Dine in Spain!

Ok one major thing taht comes with living a glam liife ofcourse is hwo you wine and dine!

Whether you wine&dine with friends, fam, or a certain love interest, IT MUST BE A LOCAL OR MAJOR HOTSPOT! Living in NewYork there is no excuse for us to be dining at McDonalds or Taco Bell drive thru's. So for fancy effect we went into a major place for shopping, food, & tourism; SOHO NEW YORK!

Est. in 1976 (who cares) Cafe Espanol is a fancy lil place. Being one hella of a good authentic spanish eatery in SoHo NY. The service was great and food was amazing. Dont worry you thirsty alqui's, they serve drinks too & not just for happy hour. Cause if that was'nt happy hour that sangria sure put a smile on my face! For these qualities and location i def would recomend and intend on eating here many more times.

For More info on this fantastic place, you can visit them online at www.cafeespanol.com. Through their website you can view tehir menu and even set reservations.

NEW YORK, NY 10012


Ok I'll fill you in on a lil one. Im and OD Danity Kane fan! These girls must be recognized worldwide! their talent is undeniable! 2 chart topping albums 2 #1 singles a hit tv series and a high grossing nation tour, these chicks is bad!

Spawned from the mind of mr Sean "Diddy" Combs, he put together these five beautiful and talented women together for the world to see. With their chart topping album's "Danity Kane" and "Welcome to the Dollhouse" they have trully set their mark in music. Going form Bad Boy RNB ladygroup to now international Pop has proven to be no challenge. Conquering opposition from rnb/hiphop smash hit 'ShowStopper' to pop/dance song 'Damaged' these ladies are the shxt.

Because coming from a relaity show the critics are harsh and their talents are underestimated. Later to be blown out the water by their summer Tour they headlined and opened by Cheri Dennis, Donnie Klang and D26; all label mates. We want to put them and their new upcoming single 'BadGirl' on the list and to be performed at the MTV Video Music Awards aswell as recognized for thier endeavors.

To help with this cause you can sign this petition . By doing this it'll raise awareness to the producers of teh event that they need them on their show!

If you dont already know about them or would liek to know more you can visit any of teh following sites:



Member's Myspace pages and forums:

Aubrey O'Day & Aubrey O'Day Forums (AOD)

Dawn Richards & Dawn Richards Forums (DRO)

Aundrea Fimbres & Aundrea Fimbres Forums (AFB)

Shannon Bex & Shannon Bex Forums (SBX)

D.Woods & D.Woods Forums (MDW)


Sidekick's r the shxt!

Ok well i been a T customer for a good. . .6 years now. How they got me hooked? Why of course the never ending SideKick!

The little device has had 6 instalments, those being:

sidekick: which was black and white and not much fun.

then we had the
sidekick II: which was now IN COLOR and added a changeable bumper feature & a camera. This second model also introduced the Limited edition series. Which were made by Juicy Couture and Cartoon inc.
sidekick III: The sidekick three then brang so many features! It introduced mp3 playback as well as the trackball and you could now store all your info and more picture space on a mem card. This model brang 3 Ltd editions. One by famous and world renown designer; Diane von Furstenburg, LRG and pro basketball player D.Wade.

sidekick id: Now this was the first out of the sidekick's to give the user full control of whatd they like they're phone to look like. Of course something had to be taken away which was the camera and mp3 playback.
sidekick lx: With the T-Mobile Razr being all the craze. Tmobile needed a slimmer phone. So what better way to make lots of money by turning the sidekick into a slick thin phone. Now has the Tony Hawk Ltd edition. As well as getting video capabilities and an updated aim this phone is def the best one.

sidekick slide: This phone took away the best feature. . .the flipping screen. as well as the cameras flash
So you asking. . .where the hell am i taking this?
its like ugh i hear your hinge sounds already THUNDER STRYKE ME NOW! As cool as this phone is. . . too many have it. But just as many people have it. . .i admit its addicting! The aim, email, txt, picture msg, EVERYTHING.
Its also been a highly used celebrity phone seen by the likes of Jaslene (till she cheated on it and got the tmobile shadow), Aubrey O'Day, Kim K. , Jenna Jameson, Paris (known for her bedazzled one, but shes joined the Blackberry craze), LiLo, Luda, Pete wentz and so much more! So this phone def has some celeb cred!
Plus its also been looked at for a while as a sense of financial and social structure. Having a sidekick doesn't mean you have the coolest phone (well yeah but besides that) it also mean you in some sort of 'circle' you know. . .parties, drinks, etc & it also has meaning to how much a person has in their wallet. chicks see the money and they go CHA-CHING! Of course this must be accompanied by hot sneakers, good jeans on ya hip, jewelry on ya neck/hand/wrist and a fresh lineup!
So please people, use sidekick's appropriately =P

