Gettn Bossy with TJMaxx

As you may or maynot know i work at the biggest TJMaxx in the country here on 6ave and its known for having some celebrity drop in's here and there.
Yesterday the girl who shared her milkshake's got bossy and blindfolded stepped into the store to make a rather big purchase. Healthy looking and unique as always Kelis had on some leopard print jeggings with a black cashmere sweaterdress and a eskimo hat followe dby some mockosins. Girl still hood catching attitudes at the checkout to none the less be declined on 3 cards! Then pulling out a card with Nas's name on it, guess after being dropped from jive she gots no money. big ups on her though for being the first chick to screamon a track aswell as getting married in that gianni pistachio green dress.


New Moon

November 20, 2009, yes Twilight fan's the sequel will be premiered on that date.

Weapon X

AS reported by me July of this year the production known as X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE is in full effect!
X-Men Origins: Wolverine to be premiered May1, 2009 is the fourth but indirect installment on the X-Men movie franchise. This is basically the story of Wolverine and a small portion of the Weapon X program that earlier this year also made itself apparent in the second HULK movie.
The cast of this movie seems to be REDICULOUS! With such ficitional characters such as Gambit, Blob, Emma Frost and Deadpool just to name a few; this movie is sure to be a box office hot one. The newly released trailor makes this movie an even more exciting one to wait for.
Origins is also set to tell the story in another 2 installments following the story of Storm and Magneto. More on this film is basically wolverine seeking revenge on Victor Creed and others involved in the Weapon X program which took average day to day humans and turned them into weapons by giving them special abilities, Logan falls trap to this after joining the army and loosing his long time lover and forever losing hope at a better life. His wife being Lady Deathstryke which was introduced in the second x-men movie story was never told as to what exact relevance she pertains in Logans life neither is it evident in this movie. Theres a subtle partnership between Logan and Remy aka Gambit in this movie who helps Logan along his way. Deadpool and Emma also are on logans side but im not sure of Emma's relevance to the weapon x program.
In all this movie is set to be an amazing movie specially after such a bad third x-men movie which disspointed us x-men fans.
Here is the Myspace trailor premiere of ; X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE
You can also visit IMDB.COM for further cast and movie information on this spectacular movie.


A few Holiday Party rules.

A few rules for those party-goers going into this Christmas and New Years.
1. Because there is Liquor does not mean you have to be the drunk one. KNow your limit.
2. Leave with YOUR date! Dont go with some one and then just leave'em there. RUDE
3. Depending on the party and whos around, keep dry-humping minimal.
4. BE SOCIAL! Dont think youre too mean girls's enough to stay with one set of peaople, go talk, mingle have fun.
5. Whatever you do dont be so greedy you wanna take food home.
6. Tube tops and Mini skirts are too much, MORE in this case is better but make sure its cute


What's Up with someBlogger?

Well ive been getting my act together trying to clean up the blog aswell as update regularly and keep you guys posted. But most impotrantly ive been making revelations about myself to myself. Kinda like. . .sitting beside myself lately and looking over at me as asking. . .so tell me. . .what are you about? Whats the reasoning for this, im pretty grounded when it comes to life but lately fuckery has been clouding my better judgment and i needed to sit, refrain and pull away. So i brainstormed on my life and what ive been doing with it and what i want to be doing with it & in all actuality ive got some work to do.

Blogging opened up my eyes to "the bigger picture." I wasnt meant to do open heart surgeries on canary's, maybe i wasnt even made to write music and sing it, my calling is in my writing. Updating you guys, reading, culturing myself and being cosmopolitan is my life. So ive set some goals and will be reaching them. I wanna intern next year which is something i will be shopping around for soon, any where; Forbes, teenVogue, Complex, hell id even do King if itll get my foot in the door. I will be starting college hopefully early 09' and will be majoring in journalism and minor in education. Where i wanna take this? Think big. . .Editor-in-chief type big. Id love to be big as a journalist before starting my own Magazine. What will this consist of? . . .Step&> (play) is what im thinking. Colliding Fashion and Music since in this generation they both have been working side by side with such fashion icons like Beyonce, Rihanna, Justin Timberlake and more.

