Cheetah Kardashian

Can we start by praising how freaking CUTE this couple is?!
I think she got her self a REAL GOOD MAN and doesnt bother that hes liek super hot and look at her bodyy; sick dude!!

Sean John Undies!

Lets have a moment to thank mr Sean Diddy Combs for allowing us to see Nelly as his spokemodel for Sean John underwear!

Marc by Marc Jacobs!

So i was in the Big Apple today just browsing and rmbling through stores when it hit me, I NEED A NEW PAIR OF SHADES! Cause lord knows i have worn my shxt's out!

So down Lexington i go just looking through a few places and Bloomi's (bloomingdales) didnt have anything to my liking so off to 34st i was; oh yeah i was on a damn hunt for some shades! So yeah blah blah h&m, footlocker, so on and so forth i finally decide dok time for the grand daddy; MACY'S!

Well i entere don the totally opposite side so i walked through and finally made it and there it was. . .a rack of Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses. All with logo and all! It was heaven you guys! So i picked up a few and left with one, its sitting in my Murse (Guess by Marciano).

&& Marc is a good brand to shop for anything, first my shades and next my fall 08' Marc by Marc Jacobs blue trench, yum!

X-Men Origins: Wolverine!

As promised by the producer's of teh X-Men movie(s); there is going to be a movie dedicated ot the life of Wolverine. Ofcourse played by Hugh Jackman who has played him in all three x-men movies.

The trailor premiered at the Comicon convention. The movie is set to be released May 1, 2009!

&& im such a nice blogger to my blogee's (lol) that i got you a lil treat; here is the trailor for the new movie X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE!

Artist of the Week: Yung Berg & Casha

This week to cap off the month of July we introduce you Yung Berg and new artist Casha. Yung Berg also being quite new to the game has been on the scene for a while. Used to be on DMX's label aliased as IceBerg. His Single 'Sexy Lady' put him on charts for weeks and his Debut Album si to be released this fall. The Album is set to Feature Eve, Shawnna, Lil Wayne, Twista, Jim Jones and much more. Casha being a new label mate to Yung B. hasnt had much info released on her but as soon as there is singles or songs form her im sure to put up.
Well her ei introduce to you: The Business ft Casha


Looking for some B-A-D-C-H-I-C'z?

Danity Kane Premiered their new video to second single off their sophomore album Welcome to the Dollhouse; Bad Girl Ft. Missy E.

They premiered the video on FN'MTV && these girls have been xtra busy!

They just finished their headlining tour around the country, finished filming teh new season of MTB, released their album May 18, just got their first single Damaged platinum, Just released this single, Aubrey is doing Hairspray on Broadway aswell as she just launched her new Clothing line (refer to post heart on my sleeve) These Ladies are gon take this music industry WATCH! Also nominate them for a VMA by going on vma.mtv.com aswell as tune in next week for the Teen Choice Awards to see if their single Damaged took the prize for best RNB song.

well heres teh link to Bad Girl ft. Missy Elliot

Disney 411!

In other Disney related news; Miley Cyrus wanted to apologize to fellow disney actress Selena Gomez(from Wizards of Waverly pl.) fo rthe video she made and posted mocking the young lady.

If you ask me these girls are just having catty syndrome! Disney tends to have alot of rising young females and that calls for comp. ex: Raven Symone & Adrienne Bailon. Vannessa Hudgen & Ashley Tisdale. PLus a few weeks ago Miley was spotted with Selenas now ex since shes dating Mileys ex from the Jonas Bros.

On another disney Princess comes Vannessa Hudgens from High School Musical. She was on E! but not to apologize for silly videos but to talk about the new movie High School Musical 3. She says that after this she's calling it QUITS because its the characters senior year, time to move on unless they do H.S.M: Goes To College and turn this into some Saved by the Bell/ Degrassi type thing lol I personally think she shouldve never branched out. I dnt like what hse has to offer which is nothing. Eventhough her singles have done pretty good, DARN THOSE DISNEY KIDS LMAO

Only Disney act that has shown longevity is TCG!!

