Since it is Britney week here at liifeandsuch i decided to post up her newest single that just premiered this morning at 6am; WOMANIZER. its a funky cool song with madd urban appeal i suggest you guys get with it;ya digg?!

here is teh link to the single: WOMANIZER!


Mag. Time!

In the Oct. 2008 issue of VIBE magazine we have our very own princess of crunk CIARA PRINCESS HARRIS on the cover baring all in some Giuseppe wedged heels and D&G button down!

Inside she speaks about her next studio release named FANTASY RIDE under the label (LaFace/Zomba). She also speaks on the struggles she has gone through being in the music industry; from facing rumors to door's being closed in her face.

In this edition we also have a few imteresting ad's by a few interesting people:

09.07.08 Marks teh date LL Cool J launched his third clothing line into Sear's dept. stores nationwide. You can check out his clothing on sears.com/llcoolj

You also get one of Nelly's new ad's for Sean John Underwear aswell as official girls Cassie and Lauren London for Sean John Outerwear.

LRG reveals Travis McCoy from GYM CLASS HEROES as their new spokesmodel. And rumors still unanswered about him and katy perry.
&& much much more just be sure to go to a newstand and cop this issue TODAY! or you can subscribe on WWW.VIBE.COM

Artist Of The Week: Britney Spears

It's Britney Biatches! It has recently been confirmed teh rumors of her next pop hiphop album is soon to be released in the 09. Tittled 'CIRCUS' first single set to be WOMANIZER that has been soon to leakk any minute now. But i bring to you her greatest hits off her BLACKOUT album. enjoy

Aubrey O'Day does Complex!

My girl Aubrey O'Day blazed the cover of Complex mag this month with this hot and racy photoshoot.
The interview is simplyy sexyy and the edition is named 'Too Hot for TV' yiu guys can go cop that out on stands SOON.
to read more into it you can visit http://www.complex.com/GIRLS/Cover-Girls/Aubrey-ODay


2008 VMA's

ok as if you fuckers weren't glued to the screen for this! Between the nominees and Britney hype this VMA had major ratings.

But lemme recap on some of it;

First major winner BRITNEY SPEARS! After years of serving major performances and 16 nominations but no moonmen to show for it, britney snagged 3 moonmen at this years event.

  1. Best Choreography 'Piece of Me'
  2. Best Female Video "Piece of Me"
  3. Video of the Year "Piece of Me"

Ok which is just a Piece of shxt. I love Brit and im happy shes getting back on track but this was a majorr Publicity Stunt. I mean HELLO, best chor. shouldve went to Danity Kane for Damaged all due respect to Brit and teh piec eof me video which i love BUT the dance was not better than Damaged. Video of the year i think it deserved cause she brung some hotness in that video.

Anyways, Rihanna performed and it was in my opinion worst rendition of disturbia she sang nothing but adlibs and thought shed let the theatrics carry the performance. FLOP! I think to redeem that performance she should perform at Six Flags fright fest best occasion for a weird performance.

No LiLo + Katy Perry kiss. BUT LiLo was there with boy/girl Sam.

Barbie. Heidi & Spenc Edition.

IDK if you guys have heard this one yet but The Hills villianous couple Heidi and Spencer recently met with the manufacturing company for Barbie known as MATTEL.
The meet was bought up by the two so that they can request their own Barbie and Ken; Heidi and Spencer edition. Cute. . .if it was Brangelina doing it.


Nan your'e a window shopper!

TMZ brung us some wonderful news last night about the party for GQ's Men of the Year awards.

So basically Drunk Allen (Lily) gto on stage with sir Elton John when a serious catfight broke out and he had to slay her drunk ass.

An obviously trashed Allen tried to spar with the master, cussing him out and taking shots at his age, but Elton shut her down slamming Lily for being a drunk and ripping the singer over her alleged penchant for nose candy.

Britney's back with a brand new swag like Britney's Black!

Aside from her management and mtv rep's saying she will not be at the vma's this year. . .guess what? BRITNEYS OPENING ONCE MORE!
no she wont be singing or dancing BUT mtv says she has something good indtroe for us. maybe a parody of last year lol but im glad to see ms. spears doing better and 09' is her year.


Artist of the Week: PCD, DK, GLC

Today i bring you 3 weeks worth of music! So i'll be M.I.A on the a.o.t.w for a while but here i present you PCD, DK, & GLC.

Confessions of a Shopaholic.

Many would think with a tittle liek this i just got the new issue of CosmoGirl and i was about to blog about the new must have for this fall season but think again, im actually gon blog about the Sophie Kinsella best seller series SHOPAHOLIC.

This book starts off following a young rich chick who has it all tehn one day has to start workign for it all. She learsn to struggle and spruce sup her resume to start a job at a BANKING MAGAZINE firm. . .how ironic. Anyways this amazingg book is now being turned into a movie!! I knoww rightt so0o cool! Well Isla Fisher plays the main character and let me tell you this movie looks amazing! She does this charcter alot of justice with her inner Gucci loving bitch ofcourse.

To cap this off the movie is almost like . . .hmmm. . .if 'How to lose a guy in 10 days' and 'Sex and the city' lead Carrie had a love child!! PLus the wardrobve in this movie is simplyy HOT. Anyways go buy the Books Shopaholic keep an eye out for the movie and her ei present you a picture on set and the trailor ENJOY!

Gossiping 90210

This fall season there is two MAJOR primetime series going on. Gossip Girl and 90210.

Gossip girl now entering its third season has been building major momentum and is HUGE right now and one of the CW's highest rating show. With young starlet such as Blake Lively in the mix this show is extremly addicting! The action is real and gets raw as the episodes come with feuds, drugs, sex and ofcourse GOSSIP!

Spin off of the old show Beverly Hills 90210 this is a mor emodern version to the show with special appearances and casting with people form the original cast. The 2hour long premiere going on rigfht now and 40 mins into it and its already soo good! & ofcourse theres texting going on lol a youthful show wouldnt have its best moments if a cellphone wasnt involved. . .guess the producers took a note or two from gossip girl.

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