Big Plans, yes bu tmy ambition is even bigger. Watch ill show ya. Interms of big writing. . .i have books in mind that i wanna write. Ill be speaking mor ebout that but keep these key things in mind, Mellisa Beach, Money & Sex.

Artist Of The Month!

Due to demands that i keep up with my playlist's i decided to bump it into ARTIST OF THE MONTH.

This Month I bring you some rather Good but Badd girl's in the industry domination radio stations and charts as we speak.

this includes teh likes of Beyonce, Britney Spears, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, The Veronicas, Ciara and Keri Hilson.

So here I present you with 2 singles from each lady from their latest Albums. Enjoy

Beyonce - I Am . . . Sasha Fiece; If I were a Boy & Diva

Britney Spears - Circus; Womanizer & Circus

Rihanna - Good Girl Gone Bad; Rehab & Take a Bow

Lady GaGa - The Fame; Just Dance & PokerFace

Taylor Swift - Fearless; Love story & Tears on my Guitar

The Veronicas - Hooke Me Up; Untouched & Hook Me Up

Keri Hilson - In A Perfect World; Energy & Turnin me On

Ciara - Fantasy Ride; Go Girl & Explode

Keri F Baby, please say the baby

So ms.Energy Keri Hilson teamed up with mr million dollar maker; Lil Wayne to make such a hot track named. . .TURNIN ME ON. The hiphop track is bass-makin and includes amazing vocal lines and a cameo by mr wayne. She recently just released a video to this song and its really hot so here it is boys and girls Keri Hilson ft Lil Wayne Turnin me On


Like a Circus!

Britney's second single off her Circus album, Circus has an upcoming video yet to debut in the states. But guess what, homeboy hooked ya'll up! I got the full video leak so here you go Britneys new video CIRCUS

Britney Spear's - Circus


The Bad GIrls Club.

New Season. New Girls. New Drama. Tune in! Tues. Dec. 2 on Oxygen.

I DO. . .for the money?

The Hills super dramatic super villian couple 'SpeIdi' (Spence and Heidi) tied the knot teh weekend before NOV 27. in Cabo San Lucas and IMMEDIATELY sold the pictures and story. This arose alert in the media and quickly cancelled teh story for it has been stamped a HOKES. Sorry SpeIdi you just arent taken serious.

Get Tested, Gain Knowledge

Happy Worlds Aids Day. The World Health Org. and teh UN fcoined Dec. 1 AIDS day back in 1988. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the annual event dedicated to remembering those we've lost to the virus and to recommitting with vigor to the fight against AIDS. In the past two decades,the virus has claimed the lives of 20 million people.The deaths of people HIV/AIDS have grown to more than 2 million each year. It's only recently, thanks to the lifesaving antiretroviral drugs currently available to HIV-positive people, that the number of annual deaths caused by HIV has begun to decline - poz.com....get tested,World AIDS Day December 1st.
So Go out and get tested.


This has been the most anticipated movie this year following the Batman movie.
Twilight hit theatres and mad a huge spalsh racking up 70mil its first week. The movie is base don the series of books written by Stephanie Meyer. It follows a young 17 year old as she falls in love with a vampire and journey's on with his family as he rlife is in peril. The movie sold so well that they gave the ok to make the sequel based on the second book New Moon.

She's Backk!

So the queen of Pop is back and better than ever if you ask me. So we've seen ms Spears transition through young teen pop star, to it girl, to crazy loon, into motherhood and now shes back to it girl. Today she was on MTV premiering her 60day documentary Britney: For the Record, and let me tell you this was the most insightful documentary ive seen in years when it comes to a celebrity. She spoke about many things including her lif ein recent years, her new album, her life with her kids and everything that is to come for her. But shes doing really good as seen on tv.