JoJo said Leave to role Hannah Montana?

Yesterday as i watched 'The Hills: Behind teh Scene' a E! Tonight report came in for teh show saying that JoJo explains why she turned down the role of Hannah Montana on Disney.
She explained how it wasnt her style and wasnt the direction she had for her. Also saying she likes to be hands-on with her music and having people write songs for you and make an image fo ryou isnt what she has intended in music.
I guess it works out though; right? Lil Miss Miley Gets to be Hannah and mae Millions & JoJo continues to do what she loves. . .ok the bitch is stupid. But i do hope she comes back with a boom cause 17 yr old powerhouse can set out to be the next Christina and has all the potential for it
Ok well i cam eback from camping Sunday morning but had to just compile a few current events before blogging.

so i leave for 4 days and already LOTS OF STUFF


The Dark Knight!

So i finally go tot see this movie with my bestfriends last night and let me tell you this is teh movie of teh year. Never been a big batman fan but this movie has everything wrapped into one to make anyone love him. This 2008 adaptation to the DC comic heroe Batman is amazing. Christian Bale as Batman goes through yet another adventure to save Gotham.

But the hilight of this movie is defdiantly Heath Ledger as the Joker. He brung out such a sick essense to this character that has never been portrayed not even in comics. HIs tactics to BE the joker was amazing. He took the role full on and made it his. Sadly we said goodbye to Heath earlier this year but if he only knew how much he just left us with. We can def expect another set of oscars to Bareback mt. front man in the next academy awards because this role was simply BRILLIANT!

This movie has also set the bar really high for any upcoming superhero movies aswell as the talked about Part 2 to this. I hope that in the sequel we bring back some other fav's to this character and the talked about characters are as followed: Robin, The Riddler, CatWoman, POison Ivy, Batgirl, Mr Freeze. so who do you want in the next film?

Well im just letting everyone know there will be no updates from Thurs. July 24 through Monday July 28. Cause i am off camping with my best friends. So hope you guys have a good weekend.

Artist of the Week: Rihanna

In tribute to her new hot video; i crown ms Rihanna as our a.o.t.w. Fresh on teh scene in 05 Rihanna signed with Jay and came with her Barbados flavor. First single Pon de Replay hit airwaves and rihanna got her name out soon after released another album with single Unfaithful written by fellow artist ne-yo. But Jay took rihanna to another level with the release of her third album GOOD GIRL GONE BAD which has had 6 singles. Being now a pop star rihanna has reached infamous calibur's. Enjoy her new song DISTURBIA!



Ok so ms Island gone Pop has a new video out for her #6 single Disturbia, and this shxt is HOT!
So here you go guys eat this ish up!

<3 on my Sleeve

OK so my Idol Aubrey O'Day has set a buzz about her upcoming clothing line and finally its here!! The line consists of a variety of clothing articles for men and women. All personalized by Aubrey O'Day.

With cute shirts and cute colors the line is pretty damn good for a beginner. Its also ULTRA-GAY FRIENDLY! Ive already planned a few purchases out. Well on the site it includes a few familiar faces. Ofcourse that of Ms.O'Day aswell as Jaslene Gonzalez and Caridee English winners of Americas Next Top Models and good friends of her and DK.

For more info reffer to :

From Prada's to Range Rover's its all Hood!

Fashion and style at its WORST! Where highclass meets lowclass, its now alltrash!

Date back mid-90's when Prada was at its peak of popularity and a must have. Women with prada purses was def. a highclass statement.

Also refer to the late-90's early-00's getting your hands on a Range Rover meant a hole in your pocket. Stylish designs accompanied by designer men/women.