Class 'o8

Congratulations to all 2008 seniors who made it out these 4 yrs alive lol including moi! So goodluck to all, make college hella fun!



So why we get all worked up about this interweb shxt? Cause its the best place to stir shxt up!

Myspace "a place to meet friends" then you meet them, addem on Facebook get close have a fight and keep tabs on'em. Its kind of become a rule of living. To start a fight or after a fight POST IT ALL UP. Deletion of friends, removal of top friends, blockage of page viewing all signs that this online stuff allll fosters and nutures arguments.

Breast Feed Babies, Not Old Rockers!

With 7 freaking kiids from 5 different bitches, 63 yr old Rod Stewart cant get enough breast!

Decked out in precious matching pink outfits on their yacht in Capri, Rod nursed on his 37-year-old wife Penny Lancaster's supple breast.After his feeding, Penny changed Rod's diaper.

Speaking bout the Stewrat's, ALLEGEDLY; Kim (stewart) one of his 7 children has a rivalry going on with persian playboy girl Kim Kardashian. Now i love Kim S. but i must say Kim K. is the shxt. Hopefully these two hotties can work it out i mean twofly bitches can totally get along.

well. . .not in my neck of the woods. Where 2 certain fly bitches gets the drama with all the other fly bitches. but thatll be for future references, and pictures will be posted =]

Artist of the Week: Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj
Female rap stars have been laying low for a while and bad bitches from the past comebacks have flopped, but now with a set of new heavy flow bitches its bound to get hot.
This weeks artist is an underground female mc who goes by the name Nicki Minaj. Originating form Jamaica Queens New York she reppin hard kinda like 50 cent. To add more to her flow, shes our very own Lil Wayne protege.
Being known for her hot remakes of classic and poppin songs nicki adds her sick swag and incredible lyricist ability to any beat she blesses. With songs like 'Warning' a hot remake to the Notorious BIG and sassy songs like 'Wuchoo Know' a hot rap done over lil mama's Lip Gloss beat shes bound to get plays.
I name her artist of the week above many other upcoming chicks cause this girl has major potential. && as she says in her songs HOTTEST BITCH IN THE GAME so keep a look out!

New Feature!

Well i wanted to share our music taste by adding a ARTIST OF THE WEEK section.

here we will display and give a brief info on the artist and their music.

so be up on the sounds of our Liife


Need to take her ass to rehab, no more no no no's!

I'm going to go ahead and start an early trend. Ready?
So many in Hollywood you'd think it'd be in a fine print somewhere on that sign on the hill stating "Caution: Entrance may include mild addictions, crazy parties, loss of inhibitions, and a 30day stay at a luxury inpatient rehab facility" But we must help our girls! They in trouble.
Family quite open such as 6 Grammy award winner Amy Winehouse's (http://www.amywinehouse.co.uk/) dad who recently had an interview with a British newspaper.
Amy Winehouse’s father says his daughter has lung damage from smoking crack cocaine and cigarettes.
Mitch Winehouse told the Sunday Mirror newspaper Amy has early stage emphysema and has been warned that she will have to wear an oxygen mask unless she stops smoking drugs.
Amy’s father also said his daughter had an irregular heartbeat, in an interview published Sunday.
Winehouse collapsed at her north London home Monday after signing autographs for a group of fans and was taken for tests at a London hospital.
She has remained under observation.
This makes me oh so sad cause this is my BITCH! With hit singles such as 'Back to Black' & song of the year 'Rehab' shes earned her way into our homes but homegirl has serious issues. lets all hope and pray the next time we hear from our lovely brit it isn't a headliner saying R.I.P

Operation: SHE?