In terms of her new album, it seems to be a sequel to her last year hit album BLACKOUT that won her 3 moon men in this years VMA's. The songs have kept this electric persona that the songs on blackout had with songs as danceable as Womanizer and MMM Papi and soft spoken songs as hypnotizing as Out from under. She also included a song off of teh Blackout album to be on this album; Radar. This CD is released Dec. 2 and i am urgent to get it and advise everyone to do the same because this album has been teh best work weve seen from her in a while.


Cafe LaLo, oui?

Im sure youre lookign at this pictur eliek wtf is that?

Well its teh mess my cousin and i left after devouring a hot cocoa and cappucino at the one and only CAFE LALO in the upper west side.

Its decor is very Frechand nice. In this time of teh year they decor as shown above. It was actually a featur ein the hit film You've Got Mail. With delicsious hot drinks for this extremly cold weather and fabulous deserts from places such as Crumbs, you'll be delighted with this place.
If youd liek to visit this place heres the info for Cafe Lalo's
201 W 83RD StNew York, NY 10024-4931Phone: (212) 496-6031

Excuse me waiter, who exactly is Big Daddy?

Big Daddy's is a place i have been solicitng for the past year now. Its a great diner with 1980's decor of what a diner was back then, a bit of a blast from the past. The waitors are all cool and you have complimentary matches. . .WHAT MORE COULD YOU ASK FOR? lol

But great food, great service and it has been the setting for some great times. But one question left unanswered. . .WHO IS BIG DADDY? We asked around once but alll we got was 'Well big daddy is whoever you want. So now the question is. . .who's your daddy?' naughty waitor wasnt he? lol

To visit this location you can visit their website Big Daddy's for their location and menu.


Disney 411!

From Cheettah's to High School kid's & Popstars, everyone who is in some way affiliated with the DISNEY channel has been in some major scandals this year.

These kids who are being trusted by Disney to keep the integrity and innocence of the channel and the characters kids learn to love; dont know how to keep their clothes on or their pics to themselves.

We started this year off with Vannessa H. taking some rather not so g-rated images to send to hubby Zac Efron, now a days pretty normal whats the catch? They were both currently fresh from starring in Disney's new franchise HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL. The movie had kids raving enough for disney to make a second and a big screen debut with its third. Disney did comment and had Vannessa appologize for having her kitty and titty's on the web. She then went on to make an album and be a spokesmodel for Ecko sneakers.
2. Miley Cyrus
Then came country sweetheart, Miley Cyrus best known for her starring role on Disney's hit franchised show HANNAH MONTANNA. Shes was pu tunder observation because these semi-nude pics arose on the web that had parents questioning how kid friendly she actually was. When you think about it this isnt as bad as V's cooch but it was blown ou tof proportion because Miley was only 14 at the time!

3. Zac Efron

With all great Disney stardom must come revealing pictures that you didnt want come up. With the hype from HSM on Disney and kids going nuts for it and all these solo stars coming about from this new found success such as Ashley Tisdale, Corbin Bleu, Vannessa Hudgens and ZAC EFRON himself, yehp HSM and Harispray: the movie's own heart throb had a run in with a little slipped pic. So i guess as girlfriend Vannessa spent time picture messaging Zac-y poo some pics he was kissing neighborhood buddies. In this pic we observe Zac smooching on his friend while shirtless, can anyone say DUDE WHERE'S THE LUBE? While cute, parents yet again spoke up calling it disturbing and disgusting. He denies all rumors of homosexuality and only proof being his 2 years with girlfriend V.