Look now at current- 08' what the hell has happened?! Prada are now sneakers and Range's are the new hoopties! At every turn of a corner from Bklyn to Jamaica, from Southsyde to the Lower East; ITS NOW AFFORDABLE! Ealier this year girls became fixed on COACH sneakers. They were teh first brand to join the bandwagon and set sail to this monstrosity of a trend. Bitches with wack weaves, no whips and bad looking knees now were somehow able to get their hand on a pair of coach. As everything that hits your local hood it got on the streets and the dogs were let loose! Why should we liv ein a world where expensive namebrands are accesible to those who live off the gov't? I mean sure they are just sneakers, but the point is COACH SOLD OU TON US! They got a lil hood-happy and now look what theyv'e done; apparently PRADA thought this was a great market strategy; 'HOT BRAND AFFORDABLE PRICES' now tehy have these ugly looking prada sneakers for men that are EVERYWHERE AND IM SICK OF IT!

Another good thing gone bad, RANGE ROVER! This luxury car is now the coach and prada of the vehicle world. Darn right hood is what it is. You see'em coming down the streets with hi-fi woofas and 22inch chrome rims.

The point is, now these things have lost their value. It isnt the same, now you can say 'i got paid time for new shoes' when it used to be 'got paid , 2 more checks and i can finnaly afford it.' Yes you made a culture of style rotten generations happy but now what. . .we've stepped teh bar up from jordans and hummers to prada's and rovers?


Amor de Lejo.

Long Distance love: My take on it.
Basically heres the thing, dating in newyork SUCKS! Being a gay male i cannot find a decent guy in this state or tristate area who isnt corrupted! They are all heavy on the gay functions and all into the gay liifestyle that the other teens have. Its mayhem to try to maintain a monogomous relation with any of these homos.
Ofcourse im one set apart from this all, i am every thing but the typical newyork gay. && so im talkiing to this Kiid from the M-I-A and hes actually kind of amazing. While yes here i find hot guys tehy also have the gene that all of the hot guys have; GENE JACKASS! But this one has teh looks with the brains and a heart to match.
Talk about being torn between a good relationship with no tangibility and a bad relationship with all the attention i can have in the world. Same cas eon his end by what he tells me. BUt im a worker, i can make shxt wotk.



Ok so SoHo has become 'common ground' to the newyork teen scene, big deal. Hot shot stores in the area they go to see and lowclass things they buy. Time to kiick it up a notch kiids. But what is 'high class' any more? We have Hood boiis with Prada sneakers and pearl Rover's. . .tsktsk sad what we have been reduced to. In a world where prada has been made hoodfly and highfashion is now affordable, theres still hope left in our fashion town.
Soho known for its redonkulous shop is CHA-CHING city! With stores around such as AX, Guess by Marciano, ESpirit but the cutest and pinkest of tehm all. KIRA PLASTININA! Right before major shop block ends and 2 blocks away from major dining, you stumble acorss this display of beautiful pink!
I walked in here today with my bff Mell's (happybirfday) to go and findher an outfit and sure enough, Kira hooked us up! We bought a cute pair of cuff shorts at an affordable price. This is def a place i recomend to be shopped at i mean who knoew russians had MAD STYLE.


Bad Girl!

Bad Girl Jennavecia has proven shes a loserx10! So this was teh chick that wa son season 2 of Oxygen's hit reality series The Bad Girls Club. Basically shes a fool. Heres why: So she goes on this show and goes HARD to prove shes bad in some which way (blogs,confessionals, & "pop's off") Then goes on the reunion show and talks bout how she aint doing nothing. && the topping on the cake is she has been recently been arrested for prostitution charges! She had her child taken away and is serving time for street walking. Hey Cordelia i think we found ya lost dog lmao


Artist of the Week: Cassie & Ryan Leslie

Time for a new A.O.T.W! And this week you get a DOUBLE WHAMMY! I bring to you Cassie and her singer/songwriter/producer Ryan Leslie (aka R. Les.) We start with Conn. hometown girl Cassie whos a model/singer signed to BadBoy. You would best know her for her 2006 summer jam SMASH HIT SONG 'Me&U'. && has a sophomore album to be released later this year with single 'Official Girl' She has been linked to the likes of boss-man him self (no punt intended) Diddy! Alongside producer R. Les. she has made some real hot music. R. Le shit the scene in 2005 with album entittled 'Just me' hes had a few smash hits such as 'Diamond Girl' ft Kanye west and others. Together have combined to bring us their latest work, 'Addicted' a Ryan leslie song which features our badboy pixie. Enjoy


You is not the baddest blonde bitch!!