So member me saying our favorite junkie's lil sis gave birth? Well story has it she used a decoy to leave the hospital. Something ive called OPERATION: SHE (STUNT-DOUBLE HOSPITAL ESCAPE)

Two days after giving birth, Jamie Lynn Spears left the hospital and headed home with daughter Maddie Briann, according to reporters on the scene.

The 17-year-old new mom left the Mississippi Southwest Regional Medical Center in McComb, Mississippi (yeah i think its in a swamp of some sort), early Saturday morning.
Jamie Lynn’s fiance, Casey Aldridge and her mother Lynne Spears were seen leaving the hospital in a white Range Rover, with what was believed to be Jamie Lynn in the backseat.

So umm who does she think she is again? I swear if i didn't know any better id say shes trying to be Big Sis Brit.

I mean i understand Angelina Jolie doing this cause i mean with all this foreign transactions for babies shes bound to have run ins with the pap's. .. plus its ANGIE! You know. . .that A-List chick with the Oscar's and baby momma to hottie Brad Pitt.

Jaime's a darn Nickelodeon star gone TOTALLY WRONG. . .why the hell is she incognito? Britney needs to shave her head once more just so lil sis knows who's in charge of this page six type shxt!

(ps can someone tell me why the hell her bang so tightly gelled to her forhead in that pic? thnx)

Bloggers and their Shxt!

I don't know how many of you read these craps or even care butt. . .i finally gave in and made one. After extensive GOOGLE research, i found that theres a rising population of these things.

Funny shxt is. . .a few actually making some sort of name for their selves with this shxt. Then of course there is the large extent of what people blog about. Theres bitches that write about cats all day. Like how much can you say about a damn cat; besides breed, ridiculous name you gave it (i.e. Mrs.fluff) and that its liter box smells like shxt.

Then theres those who talk about cars (freaky people i tell you i swear they have mind sex with their vehicles), Movies, T.V, Books, Phones, Economy, & my favorite CELEBRITIES! This is when shxt gets juicy! i wasn't gon sit here and type up an essay about how Mrs.Fluff likes to be petted, i was gon do it on the many people who follow the lives of those they secretly wish to be.

Now how fun is that?! a place of your own that you can go on and jones (aka talk shxt) about or admire and have people read it like crazy?! Now I'm talking serious shxt here people. With Britney pulling shxt every day, Paris wearing no undies, LiLo (aka Lindsay Lohan) in and out of rehab, Nicole (yes i mean richie dont go starting up rumors saying i jones bout scherzinger i heard that bitch be ready to throw down) popping pills and babies, Kim K. doing playboy, Aubrey O'Day dating former MTV vj'z, Lil sisters following big sisters foot steps (cough Ali Lohan and Jamie Lynn) people eat this shit up!

Its like an amusement parks full of rides and theres enough time in the day to get on ALL of them. FREE OF ADMISSION! Now when i say people get famous of this shxt ill tell you i RESEARCHED THIS AND WELL before i went and jones bout my fellow colleague's (bloggers same shxt) && so i stumbled upon that gay we all love to hate. . .PEREZ HILTON! (http://perezhilton.com/)

Personally. . i dislike him and here's why: Ugh hes becoming an online bible for people when all he does is states opinions.

Then we have our Chris Crocker's (http://http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=113936924) and our B.Scott's (http://lovebscott.com/) him being my fave. Point is this shxt is HUGE! To the point where Chris is filming a tv series cause his "LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!" stunt went off without a hitch and Perez has his show on VH1.

so point of the story is. . . Strive to be a celeb. It'll get you noticed and hated all together, what better way to get your foot into Hollywood?

What the hell is "GAY" anymore?

So here we have;

GAY: Happily excited
Bright, Lively
Given to social pleasure

&& we also have

Homosexual: of, relating to, or characterized by a tendency to direct sexual desire toward's another of the same sex
of, relating to, or involving sexual intercourse between persons of the same sex

&& then there is

Fagot: a bundle of sticks

Homo: The same

but of course i couldn't forget the infamous jokes such as Pillow bitter, Dyke, But Pirate, Pajaro (Spanish), ChiChi-Man (Jamaican) etc so on and so fourth.