4. Adrienne Bailon

From yet another Disney Franchise comes in last but so recent, Adrienne Bailon, hispanic member of THE CHEETAH GIRLS, former member of 3LW and current fiancee to Rob Kardashian. see these were'nt leaked if it wasnt for someone infiltrating her pc. But the fact of the matter is. . .shes part of disney and its frowned upon to do this well. . .to do this and let it come out. She did release a statement to some sites such as Mediatakeout.com and TMZ.com and says she will be taking legal actions.
In the end these people sign up to be role models when they sign up to be with disney. Sadly. . .we are human and we do make mistakes and people do get a hold of them which is why i judge none of these cause i know damn well a few of my XXX pics have probably leaked. Its all a matter of when are they TV STARS and when are they HUMAN.


50 plants a garden?

seems that 50 cent joined forces with sweet ol Bett Midler earlier this week for the opening of 50 Cents Community Garden here in queens.
id be careful with what he plants there, you can take teh man out the hood btu you can never take teh hood out the man; you feel me? G-G-G-G- G-UNIT!


guess whos gracing the cover this December, yeah teh one and only ms.Jolie-Pitt. And shes looking FLAWLESS even after losing weight for the CHANGELING role.

Alexander Mc-Target?

Get a load of this, Alexander McQueen is actually in process of designing for TARGET. His low cost designs to be sold at all target outlets is said to be for the target spring line. The current designers for the GO Target line's are: Richard Chai, Dean Harris, & Monika Botkier.

Now im unsure fo what hes planning to design if its just clothing, or if its the whole 9 yards. But whatever it is just expect it to be SLAMMIN!

Obama 08'

& OBAMA becomes teh elect president to run our nation begining jan 20 2009 when hes inaugarated. Hopefully change is good.

44th president of the united states a biracial man who has visions of greatness for us.


Danity Kane, over&out.

As you may or may not know, on the last season finale of MTB4 diddy dismantled yet another group; this time it being platinum selling, international pop group sensation DANITY KANE.
On the live finale diddy dissmissed Aubrey O'Day and D.Woods from the group for various reasons. He let Aubrey go on the note that he doesnt think her images and actions are appropriate for the group. As for D. he claims she just gpt caught up in Aubrey fame wrath.
Earlier today Z100 confirmed that Shannon Bex quit the group, now only leaving Dawn Richards and Aundrea Fimbres teh ones who initiated the checker event leading to this dismantlement.
Although the group not being all together, Diddy says teh group shall move forward with their future plans and the DK brand.
Danity Kane being the best investment BBE has mad ein the last 10years, the group will never be teh same. But much luck to my homegirl Aubrey, Wanita & Shannon.


gots da G1 jonesz

So after MONTHS of outragous BUZZIN; T-Mobile finally shipped thier G1 phone by GOOGLE out to stores and customers all over. The phone is a GOOGLE phone with amazing features. Its also a 3G phone which will be interesting at how it does compared to the original 3G ( the iPhone).


The City

Whitney from the Hills has def. decided that its enuff of hills, she wants THE CITY.

So basically a next season wa sin the works with one catch. . . .IF ALL THE CHARACTERS REMAINED LOYAL. Whitney said OH NO and hit the road because MTV offered her a spin-off show named THE CITY where she will be roaming the city streets of NEW YORK whie working for DIANE von FURSTENBURG. Not much has been said by MTV or her buttt that this show will debut sometime in 09'.


Artist of the Week: Lady GaGa

So heres one for the techno charts. Lady GaGa is an upcoming pop-tech artist whos hit single 'JUST DANCE' has done pretty well and hasbeen broadcasted on many tv shows. He rmusic is sassy and legit better heard in sons like 'Papparazxzi' and 'Beautiful Dirty Rich'.
So here you go guys, eat this shxt up.

This shxt is banana's, B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

Yes ive been M.I.A, but with big fallbacks come GREAT returns; right Britney?
Well basically while the economy over her ein the states deteriorates, a pharmacist by the name Sumiko Wantanabe in Japan discovered the MORNING BANANA DIET; and no it doe snot prevent pregnancy. Basiccaly this diet consists of BANANA's in the morning with water, a small lunch, and anything for dinner.
Catch: NO EATING AFTER 8 and must be in bed by MIDNIGHT.
That in bed by midnight thing is what kills it for me, but besides taht the diet has proven to work. Now im thinking of doing a Blog excusive experiment and try this diet out for a month. . .teh month of January ofcourse; cant miss turkey day and x-mas.