TMZ got the exclusive with Vivica Fox!
&& i guess hollywood meat eating bitches gots eachothers backs!
Tmz caught up with Vivica and she had a few words to say to Pam Anderson to back her bitch up Jessica Simpson
Vivica blasts Pam with a "You is not the Baddest Blonde Bitch on the PLanet..."
Guess these chicks stick together when it comes to MEAT EATING lol

Congrats Ms.Hit The Floor!

OK so these last two Miss Universe winners have fawkn fell on they asses. . .sheesh tehy got a response to world hunger but cant walk properly? sheesh dont they liek go to pagent school and shxt lol

Disney 411!

OK so im totally a Hannah M fan so here i got a few news on our lil country fairy.

So here is our lil Miley Cyrus having a nice lil walk with Disney friend Ashley Tisdale, love these 2 chicks. But isnt liek Ashley a lil too old to be hanging with Hannah? Ashleys like 23 sheesh lol

well whatever better to be friends and walk round the hills together then to be in some feud, plus look at those cute throwover dresses!

Next we Catch Miley being a 'Beach Blanket Bimbo' as TMZ called it (lol) && look at thiss BoyToy to Selena Gomez (another disney star) Lucas Till ha sbeen on Mileys southern-ass!

Hmm wonder if all is well in disney land lol wel least teh kiids hot so i give these girls props
(pictures courtesy TMZ)



The grapejuice.net just came in with news of our philipino sweetheart, Cassie and her alleged affaair with boss-man Diddy. READ:

"In news that is hardly surprising, 'singer' Cassie has confirmed that she, indeed, was dating her label boss Diddy, adding that they have since split: Diddy and singer Cassie are no longer dating, she tells Usmagazine.com -- but that didn't stop them from leaving a NYC party together Wednesday night.

"I will confirm that rumor," the 21-year-old told reporters who asked her to confirm split rumors at DJ Cassidy's birthday at Cipriani 23rd Street. Though Cassie tells Us she's not seeing anyone special "right now," a party source spotted Diddy and Cassie "slipping out" together after the soiree ended.

The "Me & U" singer, who is signed to Diddy's Bad Boy record label, has been spotted out and about with the mogul. Earlier this month, they reportedly dodged photographers at NYC hotspot Marquee while leaving in the same car. {Source} We all knew how she got her record deal, I guess we now know how she kept it. SMH..."

Personally i would much rather see her date her producer and good friend Ryan Leslie aka R. Les. & this was also my opinion i posted on a forum about her affair with Diddy:

i feel liek she should be cut some slack by the general public.

yes she isnt the best singer maybe not even a great performer, but she did do something right to receive a record deal. i dont think sleeping with diddy was it, i could be wrong but if thats teh case we'd have alot of lil untalentless male and female artist out on the scene.

she may not be raw talent but something is there. i mean they didnt totally just make her voice up, she had ot lay something down on a track inorder for them to fix up into an album. and if you ask me she could so dance she just hasnt had an extreme dance number. and in terms of looks shes a hot chick i saw her at the MTB tour and she looked simply stunning and met her twice already and shes a really nice girl.

and i def got her first album and i liked it so i wont bash her for her choices & dnt think anybody has teh right to cause even if she did sleep with diddy for a record deal, it may be more or less than what anyone with negative views have or is doing


Happy Birthday to my Bestfriend!!

Just wanted to say Happy Birthday Sal. You have been more than a bestfriend and much more of a blessing.

