuff of hills, she wants THE CITY.

So basically a next season wa sin the works with one catch. . . .IF ALL THE CHARACTERS REMAINED LOYAL. Whitney said OH NO and hit the road because MTV offered her a spin-off show named THE CITY where she will be roaming the city streets of NEW YORK whie working for DIANE von FURSTENBURG. Not much has been said by MTV or her buttt that this show will debut sometime in 09'.


Artist of the Week: Lady GaGa

So heres one for the techno charts. Lady GaGa is an upcoming pop-tech artist whos hit single 'JUST DANCE' has done pretty well and hasbeen broadcasted on many tv shows. He rmusic is sassy and legit better heard in sons like 'Papparazxzi' and 'Beautiful Dirty Rich'.
So here you go guys, eat this shxt up.

This shxt is banana's, B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

Yes ive been M.I.A, but with big fallbacks come GREAT returns; right Britney?
Well basically while the economy over her ein the states deteriorates, a pharmacist by the name Sumiko Wantanabe in Japan discovered the MORNING BANANA DIET; and no it doe snot prevent pregnancy. Basiccaly this diet consists of BANANA's in the morning with water, a small lunch, and anything for dinner.
Catch: NO EATING AFTER 8 and must be in bed by MIDNIGHT.
That in bed by midnight thing is what kills it for me, but besides taht the diet has proven to work. Now im thinking of doing a Blog excusive experiment and try this diet out for a month. . .teh month of January ofcourse; cant miss turkey day and x-mas.

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