Since it is Britney week here at liifeandsuch i decided to post up her newest single that just premiered this morning at 6am; WOMANIZER. its a funky cool song with madd urban appeal i suggest you guys get with it;ya digg?!

here is teh link to the single: WOMANIZER!


Mag. Time!

In the Oct. 2008 issue of VIBE magazine we have our very own princess of crunk CIARA PRINCESS HARRIS on the cover baring all in some Giuseppe wedged heels and D&G button down!

Inside she speaks about her next studio release named FANTASY RIDE under the label (LaFace/Zomba). She also speaks on the struggles she has gone through being in the music industry; from facing rumors to door's being closed in her face.

In this edition we also have a few imteresting ad's by a few interesting people:

09.07.08 Marks teh date LL Cool J launched his third clothing line into Sear's dept. stores nationwide. You can check out his clothing on sears.com/llcoolj

You also get one of Nelly's new ad's for Sean John Underwear aswell as official girls Cassie and Lauren London for Sean John Outerwear.

LRG reveals Travis McCoy from GYM CLASS HEROES as their new spokesmodel. And rumors still unanswered about him and katy perry.
&& much much more just be sure to go to a newstand and cop this issue TODAY! or you can subscribe on WWW.VIBE.COM

Artist Of The Week: Britney Spears

It's Britney Biatches! It has recently been confirmed teh rumors of her next pop hiphop album is soon to be released in the 09. Tittled 'CIRCUS' first single set to be WOMANIZER that has been soon to leakk any minute now. But i bring to you her greatest hits off her BLACKOUT album. enjoy

Aubrey O'Day does Complex!

My girl Aubrey O'Day blazed the cover of Complex mag this month with this hot and racy photoshoot.
The interview is simplyy sexyy and the edition is named 'Too Hot for TV' yiu guys can go cop that out on stands SOON.
to read more into it you can visit http://www.complex.com/GIRLS/Cover-Girls/Aubrey-ODay


2008 VMA's

ok as if you fuckers weren't glued to the screen for this! Between the nominees and Britney hype this VMA had major ratings.

But lemme recap on some of it;

First major winner BRITNEY SPEARS! After years of serving major performances and 16 nominations but no moonmen to show for it, britney snagged 3 moonmen at this years event.

  1. Best Choreography 'Piece of Me'
  2. Best Female Video "Piece of Me"
  3. Video of the Year "Piece of Me"

Ok which is just a Piece of shxt. I love Brit and im happy shes getting back on track but this was a majorr Publicity Stunt. I mean HELLO, best chor. shouldve went to Danity Kane for Damaged all due respect to Brit and teh piec eof me video which i love BUT the dance was not better than Damaged. Video of the year i think it deserved cause she brung some hotness in that video.

Anyways, Rihanna performed and it was in my opinion worst rendition of disturbia she sang nothing but adlibs and thought shed let the theatrics carry the performance. FLOP! I think to redeem that performance she should perform at Six Flags fright fest best occasion for a weird performance.

No LiLo + Katy Perry kiss. BUT LiLo was there with boy/girl Sam.

Barbie. Heidi & Spenc Edition.

IDK if you guys have heard this one yet but The Hills villianous couple Heidi and Spencer recently met with the manufacturing company for Barbie known as MATTEL.
The meet was bought up by the two so that they can request their own Barbie and Ken; Heidi and Spencer edition. Cute. . .if it was Brangelina doing it.


Nan your'e a window shopper!

TMZ brung us some wonderful news last night about the party for GQ's Men of the Year awards.

So basically Drunk Allen (Lily) gto on stage with sir Elton John when a serious catfight broke out and he had to slay her drunk ass.