Youve brightened up my days when i thought the night will never leave, you made me laugh when shxt was hectic, down to help me fight my own demons, but most of all. . .you been that shoulder to cry on.

You been that daily dose of that extra something i need to keep going.

You been the one who understands me when all else looks at me crazy (even though you on they sid esometimes lol)

But thank you and i hope you have teh best time of your life. . .your whole life lol and hopw i can be along for the ridee!


Artist of the Week: Tyga

Time for new A.O.T.W! This week we bring you an upcoming artist who has entertaining in teh family. TYGA has steppoed out on the scene and giving these young kats a run for they well earned money! Watch out Lupe F. cause Tyga is bringing fire! With hot sexy single 'Coconut Juice' out now, hes taking they spot!

He's also actually cousin to Travis McCoy from Gym Class Heroes! Talk about talent and goo dlooks in the family. Also named artist if the week by MTV last week. With hot dope rhymes and adding some twist to gis spit's hes gon do just fine. Plus take his shirt off you'll see how hot this kiid is!


Really Real!

OK so this year has been pr etty good in Reality TV. So heres a few must see's:

For its 20th. consecutive season , THE REAL WORLD has been prime for reality tv. Being one of teh first and introduced to us by MTV, its still getting high rating and good drama. This season being held in Hollywood, tehy intro duced to us (l-r) Greg (fan fav), Dave, Sara, Briana, Joey, Kim, & William. Rumor has it season 21 is The Real World: Brooklyn.

Well Paris did it so why not some Kim? Kim K. hopped on the reality wagon and dragged family along for the ride. It was very ummm a-la-hills.

Kathy Griffin now emmy award winning, now has her 4 installment to her Reality Show on Bravo. You Go Kat!

Randy's show may not top So You Think You Can Dance but this show is really good. With Hosts such as Lil Mama, this show is actrually kind of good & now on its second season.

This show has always been a fav and with this season having a plus size winner it got even hotter. Host Tyra Banks gives a chance to hopefuls trynna become top models. So you wanna be on top?

BUSTED you byrd Bitch!

TMZ had teh exclusive on Snoop's wife getting arrested for WEED!! Look at that. . .only a face his ass can love!!



Pam 'Vagina in Mouth'-erson

While Pam And. was blasting on Jessica Simpson; calling her a Whore and a Bitch for wearing her 'Real Girls Eat Meat' and we all know how much Pam hate's meat. '
ii mean c'mon we ALL saw the sex tape, she does eat meat. . .she just doesnt swallow it lmao
well anyways While blasting american girls for their eating habits, she was celebrating her 41st. bday at LAX Nightclub in Las Vegas by diving head first into the sweet section of a questionable birthday cake. Which if you ask me. . .resembled a VAGINA, i guess all those years on baywatch, fuckn famous rockers, and having 2 kids made her a lesbo lol


What comes out at night and is black allover?

As you know, the upcoming movie The Dark Knight will feature Batman battling it out with the Joker and Two Face.

The original plan was to have the Joker, played by Heath Ledger, return for the next film.However, given that after his death they more than likely won't recast for the role, some changes have been made and the next villain has been revealed.

If another Batman flick is made, he will then be going up against the Riddler.The last Riddler was played by Jim Carrey in Batman Forever, though no word on if he'll return. More likely than not - he won't.

Actor Gary Oldman, who plays Lt James Gordon, says of casting choices for the next film, "I don't see why not. I mean, they did it with Katie Holmes' character. I understand that this is a different circumstance, but I think another actor could do the job. I think Heath would want another actor to do the job. Maybe we don't need the Joker. Because we'll have The Riddler."Katie's character, Rachel Dawes, will now be played by Maggie Gyllenhaal. You know Katie is too "big" now for a Batman movie.

Now if this is the case then that movie will also be the shxt! Theyd need a good person to do the riddler but im sure theyll cast to the tea. I can see maybe a Russel Crowe. The Riddler being the villain is good news (for me atleast), this is cause they'll need elaborate schemes so taht it isnt boring.

