Real men Own Purses!

A few years back a man would kill before having to hold a handbag. Now a'day's its all the craze! The pinnacle of a man outfit is now the bag on a mans side. When a PURSE was once a womans choice of accesory and so many labels catered to this; now they cater to us male's. Now we can feel the prid eand joy of saying 'Yeah, thats louis.' It's now also a sense of sophistication, a mans bag tells alot about who he is. So heres a few fan faves aswell as my faves.

Pharell's Herme's bag(s). Besides being rediculously overpriced it's what i mean about SOPHISTICATION. Pharell being one of the first celebrity males to have a bag and openly rock it makes him a pioneer in the men's bag craze. Ofcourse we men always had Messenger's but those wer eonly handbags for teh shameful and in denial. Most expensive herne's ive seen was $67,000, take THAT ecco and rocawear!

From the Louis V. Damier collection i bring you the BeauBourg. Standing at $865.00 it's one of teh cheapest but simplicity is key! It isnt oversized, it isnt ghetto, but it IS chic! Cant go wrong with this one.

Now we move to a lil fav of mine MARC JACOBS! ok this man has RANKED for me this year. He's won me over and im sold that everything this man makes is AMAZING! This green Marc by Marc Jacobs washed leather tote will only leave you $438.00 short but its worth. This isnt my first choice bag but its amazing, i actually have one on hold at Loehman's!
Ok so im not the BIGGEST Coach fan (as expressed in PREVIOUS post) but i must admit this bag is AMAZING! It's a cute duffle bag designed by Coach for men's at only $498.00, NOT BAD!

Pop off Son!

The craziest, most violent and baddest "Bad Girl's Club" member of them all is under serious fire for doing what she does best -- poppin' off and puttin' some fool on his ass!
Tanisha Thomas is being sued by a guy who claims she bashed him in the face with a beer mug during an eye-bangin' smackdown at a Hollywood nightclub back in November. According to the lawsuit, filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, Kenneth Corrales claims he was just hangin' out when Thomas acted "in a manner not conducive to normal society" and caused a "deep laceration" to his forehead with a beer mug.
The entire brawl was caught on tape by the "Bad Girls Cub" camera crew, promoted, and featured in an episode -- in which a medic can be seen pressing a bandage against the guy's forehead. After the fight, Thomas was arrested, booked and locked up for a few days.Corrales is suing Thomas and Bunim-Murray, the company that produces the show, for an unspecified amount of cash. Calls to their reps have not yet been returned.


You just know me by my aim.

Sexy Tyga has just recently released a video to his song AIM on his debut album NO INTRO. The video is cute, hes cute, the song is hot ya must check it so heres teh link to the video AIM.

I've Kissed LiLo?

Rumor has it Katy is planning to lay a smooch on a chick on this years VMA's on SEPT 7. Its also been said that she has requested to kiss Lindsay Lohan!! Now this is major huge funny cause rumor also has it that LiLo is dating man/girl Sam. But i think its good that Katy will kiss a girl it'll add validation to the performance cause the song says she kissed a bitch but no sign of her laying lips on no female during the video of her hit single.

Pussycat's don't pay?

Apparently lead singer to the PussyCat Dolls; Nicole S. was at a restaurant earlier this week and when asked to pay for valet gave the man a dumb-founded face. Now i guess she thought girls who danced on whips in 5inch-ers got a pass into anything but no ms.doll had to cough up more than a furball and pay for her valet, yehp your never too big of a star to pay hun.

Artist of the Week: Miley Cyrus

Cyrus is known for starring as Miley Stewart/"Hannah Montana" in the television series Hannah Montana on the Disney Channel. Cyrus became a sensation after Hannah Montana debuted in March 2006. Following the success of the show, in October 2006, a soundtrack CD was released in which she sang eight songs from the show. In December 2007, she was ranked #17 in the list of Forbes Top twenty earners under the age of 25 with an annual earning of US$3.5 million. As of December 2007, she is working on a movie spin-off of Hannah Montana, titled Hannah Montana: The Movie which is due to be released on May 1, 2009.
Cyrus' solo music career began with the release of her debut album, Meet Miley Cyrus on June 23, 2007. Her sophomore album, entitled Breakout was released on July 22, 2008, which is Cyrus' first album that does not involve the Hannah Montana franchise. Both albums debuted and peaked at #1 on the Billboard 200. Miley Cyrus is the youngest teenager that has ever been on the front cover of Seventeen.