Me being a gay male have had a plenty of people ask me questions that like i don't comprehend myself. The one most common being 'Are people born gay?' && umm why does this question always spurts erratic anger and mixed answers amongst us. . .the world may never know.

So much i can say on this topic it may become its own blog within itself. The word GAY or the act of being one is so blurred now a day's in youth, while still being acknowledged as a whole by society as an "issue." With this i can take you on two roads: Victim or Pride. either or being so stupid that it's even a topic and not just something else the world has that we cant change.

A victim-ish response that i can give is: MY LIFE IS ALREADY HARD AS IT IS BEING THIS WAY, DON'T MAKE IT ANY HARDER! While yes being VERY true this also gives a window into what as a gay person(s) we must understand that some things just can't be changed or ratified and altered in any major way. GET THE HINT STRAIGHT PEOPLE.

From guys to females discrimination and harassment comes in both ways. To lesbians and homosexuals from guys to girls. A form of discrimination by guys would be the name calling & demeaning. Form of it by girls would be the infamous "LET ME TURN YOU OUT" Now ill keep this very GENERAL as to not speak of my personal experiences but people can be quite cruel in their ways. Leaving people of this identity label isolated. 30% of all suicide victims are HOMOSEXUAL. Suicide being one of the 3 leading cause of death of teens, this has reached epidemic extents.

Then there's the pride side of this argument. Many walk with confidence and heads raised up high through the discrimination of everyday life. So we have those pioneers and people who fight for rights. Of course that leadership in any major movement is needed. In early 90's is when this Equality movement for beings who are homosexual arose. Just like the afro-Americans have MLK, X & Rosa P. we have Jack Nichols, Barbara Gittings, Pedro Zamora and many more. So there is the side where every gay person should have pride in being them.

But then. . .why so criticized if not even a gay person can tell when the line of Straight begins and the Gay line ends?

Are we born this way?

Do we choose to live this way?

Have emotions played a part in this?

Can we be "straight?"

Is this a defect or abnormality?

Or is it like a mental retardation?

of course many of this can be proven false but the matter is not of us BEING gay. . .its about us being HUMAN. When'd you choose to be straight? Can you be turned gay? Why we so different in your opinion(s)? (that's my defensive gay side)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY (betches) !

Happy Birthday to all my Cancer's out there today!

Shout out to cousin J and Mom!!


¿Gimme Gimme More?

It's Britney Bitch! So rumor has it our girl Brit is gon give us another piece of her.
Britney Spears is working on a new album -- and Vegas kingpin George Maloof is behind it! Word has it Mallof is where she gon be recording the next album. I'm guessing former manager Larry Rudolph, who's been back in the picture for a while, is producing the album.Maloof is trying to extend his long arm into the music biz -- and is also behind Ali Lohan's upcoming album.

&& speaking on our pop diva (gonwrong). . . lil sis Jaime had her first child yesterday morning! ITS A GIRL! I guess we'll be keeping the 'crazyspears' tradition. Well 17 yr old teen actress is also reported to be engaged to her 19 year old babyfatha. Who's proffesion consists of 'pipe-laying' *giggle*


RE: BadBitches

okay lets get to it:
what the fawk is a badbitch?

well depending who you are, you's a badbitch! pertaining to mostly females here it is:

1.you got a mean body
-Basically a chick with some mean ass curves! im talkn bout some bomb ass bodies! On some J.Lo,Meagan Good,D.woods,home girls type of curves. and iff it aint on her hips then chick got some breasteses!
2.clothes &&style to match!
- See i fucks with badbitches! Them chicks shop exclusive butiques. They handbag fiends and shoegame is serious. im tlking something sex&thecity. picture this; High end chick, bombass handbag, dope ass shoes, mean hair do and attitude to match.
3.the type chick forever be wifed or wayy too single
-you either tied up odee with a man who hold it down for you. usually bitches who down for them hustlers, balla's, & sugadaddies. so they find them a dude keep them kept then keep it liek that for a minute. or ofcourse its that chick you got on speed-dial when you up and ready to party. chick that coullld never comform to these easy ni99a standards.

So yeh i know a bit about badassbitchs. &&sad thing is. . .badbitch population is decreasing! fuck this save earth shxt, go green and save a badbitch. they bout to be extinct due to ni99as dragging chicks selfesteems.

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