This being the case then theyd bring back female villain counterpart to the riddler; HARLEY QUINN. This was my bitch and i can see some bad bass bitchs taking up that role.


Artist of the Week: Danity Kane

Guess what kids? Its time for a new A.O.T.W!

This week it being hit female pop group DANITY KANE!

Spawned from Diddy's hit MTV reality tv show; Making the Band. He chose these 5 talented women to represent his vision. (l-r) Dawn Richards, Shannon Bex, Aundrea Fimbres, D.Woods, & Aubrey O'Day.

They hit the scene in 2006 with their self tittled debut album topping charts at #1 and going platinum. With Hit single 'ShowStopper'. They recently released their second instalment into their succeses tittled 'Welcome to the Dollhouse' also chart topping on billboards with hit single 'Damaged.'

These leading ladies of Diddy's empire are going to reign over the Pop charts nationwide and internationally so watch out.

Look out for their new single release "BAD GIRL" out on stations today and video premiering really soon!


PS blog's must be done on a pc!

Blogging from my T-Mobile SideKick has been super time consuming!

Gosh i look so fiend in this nightclub with people talking around me and im sitting here with my kick on google.com lmao i take after the best, Aubrey O'day, Kim K., Jenna Jameson, Paris Hiltons etc etc lol

Wellp i stop ignoring my date cause hes ready to throw my sidekick out the door lol

Glamour Suicide on 55st

Super model Ruslana Korshunova, 20, whose face graced the cover of French Elle and Russian Vogue, apparently jumped from her ninth-floor apartment in her Water Street building in the Financial District at 2:30 p.m. on June 29.
Sources say its like cause of a breakup but im sure there smor ebehind it. Infact researching this beauty i came across her blog where she states "I dont know who i am, will i ever find myself?" Sucks that in a place where beautiful faces now only grace runways we lose one more. Im sure this will go down in history, maybe not as a Gia tragedy but damnit Ruslana was a hell of a model!

Beefin Stars!

Two of my fav stars! Mr.incredible lyricist (kanye) vs. Mrs.big hair (amy w.)

Last weekend Amy had her first concert since we last heard of her having emphesma where she blew the house! Looking rather. . .healthier, she got on stage and lets just say Amy wasnt too happy.

During one of her songs she called Kanye a CUNT! and then while interacting with the crowd, she punched a fan!

This is one mad bitch, guess she hasnt had a dosage so this makes her mad! Kanye strikes back in a rather. . . Classy fashion by blogging saying "Amy Winehouse hates me all of a sudden!!! LOL Now you know i made it! LOL" Heres the Link! http://www.kanyeuniversecity.com/blog/

In real GossipGirl fashion!

OK well in true ode to GossipGirl, ill blog form my sidekick lol. Gossip on the go. But this is more so for you club go-ers. While I'm supposed to be in bed trynna sleep for my summer excursions with school (ugh) I'm out here just arrived at CLUB WHITEHOUSE. Being in NY we have the hottest night spots. Me being something like a wine tester imma be going out to the local hot spots this summer to bring you a list of the TOP clubs and lounges we have for you all.

well Club Whitehouse is this trendy and SO NOT CHEAP club in the Hampton's. Guy-friend/model/ex bf Omar H. has me out here with a few of his peoples. so i thought id put you guys on to what a hot place this is. Being a newly addition to the hot spots here in Long Beach, it sure does get plays. Hot dj (so far) and the drinks are nothing less than exquisite.

I'm having a Cosmo to commemorate my best friends =] well anyways attire must be trendy and by that they DON'T mean jordans and a fitted. So far I've seen chicks with Prada guys with Lamborghini's and old men who supposedly have really biig bank accounts.

For true VIP treatment you can call up/txt for guest list. Just hit Brian up at (631) 671-6542 (real sweet guy lol)

WhiteHouse Nightclub

239 E. Montauk HWY, New York NY


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