Mag. Time!

So i've decided to do this cool little project that will include you guys. I usually get Cosmo and a few other magazines delivered so these will be our bibles for a bit and a reference guide to ad's, fashion, glam & sex. So i start off this week with the newest edition of COSMOPOLITAN out in stores now with the beautiful Gossip Girl; Blake Lively looking stunning.

So in this Sept. 2008 issue of Cosmo theres ofcourse the ever so famous sex entries and fashion and all that good stuff you know the whats in and out.

If you can so kindly refer to page 99 where they have the FUN FEARLESS FASHION page and this page has a few articles of clothing, 8 to be exact then on the pages following that they have ways you can use these 8 items to make a weeks worth of wardrobe for different occasions. With a classic and my fave Biker styled jacket by BeBe and this wonderful Monaco Pencil skirt, how could you go wrong?

1 More thing i wanted to point out was in that same segemnt tehy have HOT SHOES and i must say the pumps are winning me over just cause theres so much more variety than the sandal style and bootees. But if you are curious bout these fashion im mentioning you can go out get the mag or subscribe easy at COSMOPOLITAN.COM where you can receive up to a years worth of this greatt stuff.

Artist of the Week: Lil Wayne

This week we bring you mr. Million. Dwayne "Lil Wanye" Carter has been out for quite some time now and was best known for making songs some hot joints. He was deemed best FEATURED ARTIST being in over 30 songs as a featurette since the late 90's. His latest hits include 'Lollipop' 'Amilli' & 'Got Money'. He's easily one of the best lyricist of our time right now coming off with sick rymes and 16's that make any song a chart topper.


Call him Ford, Tom Ford!

So ive been really digging through Designer brand and i came across an interesting man taht id liek to share with you guys. His name is TOM FORD. This man is super praised by many for totally bringing back HOUSE OF GUCCI and then making his own line.

&& as every uber hot designer of course hes a parsons graduate. He compelled rich women and hot trannys to indulge in gucci once more when he became teh creative director of teh line from the years 94 - 04 and Gucci ha snever been teh same!

He went small first with his top eyeliner wear and then climbed up that fashion ladder with things such as perfumes and sunglasses (which i adore!) Hes also won 6 awards as a designer alongside YSL and GUCCI aswell as under his own fashion house. Best of all i love this man cause his ad's are very reminisant of DAVID LACHAPPELE!


Paris vs. McCain

So im bringing you this report a tad bit late but its better than never. So apparantly mccain used Paris Hilton on a video campeign that i have yet to see that made ms.hilton a lil testy! So what ebtter way than to make he rown campaign video?
Miss Hilton created a mock campeign video in response to McCains video and this video is simply the cutest thing ever, even cuter than her big mac commercial (lol)


The MTV Tr3s Fashionista special brings together high fashion and hot music. Taped in front of a live studio audience, the show is hosted by model-actress Natalie Martinez and MTV Tr3s VJ L.Boogs with Karli Henriquez as backstage correspondent.

The program will feature celebrity models like America’s Next Top Model winner Jaslene Gonzalez and Danity Kane’s Aubrey O’Day walking the runway to showcase fall 2008 looks from a mix of Latino and Anglo designers. I have a sneek peek at Aubrey O’Day walking the catwalk during a taping of MTV Tr3s Fashionista at the MTV studios in NYC’s Times Square last month.

Here you go:

MTV Tr3s Fashionista premieres on August 16 @ 2PM & 9PM ET/PT on MTV Tr3s.

Hookah Fun!

So theres this little spot in East Village ive been frequently visiting with a group of friends that has been so good to us, RAMA CAFE! Basically its a HOOKAH bar with egyptian food and atmosphere.