An obviously trashed Allen tried to spar with the master, cussing him out and taking shots at his age, but Elton shut her down slamming Lily for being a drunk and ripping the singer over her alleged penchant for nose candy.

Britney's back with a brand new swag like Britney's Black!

Aside from her management and mtv rep's saying she will not be at the vma's this year. . .guess what? BRITNEYS OPENING ONCE MORE!
no she wont be singing or dancing BUT mtv says she has something good indtroe for us. maybe a parody of last year lol but im glad to see ms. spears doing better and 09' is her year.


Artist of the Week: PCD, DK, GLC

Today i bring you 3 weeks worth of music! So i'll be M.I.A on the a.o.t.w for a while but here i present you PCD, DK, & GLC.

Confessions of a Shopaholic.

Many would think with a tittle liek this i just got the new issue of CosmoGirl and i was about to blog about the new must have for this fall season but think again, im actually gon blog about the Sophie Kinsella best seller series SHOPAHOLIC.

This book starts off following a young rich chick who has it all tehn one day has to start workign for it all. She learsn to struggle and spruce sup her resume to start a job at a BANKING MAGAZINE firm. . .how ironic. Anyways this amazingg book is now being turned into a movie!! I knoww rightt so0o cool! Well Isla Fisher plays the main character and let me tell you this movie looks amazing! She does this charcter alot of justice with her inner Gucci loving bitch ofcourse.

To cap this off the movie is almost like . . .hmmm. . .if 'How to lose a guy in 10 days' and 'Sex and the city' lead Carrie had a love child!! PLus the wardrobve in this movie is simplyy HOT. Anyways go buy the Books Shopaholic keep an eye out for the movie and her ei present you a picture on set and the trailor ENJOY!

Gossiping 90210

This fall season there is two MAJOR primetime series going on. Gossip Girl and 90210.

Gossip girl now entering its third season has been building major momentum and is HUGE right now and one of the CW's highest rating show. With young starlet such as Blake Lively in the mix this show is extremly addicting! The action is real and gets raw as the episodes come with feuds, drugs, sex and ofcourse GOSSIP!

Spin off of the old show Beverly Hills 90210 this is a mor emodern version to the show with special appearances and casting with people form the original cast. The 2hour long premiere going on rigfht now and 40 mins into it and its already soo good! & ofcourse theres texting going on lol a youthful show wouldnt have its best moments if a cellphone wasnt involved. . .guess the producers took a note or two from gossip girl.


Real men Own Purses!

A few years back a man would kill before having to hold a handbag. Now a'day's its all the craze! The pinnacle of a man outfit is now the bag on a mans side. When a PURSE was once a womans choice of accesory and so many labels catered to this; now they cater to us male's. Now we can feel the prid eand joy of saying 'Yeah, thats louis.' It's now also a sense of sophistication, a mans bag tells alot about who he is. So heres a few fan faves aswell as my faves.

Pharell's Herme's bag(s). Besides being rediculously overpriced it's what i mean about SOPHISTICATION. Pharell being one of the first celebrity males to have a bag and openly rock it makes him a pioneer in the men's bag craze. Ofcourse we men always had Messenger's but those wer eonly handbags for teh shameful and in denial. Most expensive herne's ive seen was $67,000, take THAT ecco and rocawear!

From the Louis V. Damier collection i bring you the BeauBourg. Standing at $865.00 it's one of teh cheapest but simplicity is key! It isnt oversized, it isnt ghetto, but it IS chic! Cant go wrong with this one.

Now we move to a lil fav of mine MARC JACOBS! ok this man has RANKED for me this year. He's won me over and im sold that everything this man makes is AMAZING! This green Marc by Marc Jacobs washed leather tote will only leave you $438.00 short but its worth. This isnt my first choice bag but its amazing, i actually have one on hold at Loehman's!
Ok so im not the BIGGEST Coach fan (as expressed in PREVIOUS post) but i must admit this bag is AMAZING! It's a cute duffle bag designed by Coach for men's at only $498.00, NOT BAD!

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