Its a friendly place and you can go from a casual lunch-n-date setting to a more intimate Chill setting in the back with option of sofa's or a king size bed (where we've had some fun times) tila tequila style. Drinks our great and no identification needed!

I highly recomend the spot for ANYONE whos interested in having a fun laid back time. Plus thatll mean more business for my nigga Mo!

26 1st Ave New York, NY 10009

(212) 673-2223

Artist of the Week: Missy Elliot

5 time grammy winning singer/songwriter Missy Elliot is our A.O.T.W.

Being one of teh hottest rappers in the late 90's and early 00's, Missy has 6 RIAA certified platinum albums. She's also known for her HOT videos such as: "The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)", "Hot Boyz", "Get Ur Freak On", "One Minute Man", "Work It", "Gossip Folks", "Pass That Dutch", "Lose Control" and "Ching-a-Ling." In addition, Elliott has worked extensively as a songwriter and producer for other artists, both alone and with her producer and childhood friend Timbaland. Elliott's songwriting and production credits include work for a number of other female artists, among them Aaliyah, Monica, Destiny's Child, Mýa, Whitney Houston, SWV, Trina, Nicole Wray, Fantasia, Ciara, Raven Symone, Melanie B, Keyshia Cole, Mariah Carey (co-writer with Carey), Janet Jackson, Lil' Mo, Mary J. Blige and Ruslana. But here i bring you a playlist of this legend including solo work and ft's, ENJOY!


Disney's First Black Princess

A musical set in the greatest city of them all, New Orleans, The Princess and the Frog marks Disney's return to the timeless art form of traditional animation. The film teams Ron Clements and John Musker, creators of The Little Mermaid and Aladdin, with Oscar®-winning composer Randy Newman to tell the most beautiful love story ever told... with frogs, voodoo, and a singing alligator. The Princess and the Frog will be released on Christmas Day 2009.
The film stars: Anika Noni Rose, Keith David, Jenifer Lewis, John Goodman, Bruno Campos


World Yacht: Princess.

So yesterday after finishing Driving lesson's my good friend Mellissa calls me and exclaimed that 3/4 of the bestfriends arrive at the Circle Line Pier on 41st for a yacht ride at 6pm. THE RACE WAS ON!

After disorderly conduxt in the streets of new york to get a hold of a cab we make it to the pier at 6:11 where we almost didnt make it! Now, this thing was beautiful! 3 floors, dining, bars and dancefloors. This was teh BEST! We had dinner seaside view onlooking the New York and New Jersey harbors. I couldnt had experienced this with 3/4 of the best people!

This goes out to a special friend that got a lil liquor happy last night and ended up looking a mess! Lol we love you sincity (www.fashionablylate.blogspot.com)

ps honorable mentions to John && Rich who were needed help in this girls plea for SOS!


Aug 13

MTB is back with a whole new season of DK, D26 and Donnie K. Be sure to tune in and support my girls.


Artist of the Week: Tynisha Keli

Artist of the week; Tynisha Keli is not just some white chick. Tynisha was once just a simple girl from Bedford, MA who went on to be in a girl group known as 'Gyrls Society' which had only one single 'Respect Me' and sadly the band was disbanded before tehy could even drop a debut album!
Ms. Keli aint give up though, she kept it going releasing her solo single ' I wished you Loved me' in 2007 and is currently in the works to make a video for this video a year later to be debut in Sept. Shes also very communicative with her fans as she update stehm regualarly on her youtube account with new videos with news and new songs.
Shes currently working on her solo album to be named 'The Chronicales of TK' which will include the radio hit IWYLM. Well her ei bring you 3 of TK's songs hope you enjoy!


Elsie Kats and who wore it best?

Thats the dress now here is teh POLL
The Dress is worn by 2 women one Dania Ramirez & Aundrea Fimbres. So who wore it best?

A+o Fashion Show.

Aug. 5 - Emmy Rossum was in Sag Harbor over the weekend for the Alice + Olivia fashion show. Other guests at the Hamptons event included Danity Kane member Aubrey O'Day, designers Stacey Bendet and Ali Kay and Chris DeWolfe, co-founder of MySpace.
Heres the link to watch the fashion show as the catwalk is over a pool in a Hampton home.
info provided by usatoday.com

ANTM cycle 11

ANTM cycle 11 coming soon with a better batch of hopefull biatches


Celebrity Name Tat's

I think its tacky for us common peope to do it caus eliek hello, we dont last. Now celebrities, its so0o cutee shows dedication amongst one and how he/she feels its right even when it may go wrong o_0.

Q from Day26 recently got his girls name (dawn from danity kane) tattooed on him. (on his right side )

Nick C. got Mariah Carey's name tattooed REALLY big on his back!

&& im sure theres plenty more.


If youve watched Keeping up with the Kardashian's, you may have or may not have known that they have a family business ran by Khloe and Courtney named; Dash. In a recent episode they showed them struggling to put a website up and its finnaly here!!
The pieces in this tore are AMAZING. They have the cutest things ever; but for those with big wallets! The lowest price on a dress is 242 & the highest being 1,276! But if you have money to spend this is def a good spot.


It's Yours.

Hit girl group Danity Kane have been known for leaking songs such as Want it from You, Home for Christmas and I wish.
Now they have just leaked a WHOLE new song called 'Its Yours' that will be on a mixtape soon
So i hope you all enjoy, heres teh download to: 'Its Your's'


Official Girl.

Bad Boy's own lil Official Girl brung us recently some HOT && RACY flicks of her on the cover of Complex Magazine and a spread! Enjoy.

Plus here's there link to Cassie's Trailor to her new video "Official Girl" ft. Lil Wayne

Howard Beach.

So i dont know how familiar you are with Queens New York hiarchy but it all goes down in this lil place on the water called HOWARD BEACH. If you ever recall or have followed teh Gotti Family; yehp this is it. It's a neighborhood full of guidos && young white girls with manilla colored coach bags && nothing less than a lexus. It's also great place for cute living local starbucks on the water, restaurants and catering halls galore, etc. o me n my bestfriend decided to take a stroll around and see what we can get into and through this venture i bring you 3 locations if yuo are EVER in the area.

1.Beach Bum Tanning

So i was introduced to tanning earlier this year before prom and let me tell you, its great! Beach Bum offers you 7 deals on tanning beds at great affordable prices. Ofcourse this is great for the skin (not), but you get a nice color and its actually kind of addicting. Its also a New York Franchise so there will be one in almost every borough NO MATTER WHAT.
1140 Cross Bay Blvd Far Rockaway, NY 11693
(718) 848-5168

2. Lenny's Clam Bar

After tanning (i know how nasty are we), off to dinner we go. Every where was closed excpet this lil delish of a spot. Lenny's menu is full of the comida italiana. We had some good food and i tried something new; fried calamar. Not my cup'o tea but im sure seafood lover would enjoy it. I def recomend this place and im so going back tonight.
161-03 Cross Bay BlvdHoward Beach, NY 11414
(718) 845-5100

3. Frenasia Asian Fusion

Last we bring you one for the party animals. After dinner we hit up some homegirls taht sai dthey were in the area and to come by cause tehy dont i.d. Frenasia was everything youd expect from a mafioso Sopranos style spot. With a nice bar, cute entrance, and platform on the water this place has a few visitors on && cant see it ever running dry. Hot bartenders, sexy guidos & their cute italian girls fill the atmosphere as Dj Loudmouf bumped local hot music including some of our A.O.T.W Rihanna & Danity Kane. The place was real cute til the mobsters decided to get rowled up fight and carry on all night. I swear to you we were there watching for 3 hrs waiting for someones Dad to bury someone (insider lmao)
163-35 Cross Bay BlvdHoward Beach, NY 11414
(718) 322-7690

For info on these on alot other locations on Howard Beach's strip Crossbay you can visit http://www.howardbeach.com/ for all the hot spots, spas, salons, banks etc.

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